BRS Replicant Balisong Butterfly Knife Black G-10 (4.5" SW)

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  • Overall Length:10.00"
  • Blade Length:4.50"
  • Cutting Edge:4.25"
  • Blade Thickness:0.13"
  • Blade Material:154CM
  • Blade Style:Tanto
  • Finish:Stonewash
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:5.50"
  • Handle Thickness:0.55"
  • Handle Material:G-10
  • Color:Black
  • Frame/Liner:Titanium
  • Weight:4.90 oz.
  • User:Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Knife Type:Butterfly
  • Brand:BRS
  • Model:Replicant
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


The BRS Replicant is designed by and for flippers, and it is as devout to the sport as you are. Featuring machined black G-10 scales over titanium liners and a Scorpion Tip Tanto blade, the Replicant is a truly refined tool.

Don't confuse the Replicant with other run-of the-mill balisongs on the market. Much like its predecessor the Alpha Beast, the Replicant has been bioengineered for superior agility, dynamics and performance.

BladeRunnerS Systems (or -=BRS=-) is a company founded by balisong manipulators and knife/gear enthusiasts. Their mission is to produce high performance balisongs and gear with a design philosophy centered around performance, precision and quality. "For us it has to be right and has to flip right, we are performance grade, competition ready, battle tested...and looking forward to earning your business."


Customer Reviews

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Best Price to Performance
Palmer T.
Seriously, nothing else come close to touching the Replicant for the price. With more expensive models, the differences are going to be down to preference and won't be revolutionary to your flipping. This balisong can do anything out there. Also, it's the perfect starter for a quality balisong because it's tough, and not a bank buster. Dropped this thing a hundred time and it still flips perfectly.
Best Flipper I've Owned
russ w.
This thing is great. Was super sharp out of box hardly any handle play. I wish it had a pocket clip. Regardless I carry a 51 for my EDC but It don't flip like this!! This was my first brs but not the last I'm sure
Love it
Harrison P.
Definitely my favorite flipper. I have a 51 and It soars above it in every way. I will say that the size is a lot bigger than I thought
Quality work
justin a.
I hemmed and hawed over this blade for about a year, not knowing if it would be a great buy. The feel is so solid it feels like one piece, and it really feels like its built for the flip. Love the crowed spine. The only downside is that its a no frills build. I love little things like the white or blue g-10, but asking $50 for a different color g-10 is lame as lame gets. So no 5 stars Blade HQ and BRS. Its a plain jane knife, nothing special to look at, but for a play time flipper to practice on I cant imagine a better buy. Super satisfied and wish I bought it sooner.
Perfect flipper
adam s.
This this is absolutely amazing! Great weight, great balance, good handle to blade weight ratio. Amazing fit and finish, couldn't recommend this balisong more. You'll realize it was money well spent as soon as you flip it. Only problem was the extremely delicate tip, it broke the 2nd time dropping it on day 1 of having it. Doesn't bother me but it's something to be aware of. Overall 5 stars.
One of the best production Balisongs ever
noah r.
I know I said the same thing about the Alpha Beast 3, but I honestly can't choose between these two. And this one is cheaper.

BRS makes the best production balisong line, period. Jerry Hom is right there with them.

Even though I own the supposedly superior AB3, I keep coming back to this knife...I don't know what it is about it that I like so much, but I will never get rid of it.

If the knife you have now was less than 200 and is not a Kimura, you're missing out. The Replicant, the Barebones, or a FlyTi62 would be a great place to start.
In the club
timothy h.
I have been waiting on this bali for long that I still find it hard to believe that I own it. I am finally in the BRS club. BRS is bad mofo! I own a few balis and although ALL are of great quality, overall, the Rep is king! The only downside I see is that it will out flip my future custom and I will feel like an idiot! Thanks BRS and I can't wait to get some of that BAREBONES action. Cheers!
Andrew B.
I ordered this knife with much anticipation. It came quickly from blade HQ. The knife is razor sharp, no problems, feels good to flip, looks good. very nice.
Excellent Quality
Scott S.
I received this knife as a gift from my fiance, and I could not be happier. It's smooth, it's balanced, and lighter than you'd think. I've used nearly every one of the "great" balisongs, and barring the Alpha Beast this is definitely the best I've had the privilege of using. It makes the custom-made one I got from one of the Filipino craftsmen look like a children's toy. Highly recommended.
Amazing Flipper!
Chad H.
Let me start by saying this knife is solid, there is virtually no play in the handles. It is extremely smooth when flipping, and the weight and speed are both great. The problem with the tip has been fixed as far as I can tell. JUST BUY IT!
Just buy it...
Zach L.
Just look at the reviews, its a no brainer!
Great Balisong
Adam C.
Just recieved my Replicant yesterday and love it. However I did also bend the tip from the very first drop into carpet.. Other than that small issue it is fantastic
One of the best balisongs out there.
Devin E.
Maybe second only to the Alpha Beast as the best production balisong out there. Weight and balance is perfect, and the G10 scales feel amazing in your hand. The wicked tanto blade shape is awesome and great for EDC. I carry this and my AB everywhere!
Lives up to the hype
Aaron W.
The Replicant Is a great knife, and one of the best flippers I have ever used. the small rear bias is amazing, and makes any kind of rollover super smooth. these are way better than the original reps from a few years ago because the fixed the problem that caused the tip to chip from it hitting the spacers. They also rounded the handles a bit for easy fanning. Easily one of the best flippers and if you have never tried one you should you will not be disappointed.

