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THIS is a knife. Sometimes you just need a knife that is roughly the same length as your newborn child. Enter the Biggest EDC Knives. These are the blades you can use for everyday carry, but don't quite fall into the sword category.


When it comes to big pocket knives, the XL Espada may be the grandaddy of them all. With an open length of nearly 17" (one Ben arm), this is actually a folding pocket sword.
"Gigantes" means "giants" in Spanish. It's also a group of aggressive dudes that fought the Olympian gods in Greek mythology. Both definitions seem accurate for this knife with D2 steel and a ultra beefy Ti frame.
If you've ever found yourself deep in the backcountry saying, "I wish I had a two-handed pocket kukri to bushwhack my way out of here," look no further than the Rajah II
*Cue the Godfather accent* We're going to make you an offer on a 15" AGA Italian Stiletto you can't refuse. Buy it or you'll be a disappointment to the family. See all the Italian Stilettos.
In a sea of amazing OTF knives there is still a King. The Holy Grail of tactical has a name, and it is "Halo V". See the whole Halo family.
Watch this episode of Knife Banter, the hottest knife talk show on YouTube 😉, we break down our Top 5 picks and a bonus contender from Austin. Be sure to subscribe to the channel for weekly knife videos!
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