White River Knives Backpacker Knife Black Paracord (3" Stonewash)

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  • Overall Length:6.875"
  • Blade Length:3.00"
  • Blade Thickness:0.13"
  • Blade Material:CPM-S30V
  • Blade Style:Drop Point
  • Finish:Stonewash
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:3.875"
  • Handle Thickness:0.39"
  • Handle Material:Cord
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:2.45 oz.
  • User:Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Sheath:Kydex
  • Knife Type:Fixed Blade
  • Brand:White River Knife & Tool
  • Model:Backpacker
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Camp/Hike
  • Product Type:Knife


The Backpacker model from White River Knives is a compact fixed blade with a wide range of competencies that span camping, hiking, survival situations, and everyday carry. This model has a black 550 paracord wrapped handle and includes a Kydex sheath with belt loop attachment and a paracord tie for neck carry.

White River Knife & Tool is a standout manufacturer that prides themselves on their custom quality manufacturing. It is evident in every knife that leaves the White River shop with its individually hand finished, precision ground, and leather honed edge. You will see the difference for yourself when you open the box for the first time and marvel at your knife's striking beauty and again every time you use it.


Customer Reviews

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Great, but not as expected
Zane R.
Great knife! However, there were some great unexpected changes. First, the knife I received is s35vn, not s30v. Secondly, the sheath is different than pictured, smaller with more attachment points and thumb ramp type rivet. The sheath is also pancake style and not taco.

The knife came sharp and very well made. The finger coil is crowned and the sharpening notch is well done.

Presentation when first received is amazing, best I've seen so far. A wooden box with a sliding dove tailed lid and the makers logo lazer engraved on the top.
Katie W.
February 7th, 2016 (Super Bowl Sunday!)

When I initially reviewed this knife after big game cleaning/skinning use in October I gave it three stars. Now four months have passed, it has had a trip back to the factory and been used in an EDC role I need to give it another two stars.

Reasoning for three stars:
After field use this knife dulled quickly and the sheath needed work, there was no drain hole and the retention was only adequate.

White River reached out to me after seeing that I was less than 100% satisfied with their product and wanted the opportunity to remedy. I was shocked that they wanted to do this. It didnít occur to me to reach out to the manufacturer, figuring it would be too much hassle over an $85 knife.

White River customer service is outstanding. They are exceptional communicators and I was kept in the loop every step of the way. They let me know where to ship it, when it arrived, what was wrong, and when they shipped it back.

The knife originally left the factory with a fairly large burr on the edge. I should have caught this in sharpening, but I only used ceramic rods and didnít after three days in the field. Thatís on me. They sharped the edge (grind is perfect) and also tightened up the sheath. I drilled a drain hole in the sheath myself after struggling to clean it and they noted that in future runs of these knives they would incorporate one. While this is not marketed as a hunting knife, if you use it as such you will want a drain hole and it's easy to add one with kydex.

I have used this knife since getting it back from the factory for upland bird cleaning as well as EDC use. I have only needed to touch up the edge now on a strop. It is thin yet robust, light, and useful for EDC tasks with the full grip, good traction, and acute point. It has become exactly what I wanted when I purchased; a small value fixed blade in a decent stainless steel with no scales for wet weather hunting/outdoor applications. There are more expensive options from other manufactures with more interesting steels and arguably higher ďcoolĒ factor but for the money this is a great tool. I have no hesitation buying another White River product, and likely will in the future while recommending this product for hunting buddies looking for stainless over D2. The outstanding customer support from White River cannot be understated and I have never received better service from a knife manufacturer that did not involve dropping by their HQ with a concern. Thanks White River for making me completely satisfied with my purchase!
White River Backpacker / Also Caper - Best 3 inch knife ever ?
david m.
White River Backpacker / Also Caper Best 3 inch knife ever ?
About 2 weeks of non stop use and tests:

In my first review here I did (IMHO) the best CPM 3v larger knife 5inch-ish size

I will give my thoughts on this amazing 3 inch neck / backpack / EDC knife.
If you read my last review, I stated I have owned or used 100s of knives.Many in the 2.5-3.5 inch category.
Call me a snob, or picky or whatever you like.NONE of them did it for me.One would have good steel but a terrible design.The next was a decent design but not good steel. This happened over and over.
Get mad at me if you want old timers, I never liked 1095.
I had found a knife in this size range with the best steel ( IMHO) with the best heat treat possible.Sadly, the design was just VERY unsafe...got opened up twice in 2 days while on duty.
It killed me, but had to return it.
Like most here, I looked at EVERY knife from 2.5-3.5 inches,looking for that perfect knife.
Again, picky and steel snob.
Then I saw it.Did some MFG I had never heard of hit a home run? Yep....they did!
By luck, a Marine I know that was on duty had this exact knife.It just looked perfect ( design). Felt amazing,SAFE,SECURE!
Just being negative, I assumed I would be let down by 3cr or 5cr or AUS8 or something.These steels are fine for some and for some uses.In the military a knife can mean life or death for us.
We can not have it go dull at a bad time, chip our or break.I will pay a bit more for the best or damn near the best.

