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Cold Steel Knives was founded in 1980 by Mr. Lynn Thompson as a company dedicated to making the strongest knives ready for anything-- anytime, anywhere. From their classic Cold Steel folding knives, to their fixed blade knives, they've got their signature strength built into every pocket knife.

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About Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Knives History

Cold Steel Inc. was founded in 1980 with the goal of producing the strongest, sharpest knives in the industry. This mission produced innovations which have since been adopted by nearly every other knife producer in the U.S., including Kraton handles, tanto blade styles, and new blade steels. Cold Steel’s weapons have also gained some popularity in Hollywood. Fans of the brand will recognize their weapons in television shows and films like The Walking Dead, The Expendables, and The Chronicles of Riddick—just to name a few.

The fearless leader of Cold Steel, Lynn Thompson, takes extreme pride in his products and can regularly be seen carrying many at any given time. Lynn pushes Cold Steel to make strong knives that can be used in hard-use situations.

Which Cold Steel Should I Buy?

Check out our video above to see the man himself, Lynn Thompson, break down some of the best Cold Steel knives money can buy.

Cold Steel offers a wide variety of knives and swords in many price ranges. You can't go wrong with the Luzon, Recon, or Safe Maker.

Cold Steel Warranty

From Cold Steel as of June 2019:

We stand behind our products 100%. We subject them to the highest standards in the industry and strive to make each as perfect as possible. We warrant that this product is free of defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage caused by misuse, lack of normal maintenance, or disassembly. Remember, anything can break or fail if subject to sufficient abuse. So please do not use this product inappropriately. Please use caution when handling Cold Steel® products. Knives are extremely sharp. *NOTE: Do not send your knife back by way of the U.S. Post Office. We recommend you send it U.P.S. insured.) Please remember ANY knife can be broken or damaged if subjected to sufficient abuse and that ALL knives eventually wear out (just like your boots) and must be replaced.

Read the full warranty at Cold Steel's Website.

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