Vertx Men's Phantom LT Pants VTX8000 (Khaki)

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  • Color:Tan
  • Weight:6.50 oz.
  • Brand:Vertx
  • Material:Cotton, Polyester
  • Gender:M
  • Model:LT
  • Product Type:Apparel


Phantom LT Pants from Vertx are for the operational athlete. These highly durable, highly functional lightweight pants feature 65/35 percent cotton/polyester blend with deep dye for maximum color retention, machine washable, wrinkle resistant, and Intelli-Dry technology:

  • Liquid repellent on outer surfaces
  • Moisture wicking next to skin
  • Stain resistant
  • The Vertx Phantom LT Pants have world-class design and functionality with articulated knees, crotch, rise, and waistband for a great balance of comfort and mobility; concealed zippered pocket on right side bearer plus back pocket credential flap to defend your valuables; and multi-purpose cargo pockets for duty item storage.

    These pants run a little smaller in the waist, so be sure to order a larger size if in doubt.


    Customer Reviews

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    Excellent low-key Cargo Pants
    Richard L.
    I have been wearing this model of pants regularly for over 5 years now. I bought them to wear to work in a business casual setting, since the cargo pockets are very subtle, with no flaps. They are so comfortable, and breathe so well, that I wear them all the time, and have hardly ever worn jeans anymore. It is too convenient to have the extra storage pockets. I have one of each color.

    In reply the to previous review criticizing the zipper of the hidden pocket - I had noticed this as well, but was able to resolve the issue with the simple solution of not zipping it all the way, just stopping it above the knife that I have there every day. I have never had any issues with the zipper coming open, and it is still very safe to store my wallet. If someone can pick pocket past this, then I have much bigger issues...
    I actually love these pants.
    Joshua S.
    They're great pants I just have one major complaint. Inside the right pocket is a hidden zippered pocket for hiding whatever. When the zipper is in the closed position it is hidden down inside the pocket and just happens to rest on the scale of whatever knife I happen to be carrying that day. I noticed some odd wear in the middle of the G10 scales that had not been there when I began my day. I discovered it was the zipper that was marking up the scales. Now when I wear these pants I have to carry a blade that a little wear is no big thing or just don't use the pocket clip. I intend to modify the pants in some way.