Benchmade 62 Balisong Butterfly Knife Stainless Steel (4.25" Satin)

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  • Overall Length:9.20"
  • Blade Length:4.25"
  • Blade Thickness:0.13"
  • Blade Material:D2
  • Hardness:60-62 RC
  • Blade Style:Spear Point
  • Blade Grind:Flat
  • Finish:Satin
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.875"
  • Closed Length:5.25"
  • Handle Thickness:0.48"
  • Handle Material:Stainless Steel
  • Color:Gray
  • Weight:6.39 oz.
  • Knife Type:Butterfly
  • Brand:Benchmade
  • Model:62
  • Model Number:62
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


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Benchmade announced the Model 62 Balisong Knife for 2012! The BM 62 knife features a D2 Tool steel Weehawk blade with razor sharpness. The handles are skeletonized to reduce weight and sport a polished stainless steel finish. Sandwich style construction with stainless steel back spacers. The 62 Bali also features Zen pins and the classic T latch to secure the knife open and closed. Made in the USA.

  • Practical Weehawk Blade Shape
  • Skeletonized Handles
  • T Latch for Easy Open
  • Unparalleled Benchmade Fit and Finish

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Customer Reviews

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collectors piece
Jeremy T.
this knife is not exactly the best for flipping or edc because of how much weight it has. however it is an excelent piece of my collection of balisongs and is still something i will never sell but i will definetly not use this to flip daily or let alone carry everyday
Not For Flipping
Kn E.
Its a great EDC, but too heavy to flip. If you get flyti scales its amazing for flipping. But how it comes is a great edc not a flipper
Heavy-Handed Nostalgia
This is most definitely an homage to the heyday of american balisongs, with its t-latch and iconic scale design. I am head-over-heels in love with the weehawk blade shape on this knife, and it's only made better with the crowned spine. It is, however, very heavy. This was expected, and I eventually plan on getting some flytanium scales for it that should help. The scales are, their weight aside, beautiful in milling and finish; a true labor of love. I definitely recommend this bali if you don't mind some heft.
gordon v.
I did not buy the 62 from blade HQ but I love it is very smooth but heavy. I love heavy butterfly knifes. the only down side is when you flip it for a while the handles become slippery only if your hands are sweaty. (I was lucky enough to get it when it cost $250 but if you really love benchmade it is worth the price)
Upgraded... now outstanding!
Glen D.
Ok... setting the level... own over a 100 blades mostly mid tech and custom. My 10 balis are all top custom and high end mid tech. So I wanted the 62 but only with Flytanium scales (longer handles, rounded corners, titanium and less weight). Some folks had no issues installing the Flytanium scales but I totally hosed it... stripped a zen pin. Flytanium was awesome by taking my disassembled 62, sending it to Benchmade for repairs and then Flytanium installed the new scales and new titanium colored coded screws (I purchased the blue marble scales). This bali is awesome now... looks great, flips terrific, and benchmade even provided a new pouch to accommodate the longer handles. I couldn't be more pleased. Large shout out to Flytanium and Benchmade for going above and beyond.
Not as good as 42
Jacob M.
Have had my 63 for a year now, still flip it a lot. Has no rust on the blade whatsoever. I dislike the heavy short stainless handles they should be at least an inch longer than the blade, and the sandwiched construction stinks. you now have to adjust twelve screws to maintain the amount of handle play, used to be two. And I dislike the t latch, it gets in the way and scratches the finish on the safe handle.
Its a knife...
Brett K.
This knife is not a flipper, but its high quality. the length is a tad too short. and its waay too heavy.

Great steel, great build. too heavy for flipping and edc, no pocket clip. Prices continue to rise. Nothing ever changes.
Blade HQ quality
Sean D.
I just received my 63, The package came triple wrapped, bubble wrap, box and envelope to to insure no damage to the bm box or knife. I am very pleased with Blade HQ and would recommend this site to anyone looking for top quality!
great edc knife
mark h.
Nice knife, heavy duty construction and fit and finish is excellent. I'm not a great flipper so I can't really comment on that but it is very good for edc.
Flipping vs Using
Zech G.
Using. The construction on this knife is amazing, from the D2 steel down to the stainless steel handles. It feels great in hand and holds an edge very very well. It is a great balisong to carry on you for cutting use.

