TiSurvival Grooved Copper Lanyard Bead - Satin

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Item #BHQ-82500


  • Height:0.58"
  • Width:0.39"
  • Depth:0.39"
  • Material:Copper
  • Color:Copper
  • Weight:0.16 oz.
  • Brand:TiSurvival
  • Model:Grooved Bead
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Bead



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Much better than then pic
Russ G.
This is an instance in which the pic on the order page actually shows too much detail: in person, you don't see the bits of oxidation you can on the pic. Or perhaps they just chose a bead to photograph thay had oxidation, but if so, it polishes off easily if you prefer to not have any oxidation (some enjoy the look of it, some don't).
This is a very attractive bead. If you like copper, which I very much do, this is the best presentation of the medium in a lanyard bead I've ever seen. It's perfectly polished, and just the right size. I don't go for those huge beads; the "droid" style from Ti-survival, for example, is too big for me.
And I esp like that it's not some sort of skull, or demon, or knight...or demon-skull knight. I don't know why someone would spend $500 on a knife--or $200, or $50--only to adorn it with a bead that looks like it came from the Hot Topic bargain bin. Go for the relative sophistication of one of these beautiful beads. Extra tip: the copper looks great against all black; mine is on my Boker/Pro-Tech black Kwaiken auto.