BRS Barebones Balisong Butterfly Knife Stainless Steel (4.375" Stonewash)

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  • Overall Length:10.00"
  • Blade Length:4.375"
  • Cutting Edge:4.00"
  • Blade Thickness:0.12"
  • Blade Material:154CM
  • Blade Style:Bayonet
  • Blade Grind:Flat
  • Finish:Stonewash
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:5.625"
  • Handle Thickness:0.42"
  • Handle Material:Stainless Steel
  • Color:Gray
  • Weight:5.86 oz.
  • Knife Type:Butterfly
  • Brand:BRS
  • Model:Barebones
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry, Recreation
  • Product Type:Knife


The Barebones balisong maintains the high performance level that BRS is known for, but offers a more affordable price tag to a wider audience. This sleek butterfly knife design takes cues from its predecessors and adds its own unique style to the mix. Skeletonized stainless steel framed handles offer reduced weight and superb balance for a wide variety of flipping styles. Its blade is made from resilient 154CM stainless steel in a BRS Bayonet Grind style with a stonewashed finish. The Barebones is a must-have for novice flippers and balisong veterans alike.

  • Skeletonized stainless steel handles offer reduced weight and balanced handling.
  • 154CM blade steel provides exceptional cutting performance and edge retention.
  • Easily adapted to a variety of manipulation styles.

Customer Reviews

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Great knife
Gavin M.
I recently got this knife for my birthday, the knife's weight is really nice and it's a excellent flipper. Would recommend to anyone who is starting flipping
BRS Barebones, pros and cons
angel c.
Overall a fantastic knife. Pros: Great weight although heavy it's good once you get familiar, design is slick and we'll done, blade is very useful as an edc tool, great action when flipping.
Cons: Screws will fall out and it takes forever for BRS to even email you back but they will send you replacements, the tang is very sharp and can cut but nothing too bad. Overall an awesome flipper and knife.
Best starter balisong
Jeronimo B.
I love it, I would just round the nipple from factory.
Sharp everywhere
Anthony C.
The knife is amazing. The handles are long enough to give you a sense of confidence when flipping and skeletonized areas tell you right where you are. This knife both looks and flips like a champ.

Now a warning. Out of the box this thing is scalpel sharp and that can be very intimidating. Paired with the weight of the handles if you get bit it's going to be bad news. Besides the blade being sharp the Zen pin nipple is also sharp and during rollovers it can cut you. The cut outs on the handles are not necessarily sharp but are very rough and start chaffing after a bit of flipping.

That being said I could think of worse things to complain about. If you don't have one of these yet do your self a favor and get one. The only thing I regret it not ordering one sooner.

Bravo BRS
So smooth
chris p.
It glides.... the knife came razor sharp out the package and flips like a dream.
Overall Good
Cameron F.
This knife is good but it does have a couple of drawbacks. First one is weight. This thing is really heavy. You'll get used to it over time but if you mess up, you'll get cut deep. Second one is the nipple on the blade for the zen pins. That little thing isn't rounded off at all and it can draw a little blood if you pinch yourself with it. Overall a good balisong. A great flipper if you don't mind the weight and very smooth
Great knife
Trinidad C.
I honestly flip this more than my AB I'm going to get another honestly. I just love it. The zen pin is a little sharp but if your flipping it fast enough you don't notice it.
Love it but........
Mike H.
I love this knife, it's a great flipper even though it's a little heavy. The only drawback is the sharp Zen nipple on the tang. Overall it's still BRS quality and performance. I would still recommend this to anyone who wants a solid quality balisong under the $350 mark.
pretty good
Al t.
Overall its a great knife. Really the only 2 problems i have with it is that the zen nub is extremely sharp and pinches alot during scissoring. And that the finish makes it slippery if your palms are sweating. Besides that its working out great
carlos r.
Great knife, on the heavy side.
10/10 highly recommended
Anthony l.
In all honesty I'm kind of disappointed with my purchase of this knife. The finishing left a lot to be desired, and without bushings in my opinion the action feels cheap. I've also spent about an hour sanding burrs off the handles. With that being said, now that the burrs are sanded down and the handles look a bit more uniform, it looks aesthetically pleasing.

