Benchmade Blue Box Knife Service Torx Tool Kit

Benchmade uses six lobe headed Torx screws exclusively throughout the assembly of their knives. This engineered screw style offers a more "controllable" means of achieving optimal tightness on knives. Occasionally you may want to adjust blade tension, remove the carry-clip or simply tighten any loosened screws. So now Benchmade offers The Bluebox for those purposes.

The kit includes Torx bit sizes 6, 8 and 10. Two of each head bit are provided and the bit holder/extension is self-contained in a molded plastic case which doubles as the handle. The case also features a plastic carry-clip.

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  • Brand: Benchmade
  • Product Type: Tool

Customer Reviews

Intriguing at best
Albert S. on Jan 13, 2016

Unpacked the tool, all pieces seem to be a generic set, my buddy has used his and tells me that he has put some torque on them and they hold up. Best part to my surprise was that you pull the tool holder/extension out and put it in the blue box. That is the handle so the entire is used so that you get a good grip to work on your knife.

great tools
TOM M. on Aug 13, 2020

very glad i got this easy to use set-recommend highly

Not the best tools, but they saved me!
Brett K. on Jan 25, 2018

Its a convenient way to carry and use these suckers. The tools strip pretty easily though, so don't over torque. There are cheaper easier to use products though.

Works well.
Travis B. on Jan 20, 2018

Works very well. Snapped off a bit a couple times but it was probably user error

Good Tool
Austin P. on Jan 19, 2018

Good tool for adjusting your knives. The box itself is used as the handle for the bits which is cool.However the shape of the box makes it a little awkward to hold and use. It certainly gets the job done but im sure you could find a better kit for around the same price. Get this one if you like the little butterfly on the box.

Must have
Jason L. on Jun 23, 2017

This tool kit gets the job done however the torx heads rust if you have sweaty fingers

Gets the job done, no fuss.
Mason O. on Sep 23, 2021

It has a blue butterfly on it and that's why I wanted it. The bits are generic and unbranded but seem to be of okay (not exceptional, but okay) quality. The driver itself attaches to the box and gives you plenty of purchase. The box contains 2 T6 bits, 2 T8 bits, and 2 T10 bits. At first this confused me, but after using it some I realized that it was intentional to get a grip on barrels that went all the way through like Zen pins and the like. Worth the money, but not any more. Could be massively improved by just including hardened Wiha bits.

Bits bend easy
Cory I. on Jan 12, 2020

I decided to grab this fella instead of the Kershaw tool thinking it would be superior. After assembling two knives, the most common bit is now twisted. I torqued all screws to spec, but it's messed up now. I'll have to get the Kershaw tool and I'll let you know how it goes.

Benchmade's Ark
Sean W. on Dec 17, 2018

I give this half of a perfect rating, because I feel that this only half of an actual tool. Read closely, potential buyers, because the set contains six bits, but only three unique sizes. I have no idea why Benchmade would package two of each individual bit. Maybe they expect the bits to break easily or something? Or maybe they just think that a big flood is coming, and we will need two of each kind of Torx bit to repopulate the earth. I don't get it.

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