Benchmade Blue Box Knife Service Torx Tool Kit

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  • Brand:Benchmade
  • Product Type:Tool Kit


Benchmade uses six lobe headed Torx screws exclusively throughout the assembly of their knives. This engineered screw style offers a more "controllable" means of achieving optimal tightness on knives. Occasionally you may want to adjust blade tension, remove the carry-clip or simply tighten any loosened screws. So now Benchmade offers The Bluebox for those purposes.

The kit includes Torx bit sizes 6, 8 and 10. Two of each head bit are provided and the bit holder/extension is self-contained in a molded plastic case which doubles as the handle. The case also features a plastic carry-clip.


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Intriguing at best
Albert S.
Unpacked the tool, all pieces seem to be a generic set, my buddy has used his and tells me that he has put some torque on them and they hold up. Best part to my surprise was that you pull the tool holder/extension out and put it in the blue box. That is the handle so the entire is used so that you get a good grip to work on your knife.