I just expected a lot more from a 200+ Balisong.
I think the alpha beast alt. Is still my favorite from the Brs line.
Bare-ly acceptable
Raphael M.
I had had high hopes for the latest from BRS, and I was mildly disappointed. Yes, this knife has great balance and looks great but the sharp edges at the tang are crap. Everyone seems to recognize this and cuts BRS some slack with the excuse that "for the price" the lack of finishing is acceptable. I call BS, this is a 224$ knife, it should be finished! For the piece I received I would say the Barebones is 75$ overpriced. They are competing with Benchmade for the most overpriced.
If you want a flipper, be prepared to put in some work to get it right.
Affordable art that can kill...
bradley l.
But seriously, I couldn't be happier if I had gotten myself my first AB.(Well, anything is possible, considering this is my 2nd BRS bali and the first being a replicant.) I think we can all relate to that feeling of anticipation, nervousness, and glee all rolled into one the day your knife arrives. Especially as you see it in your mailbox, reach in and pluck it out like an eager child.Well the climax is either fireworks or pure disappointment. I'm happy to say folks that I'm ecstatic over this Barebones. Flips like a dream, feels great, both weight wise and the grip. Well worth sleeping on the couch for a few days! P.S. As always much love to the BHQ team! yall are amazing! Super fast processing and shipping!
Barebones overall is good.
Zack D.
update : This knife.... eh it's still good. a good beginner flipper. i have an issue with sweaty hands so this is hard to handle what with it being really thin and it is steel. I still say, buy it if you want it. it's good, but i find myself flipping my benchmade 51 more. G10 doesnt slip, and its lighter weight and feels better...
first impressions..
I've been flipping for a few years, know my way around a balisong quite well. I've had a Kimura, Bm67 and 51, now this bad boy. This blows all of those knives i mentioned out of the park. Yea its a bit heavier but it carries momentum really well, the weight isnt uncomfortable its more just, fluid and balanced. The design is amazing and smooth and sleek looking and feels great in the hand. The length makes up for the weight as well, its just a great knife. The only, one and only issue i have is that the zen pin tang/nipple is really, really pinchy and sharp. But a bit o' sand paper does the trick. This is my first BRS knife and it will not be my last! Definitely buy if you don't have $300+ for a knife. This thing rocks, and is a fantastic price.
Could have been better
Curtis B.
I've been searching for a top notch Balisong for a while and all of my searches lead to BRS knifes. An Alpha and Replicant were out of of the question, out of stock everywhere. So I settled on a Barebones. It is very heavy knife, once I got used to the weight it's probably my best flipper. However, the spine on the blade is flat and with all that weight it beat the back of my hand to death. The zen nipple almost had a burr on it, I've cut myself with that more than I have the blade. Been using it for about 2 weeks now and it already needs loctite. The latch is loose in the closed position and extremely tight in the open position. All is not bad though... flips amazing and looks awesome! It's just with the following and reputation that BRS has and the $225 price tag I expected a little more.
max h.
Had this knife for about 2-3 months and I'll tell you.. this knife is amazing. For its price, it's quite heavier than my alpha beast or replicant, but that is what makes it fun to flip. It being handle heavy makes it not as easy to get deep cuts, only issue is that the zen nipple is kinda rough and sharp and needed to file that down. I bought two of these and they are by far in the top 10 bali's I have.
Great flipper
brice c.
This knife is an amazing flipper, and it blows my b200 out of the water. The barebones could be a little heavy to some but it's not an issue for me.
Awesome knife
brock m.
First brs and def wont be last. Only con I have is I didn't buy 2.
Dayton G.
10/10 incredible knife!
Great Knife!
Johnson L.
I love it! Flips so smooth. I got the AB and this feels very similar with little differences. Biggest difference is the handle thickness, but that does not really affect the flippability of this knife. Chaplins are easy and the balance is just perfect! Now I just need to get a Rep and ill be happy!
New Hope
timothy h.
This bali has restored my faith in the bali market. So often I have felt that this market caters to the well-off and the knife makers... I mean, most dudes cannot come up with $500.00 or more on a whim. I've been lucky enough to acquire a modest collection, but with each purchase I've ended feeling a bit guilty. Moreover, the times I've tried to skimp with $100.00 balis or bullsh-- clones I've ended up giving them away to friends. This knife, however, hits the mark! A quality bali at a working man's price. BTW big thanks BHQ for the ALWAYS stellar service. BRS + BHQ = One happy guy with two thumbs up.