The Emergency Pantry Book Handbook by Kate Rowinski (Paperback)

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  • Publisher:Skyhorse
  • Publication Date:2013
  • Pages:176
  • Subject:Survival
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Book


How to prepare your family for just about everything.

In less time that it takes to sign off on an insurance form, the world as we know it can be brought to a standstill. There can be no question: IT's best to be prepared.

The Emergency Pantry Book Handbook , by cooking expert and readiness enthusiast Kate Rowinski, offers tips, techniques, and advice on how to keep your family safe, well fed, and fully supplied in the event of any crisis. With simple instructions, Rowinski demonstrates how to create an emergency strategy; how to protect your house, documents, and keepsakes; and how to prepare for specific disasters.

Offering an unique twist on preparation handbooks, she focuses on food storage and canning - put simply, how to plan nutritional emergency meals and avoid "making do" on canned meats and chocolate bars.


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