fit and finish: 10
quality of materials: 10
functionality: 10
Solid Balisong
Anthony A.
I received this balisong yesterday and have been flipping it for hours nonstop. It is well balanced and flips so smoothly compared to other balisongs. I would recommend this balisong to anyone whether you are starting out, or if you are a balisong expert. This knife truly is designed by flippers for flippers.
Josh V.
I Absolutely LOVE This Thing! Its An Amazing Flipper, Pretty Sharp From Factory, But Not As Sharp As The 51 I Would Say, But Thats Fine, Its FAR More Than Sharp Enough, Only Two Small Downsides, The Tiniest Littlest Piece Of The Tip Broke Off When I Dropped It On The Step Of An Aluminum Ladder, But I Think The Ladder Got More Damage Than The Knife, And The Other Thing, After Flipping For An Extended Period Of Time, The Titanium Scales On The Bottom Corners Started Flattening Out From The Latch Hitting Them, Easily Fixed With A Flat File Or Possibly Even A Nail File, The Only Reason Its Noticeable Is The Scales Will Start Holding On To The Latch And Not Letting It Swing Freely, Overall, The Best Knife Ive Ever Purchased, Well Worth The Price!
where is the quality assurance?
Drew G.
Received my replicant after waiting forever with preorder. Knife showed up with blade scratched to hell and spine chewed up. Also way dull out of the box. I sent it back and received a replacement fairly quick. But I told them not to bother if it wouldn't be sharp. It was about as sharp as a butter knife. And blade was all scratched up Also. Pretty weak replacement! Very disappointed! My buddies had same problems. So disappointed with BRS. But I kept it and completely modded it. Anodized the liners after polishing them and polished and sharpened the blade. It's now a nice knife and flips well. Too bad I had to spend so much money and time to make it decent. The Microtech tachyon 2 is a far superior knife, hands down. Replicant gets four thumbs down.
Wish I could rate this above 5 stars
Nick S.
Best balisong I own for flipping. It's a tad lighter than the AB (and has a crowned blade), but carries rollovers very well. It twirls quickly, moreso a jack of all trades bali. It's the most unique looking bali I've yet seen, and has that BRS balance. After flipping it nonstop for well over a year, it has practically a millimeter of play. Great blade steel too, and the texturing on the G10 makes it easy to grip (especially if your hands sweat when you flip), but it's smooth. One thing to note is that it doesn't come very sharp, you need to screw up big time to cut yourself while flipping this. This is the balisong to buy. Not worth buying a 51 in comparison, because this is made for flipping and you can tell, especially because when new the prices are so similar. Other great thing to note: the zen pins will never flatten out so you'll have factory spacing forever. Not a fan of the latch being stainless steel, but most balis have that anyway. Very secure, it won't pop out during EDC (if you use your rep for that), and doesn't stall up (latch has a pointed shape). Only thing I dislike is that the bump on the tang for the zen pins can be pinchy until you adjust your flipping a little, but that happens subconsciously. All zen pin balis are similar in this way.
Best Flip.
Tommy L.
Perfect weight for the size. Flips nice and fast. Helped me progress my flipping a lot. The 42 looks better but in my opinion the Replicant flips way better. It tends to pinch when you rollover too close to the pivots but you have plenty of handle space to compensate for that. BRS is one of the most attentive knife companies. Someone asks a question about one of their products in a small facebook group/forum/instagram and they are answering within 6 hours. Perfect product, perfect customer service. I don't think I've ever flipped a balisong without losing the tip so that didn't really bother me.
Great rollovers
Malcolm C.
Knife flips really well and spins even better! Tip of knife is making contact with spacer block on the safe handle chipping the tip off. Already being handle by BRS, disappointed that I had to send it back right away and up to 6 weeks without my knife. I am sure it will be handled and will want to give 5 stars after the issues is corrected.
Should have bought 2.
Ian C.
This is my first BRS product and it is of the finest quality, I knew it would be. The knife looks wicked, it feels great in the hand, the blade shape is really cool trust me it grows on you quickly. The knife is worth every penny. However the tiniest piece of the tip broke off after it took a 2-3 foot fall to the carpet when I was flipping it. So be careful and maybe buy 2.
For the flipping enthusiast
Eric D.
This knife flips well, is well made, and sharp out of the box. The only reason I review it at 4/5 stars is because the tip chipped within two days of flipping over carpet. I should note that the chip is so minor that it has to be pointed out to notice it but it's still with mentioning.