TuffKnives Laffer Curve Titanium Key Chain Bottle Opener (Tumbled)

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  • Tools:3
  • Length:3.90"
  • Thickness:0.16"
  • Material:Titanium
  • Color:Gray
  • Weight:0.75 oz.
  • Brand:Tuff Knives
  • Model:Laffer Curve
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Pocket Tool


This collaboration between Geoff of TuffKnives and Justin Laffer (son of the reknowned economist Arthur Laffer) is named after the famous Laffer curve*. The TuffKnives Laffer Curve key chain changes the tune of your otherwise common accessory and provides a unique segue for conversation into macroeconomics. Impress people with this interesting visual representation of the famous model and then crack open their drink! The Laffer Curve is made from 0.16" thick titanium, so the Curve's pry bar, flat head driver, and bottle opener will stand up to all the chores you put it through.

*In macroeconomics the Laffer Curve describes the effect of changes in tax rates, tax revenue, and taxable income.


  • Bottle opener
  • Pry bar
  • Flat head driver


Customer Reviews

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Doesn't serve its purpose
Edward B.
I've had this for awhile now and thought I'd share my thoughts on this piece.
Pros: Gorgeous finish. All the small details have been smoothed out for an interesting looking piece that feels great. I love how it looks.

Cons: I have never been able to cleanly open a bottle with this opener. Simply placing the hooked end under the cap and pressing down doesn't work because the curve meets the other side of the cap and prevents any mechanical lever action. If you try to force down, you may hear a hiss as the bottle cap seal is broken, but continued pressure will not open the bottle (I've actually shattered the lip the hook was pulling on trying this method). What does work is pressing down to break the seal, pulling forward to deform the cap, then pressing down again (sometimes requiring that you do this at several points around the lip) and eventually with a jolt the cap comes off.

I love how this looks, but its not about the fact that a cheapo plastic opener opens a bottle better, it's that the fact that this hardly works as an opener at all that disappointments me.