I was shocked to see the S30v right on the blade !

Fast forward a bit > I could not find but 1 review on this knife anywhere.I decided to call WRK. I got the owners son and the owner. GREAT guys, friendly, seemed honest and legit.Took the time to chat and answer questions.
( try this with big name brands).Chatted about design,work ethic,steels,heat treats and knife stuffs.
I was on the fence, after 10 mins, I was sold.

Fast FWD > Got knife.
I will rate 1-5 5 being the best
Box package was nice for those that care about such things. RATING 5

Sheath: For not having a secondary retention loop ( like Cold Steel secure-X and others) it is hands down, by far the best sheath I have ever owned / seen or used. V E R Y secure.Tight but not so tight that I cant get it out.
Just about every other neck type knife I have dealt with, I always thought, this thing might fall out.Some more then others.
NOT the case with this Backpacker ( things may change over time (break in or whatever) ) For now, it is perfect.I do not see it getting worse ever,but time will tell.
One guy said "sheath is too big,needs a trimming" I do not see this at all.Size is just fine
Quality of material is best I have seen. All lines up perfect. RATING better then 5..... PERFECT

Steel : Being really picky I would have liked Boller M390 a bit more. That said, I have NO issue with S30V at all. Even as a steel snob.I have NP at all with ( IMHO) the second best steel for this type of knife.
Tested for nearly 2 weeks.ALL food prep, EDC type tasks, processed some small wood ( 25 or so 1-2.5 inch logs). Made a few traps,pegs.
To date ,NO chips or rolls.I just stropped at the end of each day untill just now.Still had a working edge.I ran it 2 passes on my Work Sharp belt system 2 passes 220 and 4 passes 6000. hair popping sharp again.
Honestly, edge was fine,just wanted to do it.I am a convex fan. Knife came screaming sharp out of the box. RATING 5...would be a 6 if M390.

Fit / Finish : Not much to say here. machined perfectly.No missed spots or sharp areas in bad places. RATING 5

Design : In advance...WOW ! In the hand, this is the best knife ever ( IMHO) period.The choil / finger guards is just ohhh so right.I wish nearly every knife had this design.Only a real Folts minimalist feels close to this good.
I am not a paracord fan on knives. I removed mine.Para was put on so tight and perfect, I called WRK and said " the robot / machine that winds the paracord onto the knife does a fantastic job"The owner said " we do that in house,by hand"
I must say, as a "skeleton" grip, I donít mind it.YEA it is thin, YEA it is bear metal. I have had NP at all with grip / traction or hot spots.Used it wet, with no issues. When scales come out I will test test them, but I like it just fine as is.
Blade shape is perfect for everything I did.
Knife is light, really light. RATING better then 5 ... PERFECT

1 thing :This knife is quite thin.A real "slicer".Not so thin I can bend it by hand,and I tried.I can bench press 550 and cant bend this sucker.
At first I was worried by its lack of beef.Some knives in this size range are 10-50% thicker.that said, I put this through the ringer with NP at all.For intended uses and some NOT intended....thickness is just fine.
I have zero worries about breaking it.

This is my new EDC when possible.It has replaced my Spyderco Dellica 4 ZDP 189 and Kershaw Skyline( when possible).

Conclusion : Want a step up in quality in the 2-3ish inch size neck /backpack/edc format? THIS is the knife you want.
Being an elitest,A personality, US Marine trained sniper, I am picky.I want and like the best. I am hard to impress.
I rate this knife PERFECT !

On the fence? Buy one.You will love it.

Another gunny I know asked me " can I EDC" this thing?
My answer: Spyderco who? Kershaw who? SOG who? Columbia who? KA bar who? Gerber who?
Well, you get the point.

BladeHQ has the best price on this knife.
TYSON at BHQ is the man to talk to, he will get you all fixed up.
Knife came in 3 days.

Any questions Feel free to Email me

Semper Fi

**BTW WRK has a NO B.S. no hassle system for problems.
Have a problem? Just send it back for prompt replacment or fix. That easy.
USA made, USA designed..love it.
TY White River team.