The Survival Summit Survival Skills DVD Disc 1 and 2

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  • Runtime:207 minutes
  • Product Type:DVD


This video from the Sigma 3 Survival School is designed to teach critical survival secrets for shelter, water, fire and food. It features Sigma 3 founder and survival expert Robert Allen in his first ever full length survival film. Whether you're a backpacker looking to learn a few extra skills or a hardcore survivalist, you will find something useful in these videos.

Learn to:
  • Build a shelter
  • Start a fire with a bow drill
  • Building an "All Night" fire
  • Primitively filter water
  • Finding food and catching game

Customer Reviews

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Top notch wilderness Survival skills
Yves J.
Rob Allen and Josh Hamlin, survival Instructors at sigma 3 survival school managed to sum up the core of wilderness survival in these dvds, shelter, water, fire, food and tools, it' s all in there, filmed by the talented the survival summit! Get them, you Will learn a lot!
survival at its best
charles h.
The content in this video are truly in depth. He gives a great demonstration on bow drill technique and how to build a bow drill. One of the best demonstrations on a bow drill I have seen. He shows you how you can go out there and survive with the proper training. It covers everything from the basics of a proper knife and Edge to the more advanced and proper trapping and the benefits of different types of traps. A good recommended video for all Preppers survivalist looking to get started according to share with friends