The Complete SAS Survival Manual by Barry Davies (Paperback)

Essential survival training from the British SAS.

While you may never by trained by the elite British Special Air Service (SAS), Barry Davies's expert guidance will make you feel like you have. When in a harrowing situation, Davies, a widely respected specialist on SAS techniques and training, explains that the main problem is often not on of equipment, but the lack of will to do something about the predicament. With this extensive manual, you'll learn everything you need to know to keep yourself alive, from first aid and navigation to acquiring life-saving essentials like food, water, and shelter.

With more than 350 full-color illustrations in The Complete SAS Survival Manual, Davies shows you how to avoid capture and how to escape and get rescued should that evasion fail. He even includes self-defense tactics. For military personnel and civilians alike, this manual is easy to understand and will provide you with the ability to rise to the challenge of surviving in a hostile environment.

Barry Davies spent eighteen years in the British Special Air Service, serving around the globe. He participated in the storming of the hijacked Lufthansa plane at Mogadishu in 1977 and was awarded the British Empire Medal. He is also the author of The SAS Self-Defense Handbook.

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  • Pages: 276
  • Subject: Survival
  • Product Type: Book

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