Boker Plus Balisong Tactical Large Butterfly Knife Black G-10 (4.2" Satin)


  • Harpoon-style D2 stainless steel blade.
  • Lightweight G-10 scales and steel liners.
  • Latch lock keeping the handles together.
  • Tip-up pocket clip on the bite handle for EDC convenience.


The Large Boker Plus Tactical Balisong is a smooth-gliding flipper that rides on bearings. It has a spring-loaded latch that, with a firm squeeze, will pop open to allow quick, one-handed blade deployment. The handles are made from textured G-10 with stainless steel liners that look and feel awesome. This is the large version.

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  • Overall Length: 9.25"
  • Blade Length: 4.25"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.875"
  • Blade Width: 0.75"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.12"
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Compound
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 5.00"
  • Handle Width: 1.375"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.50"
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Color: Black
  • Frame/Liner: Steel
  • Weight: 5.10 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Butterfly
  • Lock Type: Latch
  • Brand: Boker
  • Model: Balisong Tactical Large
  • Model Number: 06EX229
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Recreation
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Flippin Incredible I Tell Ya?
Ulrich R. on Dec 16, 2022

I saw some negative reviews on this and some of the Böker knives I've had in the past haven't exactly been favorites in my collection, but I wanted a bali and I was ballin on a budget so I figured I'll give this a chance cause we'll it's $100 for an American made balisong in D2 steel which sounded too good to be true nowadays. So I order this and when I got it and opened it I was stunned at the quality for the price. It's a tad heavy which I know some flippers aren't a fan of but I don't mind because this baby flips smooth as oil on ice man it's amazing. It rides on bearings so the action is smooth and that harpoon shaped blade came out the box atom splitting sharp, and as a guy who's biggest hobby is sharpening that is quite a statement when you consider most factory edges in this price range usually aren't very impressive. I mean it really did come out the box sharp enough to manscape a friggin fruit fly y'all, it might've just been luck that mine was clearly very well checked by quality control at Böker but if not and this is the quality they're putting out from their American manufacturers I'll definitely be watching for their other USA products because WOW! I've never met a bali in this price range or even a little above this price that has impressed me this much. I've had mine for almost a year and it's actually part of my edc loadout most days, I'm always flipping it around like it's a fidget toy. Anyway my point is if you're contemplating buying this, don't hesitate. I don't give shining reviews like this for a lot of the knives I've owned but this went above and beyond what I could've possibly hoped it would be. My collection spans all price ranges and somehow this did the most bad*ss powerslide into my top five of all time I've ever seen. Get it, trust me. Just DO IT!!!! Pro Tip: take a nail file or just a small file of any kind and lightly file the tip down on the back of that harpoon spine, you're welcome?

Great Flipper
Akmal A. on Nov 7, 2021

Love this Butterfly

Nothing but Impressed
Gregory R. on Nov 1, 2021

I'm new to the Balisong scene as all I had before this was a cheap trainer but wow this is a solid knife. This may just be embellishment because this is now my first live blade Balisong and first order from BladeHQ for that matter but it's amazing out of box. The shipping was extremely fast (estimate was 4 to 9 days, came in 2 days), it has great tolerances (no tap, nor play), has a smooth and crisp action, the latch is a treat to use and the textured G10 handles feel great in the hand already. My only complaint so far is that the blade seems to have some stains on it so the polish didn't come perfect, but so far this knife has more than earned a nice polishing and affection.

By Far the Best for the Price
Michael S. on Oct 12, 2021

Buttery smooth action, attractive blade, perfectly-shaped handles, delightful sound, spring-loaded clasp, and carry clip.... I absolutely love this knife. The knife came very sharp, and I know sharp since I've put mirror polishes on many of my knives and hair-whittling for me is a sign not of sharpness but of achieving minimal performance. Anyway, I have been practicing with this knife for about two weeks now and its pivots have remained smooth and there is still absolutely no blade play. I like longer balisongs because of the added blade length, but if I had to choose one balisong to play with for the rest of my life, it would be this one. If feels solid and does what I want it to. It's slightly handle-heavy, but I prefer this to blade-heavy. The blade shape is very interesting and the compound grind allows the last inch of blade to be incredibly slicey. The two downsides are that, first, the main body of the blade has a good amount of steel behind it, making it less slicey. Second, the harpoon shape looks nice, but the tip on the back of the blade will be uncomfortable until you learn to flip the knife without hitting your hand very hard. I have had no problems with this second issue since I've practiced more. One unimportant thing to note is that the screws for the handle were a bit loose when the knife came in. But I put some blue loctite on them and screwed them back in and I've had no trouble since. Overall, you can't go wrong with this knife for the price. I'm considering buying a second just in case it goes out of production. But hopefully more people will love this knife so it will not only continue to be made but undergo further adaptations and improvements in the future.

So good I bought one more.
Jeffrey C. on Apr 24, 2021

I bought 06EX228. I was so impressed I bought the 229 version. Smooth flipper. No play in the action. Under $100 bucks. It will give the LUCHA a run for the money. ( I own four.) BOKER QUALITY! You will not be disappointed. Jef C .

Anthony l. on Apr 21, 2021

it gets five stars because of the price point, and the fit and finish. but I have the same issue with this knife that I do with all of bokers stuff, and that is that in my personal opinion, they very much feel like the IKEA furniture or the knife community. convenient, self-explanatory, relatively easy to use, but so generic and cookie-cutter esque that all the charms of a handmade knife seem to get lost in the process. (I may be wrong but I believe their knives are still handmade) I hate the pivot assembly so much I cannot put it into words. and the scales feel like something out of a happy meal. look if you're looking for a beater or a first knife, this one will serve you well. but most likely, it wont be your excalibur

No slop at all . Great blade .
Benjamin S. on Apr 15, 2021

Ordered two by accident and wanted to return them . After playing with them , Found out they were Botangas , which is cool , Just hang on to the the safe handle.... Not the one that makes you spring a leak . These bfly’s are the best for the buck . No slop period . I’m keep’n Them .. These blades are badass slop . Best blade for the buck .

Great Butterfly Knife with a Flaw
Alex B. on Sep 17, 2021

I bought this knife because I had good experience with Boker knives in the past, because I thought this knife's blade shape was cool, and because it was under $100. This knife is competently made and its scales give it a clean look that is easier to keep clean compared to something like a Benchmade 51 Morpho. As far as flipping goes, this knife has little play and feels perfect with only one exception. The only problem with this knife is the shape of the blade, specifically the geometry of the blade that strikes your fingers while you hold onto the safe handle. That point on the safe side of the blade will poke you and can scratch your thumbnail easily while you flip the knife. If not for that, this knife would be perfect for its price point. I see myself filing that point down into a shape that won't hurt as much when it strikes me. If Boker changes anything, they need to put more thought into their blade shapes. Their other sub $100 knife doesn't have this problem and I would have preferred that.

This is a toy.
Shawn C. on Aug 27, 2021

This “”knife” was designed solely on a computer screen and has no soul. It’s build quality is so poor that I bought the smaller version and it fell apart in my hands moments after unboxing. I thought maybe the larger knife would hold up due to the reviews… but, nope. Handles became loose, lock stopped locking in the closed position which renders the pocket clip useless. This is an unserious knife. Get a Bear & Son if you plan to actually USE your blade.

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