Blade HQ Knife Roll Nylon Carry Case - OD Green

Keep your knives organized in proper Blade HQ Exclusive style with this olive drab green nylon carry case with blue accents. Each case features 12 individual 3" x 5" clear pockets for your knife viewing pleasure. This updated version includes a Velcro patch on the front, letting you further personalize your knife collection.

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MSRP: $19.95
Our Price: $16.95
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  • Length: 12.00"
  • Width: 6.50"
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: OD Green
  • Brand: Blade HQ
  • Product Type: Case

Customer Reviews

Just what I needed
Ross A. on Jul 28, 2021

This is a very nice organizer AND it's 1/3 the cost of what some knife manufacturers, whose knives I love, charge for the exact same item!! So save the logo and some serious $$ and buy this one.

Best Knife Organizer
STEVEN G. on Dec 24, 2020

Affordable. Well designed. Substantial pockets. It's the only knife roll I want...and I have 8, so far. My first was, of course, black. But then I worried about all my black knives blending in with the black material, so I bought a blue knife roll. The blue is nice, but it's loud for me. Since I preferred something more muted, I tried the green roll and I've been in love ever since. I feel the green has the perfect amount of contrast to easily identify the knives in their awesome see-through pockets. By the way, the pockets are LARGE. There's plenty of room for larger folders. In fact, these pockets can easily hold some of the popular big'uns right now, like Kizer's Sheepdog XL and Artisan Cutlery's Proponent. Don't worry about rolling it up, either. With one knife roll dedicated to my largest folders, it easily folds up and secures like normal. (My longest handle is 5.25in) I love the see-through windows, and even more so, I love the thick nylon edge that runs above each pocket, making it tougher and more resistant to tearing or stretching. I haven't used the hanging holes, but the fact that this bag has the ability to be hung up to display the knives more easily seems like a pretty awesome concept. Great carry handle!!!! The only caveat: make sure to lay flat or at an upward angle. Otherwise, knives can easily slip out and fall if angled downward. "Just one more." Truer words have never been spoken.

Exactly what the doctor ordered
Josh R. on Sep 10, 2020

I own the black version of this already, and HAD to get the green one. And once it's filled, I'll be getting the blue one. These things are amazing for the price. Love the fact that you can hang them up for display as well. Would recommend to anyone looking for extra knife storage options, even if they are willing to spend more than this. These will NOT disappoint.

My go to case!
Henry S. on Jan 16, 2020

I've gotten a couple of these cases and they are amazing. I would recommend these over most on the market because they are both cheap and very well made. Plus it's always nice to rep BHQ!

Great X-Mas Gifts.
Don S. on Dec 13, 2019

Bought these as Christmas gifts for friends & family who are knife enthusiasts.

knife roll
Dillan M. on Oct 10, 2019

color is on point. very roomy and very well put together this kicks ass!

The green looks great
Russ G. on Oct 31, 2018

This is my third BladeHQ knife roll, and I finally have enough room to house all my good knives in one of the rolls. The new rolls have corrected the only design flaw of the older ones, namely, the pockets used to be all plastic, which could easily tear if one tried to clip a knife to it. This new design has a strip of fabric across the top of the pocket, making it much sturdier w/o compromising the ability to see which knife is in it. Compared to "name brand" knife rolls, this one is incredibly inexpensive, yet is every bit as good or better than the more expensive ones. I have a blue, black, and now a green one and I like the green best. When I buy more (which I will, because they seem to fill up...rather quickly, for some reason), I will buy more of the green. But whatever the color, you can't beat a BladeHQ knife roll for cost and space-efficient storage and transportation of knives. If you've invested in some high quality blades, invest just a bit more to keep them protected and organized.

Tim P. on Oct 2, 2018

I like the redesign of this case. The clear windows now have a fabric top so that your knife clips don't scratch the windows. Perfect case for my ever growing collection.

Good product
upjohn c. on Oct 5, 2018

I just loved this product and hence i will be purchasing this once again.In case if someone needs any assistance on writing please visit

Almost great
William S. on Dec 7, 2019

Very well made but with two design issues. The first issue is minor; the large handle is too bulky and interferes a little with loading the top row of pockets. The second issue is a deal killer for me. The spacing between the rows, 1.5", is too small and prevents the case from folding flat when loaded with anything other than small thin knives. With a full load of 3.5" - 4" blade knives I have to force the roll flat, sometimes ending up with more of a triangle than a flat case. The Spyderco storage rolls have 2.25" of space between the rows and easily fold completely flat even completely filled with large folders. Turns out that extra 3/4" makes big difference.

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