The Survival Summit Survival Esacpe and Evasion DVD

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  • Runtime:97 minutes
  • Product Type:DVD


This lifesaving DVD provides information on survival, escape and evasion. Designed to teach anti-kidnapping techniques to amateurs, it features Jack Richland a US Marine veteran and CEO of Black Scout Survival. He provides up close and critical details of evasion skills and techniques for real world situations.

Learn to:
  • Escape illegal restraints
  • Escape the trunk of a car
  • Carrying everyday items to assist in escape
  • Anti-tracking and counter surveillance techniques
  • Untraceable communications
  • Anti-kidnapping techniques
  • Everyday disguises that will make you virtually disappear

Customer Reviews

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Priceless Information
James C.
The information and skills displayed in this DVD are priceless! Jack from BSS does a great job at narrowing down and explaining the most useful skills for an Escape and Evade urban survival situation. It seems that 8 out of ten videos that are out there are geared towards wilderness survival leaving only a handful of urban vids to choose from and most of those are full blown shtf budget vids. The outline of topics that The Survival Summit and Black Scout Survival are perfect for everybody from beginners to experts... Looking fwd to more videos in the future.. Keep up the great work...
Great skills
Yves J.
This dvd contains all the skills and information you need to know about escape, evasion, abduction avoidance, lock picking, evading restraints, taught by a real professional with a lot of pedagogy, and filmed with talent! If you've got any interest for the subject, you'll Love it!
Underrated survival skills
Chris B.
This dvd is great for travelers, city dwellers and just anyone who wants to have a well rounded skill set. Shooting DVDs are a dime a dozen but the information contained in this DVD is very hard to come by without elite military training or a small fortune spent in private training for civilians. The skills range from beginner all the way to extremely advanced and short of being a member of one of those elite military units you will learn something that could save your life or the life of someone you love. Highly recommended.......
In a league of its own
charles h.
Its a great dvd pack full of good demonstrations and information. Have not seen another video with this much content. I watched it twice and even had my wife watch it.