Titaner Titanium Mechanical Pencil

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  • Product Type:Pencil
  • Length:5.25"
  • Diameter:0.25"
  • Material:Titanium
  • Color:Gray
  • Weight:0.40 oz.
  • Brand:Titaner


This incredible mechanical pencil from Titaner features durable titanium construction and a lightweight design. It uses regular 0.5 mm mechanical pencil lead that can be easily replaced. The pencil consists of three titanium parts and a mechanical pencil insert. The insert will already be in the titanium pencil body but they include the small plastic tube it came in for storing extra lead.

The end cap has two pieces, an inner narrow piece that connects to the pencil mechanism and screws into place, and the wider outer cap which snaps on to the end. The inner piece has a slot to connect to the pencil insert then screws into place. If you screw this piece in to tight it will prevent the spring from working properly. So you just need to screw it in until you start to feel resistance. The larger outer piece snaps on to the end and will click to advance the lead through the pencil. When replacing lead you simply pop off the end cap, unscrew the inner piece and add your lead to the pencil insert.

This Titaner Mechanical Pencil offers a durable strength only titanium can provide. Titaner specializes in making the highest quality titanium products on the market and this pencil is no exception. Put those cheap plastic pencils to shame with this impressive Titaner pencil.


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