Flipping. I can do pretty much all the tricks with the 62 that I can with other balisongs. However it is a lot harder to manipulate. Deceleration, aerials, even simple scissoring is much harder and causes more fatigue (due to weight). The balance is also rather sad, it feels very handle heavy. The latch is complete garbage, but I took it off and it flips much better without a latch. If you are after a more comfortable flipper that you will be spending hours flipping I do not recommend this knife.

A side note. I had to send mine into benchmade to get it fixed because of some issues, and even after getting it back it is still having problems.
Lives up to the price
Christopher M.
This balisong flips unfathomably smooth, came wickedly sharp, and in my opinion, is worth every shiny penny.
I particularly like heavy balisongs, and this one is pretty balanced, despite being more toward the heavy side. Definitely a purchase I won't regret.
It's an Opinion Base Knife!
Lucas P.
Used my friends version and loved it.It might be a little too heavy for some people but you get use to it.Because of its high weight it makes it a very balanced balisong which in my opinion makes it ideal for flipping because if it is too light it wont flip sturdy and will be floppy.I give it a 5/5 exceeding all of the other reviews.If you like heavy balisongs it's a perfect flipper.If you like lighter balisongs either don't use it or have a lot of time to get use to it.
Ignore Arron and Dylan
Connor S.
I love this knife, although Dylan gives some false info, so does Arron. It's just his opinion it's a okay flipper it's actually a amazing flipper, and edc. This thing being 6.39 oz, some people don't like, but it makes it very well balenced. It also looks very taunting with the tanto blade. It's d2 steels edge lasts forever, is very sharp, and some people like stainless steel over titanium since it's so strong. And this is not to small. I am 6'2 with some pretty big hands and it still has like 1 1/2 inches on me. And since it's basically a bm 62 with a tanto blade, it really does live up to bemchmades potential. Some people prefer this over the bm 42 like me Arron, so don't go and throughly that out
Ignore Dylan W., and stay informed!!!
Aaron D.
His review is loaded with false information. First off, the length of the knife, AS IT IS IN THE SPECS, is 9.2", whereas he claims it to be over 10". The knife is definitely too short because of the handle length. He also claims that they are titanium, which is a blatant lie. They are stainless steel and make the knife too heavy to be a good flipper. If you are looking for a good flipper, buy a BRS Replicant or a Benchmade 51. There are plenty more good balisongs on the market for flipping, this just isn't one of them. The 62 doesn't live up to the 42 in the slightest, it pales in comparison. It does make for a good EDC, however.
Good knife, not ideal flipper.
Nick S.
Here's the deal with this knife. Buy it only if you like a heavy balisong and plan to edc it. For flipping, don't do it. The latch is poor, the handles are short and heavy, and for the massive price it lacks a bushing system or actually expensive materials. Furthermore, the knife does not have an "open length of over 10 inches." It's shorter than the 42, which was decently under 10 inches. If you want to see actual specs, look at those provided on this very page. I find it funny that Dylan's review states that Wyatt's is uninformed, and then dylan states that the 62 has ti handles. It's stainless steel. Not to mention there's no such thing as a "bm 52 morpho" only the 32 and the 51...
The Perfect Balisong
Dylan W.
Living up to it's predecessor's hype (BM42), the BM62 is a hallmark that stands the test of time.

The review below me, from Wyatt M dated 1-28-15, surely does not know what he is talking about. With a 4.25" blade, and an open length of over 10", the knife is anything but short. The sculpted titanium handle slabs create the perfect grip as well!

As with any balisong knife, or knife in general, if you misuse the blade it will "fillet your fingers" as stated.

Please ignore the other review, as it is truly misinformed and ill educated. I myself have owned a BM Morpho 52 and a BM62 and can say with all certainty that this knife is a work of honest craftsmanship.
No Me Gusta
Wyatt M.
It's short fat and likes to fillet your fingers. All in all kinda disappointing.