Blade HQ Dessert Warrior Glow Ranger Eye PVC Patch

Get this Blade HQ exclusive Dessert Warrior Ranger Eye Glow Patch and show off your Blade HQ obsession, day or night!


  • High-quality PVC material.
  • Sewn hook Velcro back.
  • Not iron on


Blade HQ brings the sprinkles back with this go-anywhere Dessert Warrior patch! Add this patch to your range bag or hat and rep your favorite source for anything with a blade! With the brilliant colors of the sprinkles and a glow-in-the-dark shield on Velcro, you'll want to display this patch anywhere you can, day and night! WARNING: the donut pattern is not the most tactically sound camouflage, and the glow logo may make your night missions less stealthy (but more awesome).

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Item #BHQ-177937
Our Price: $7.95
In Stock!
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  • Height: 1.00"
  • Width: 1.00"
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Pink, White
  • Shape: Square
  • Brand: Blade HQ
  • Product Type: Patch

Customer Reviews

Awesome limited patch!
Steven D. on Dec 22, 2022

It's a donut patch, a GLOW IN THE DARK donut patch.... At times I have to stop myself from taking a bite Edit: 2 reviewers were complaining about its size; Its a RANGER EYE. It's the same size as all the other ranger eyes ive ordered from violent little, dump box or etsy. Welcome to the world of patches and their terminology. This patch is exactly as it should be, I own 2- 3'x4' patch panels that are completely full, and have 2 dozen ranger eyes (yes, I am a nerd with a compulsion toward knives, patches and other militaria). This is exactly like all my other ranger eyes, the other reviwers are complaining about their lack of knowledge, not of the product. Also, usually ranger eyes cost $10-13, so $8 is actually a fair price. Go to dumpbox, they sell theres for more than this one. Like I said, lack of knowledge, not a lacking product

Size Matters
Morgan H. on Dec 12, 2022

I love the patch itself, super cute. Even with the picture next to the bottle cap shown for scale, it's quite small, which is a fault of me for not realizing. I also feel like it is a tad bit overpriced, but not too much. All in all, I do not regret the purchase and would buy it again.

Lon W. on Dec 23, 2022

Well getting this was a bit of a surprise, granted mine was free, if I had bought it I think I'd be a bit miffed. Not about it's looks but size. This is very small, yes, there is a pic next to a bottle cap....still was surprised at the size. No way is it worth the $8 or whatever. I have to ask, what is it for? I was thinking like a tear off moral patch like peeps put on hats....but it's not really big enough for that.

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