Boker Plus Balisong Trainer Butterfly Knife Red G-10 (4" Satin) 01BO712

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Boker Plus Balisong Trainer Butterfly Knife Red G-10 (4" Satin) 01BO712
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  • Overall Length:9.125"
  • Blade Length:4.00"
  • Blade Width:0.75"
  • Blade Thickness:0.11"
  • Blade Material:Stainless Steel
  • Edge Type:Dull
  • Blade Style:Trainer
  • Finish:Satin
  • Handle Length:5.00"
  • Handle Thickness:0.51"
  • Handle Material:G-10
  • Color:Red
  • Frame/Liner:Stainless Steel
  • Weight:4.92 oz.
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
  • Knife Type:Butterfly
  • Brand:Boker
  • Model:Balisong Trainer
  • Model Number:01BO712
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Best Use:Recreation
  • Product Type:Knife


This Balisong Trainer model is outfitted with red G-10 scales and a satin finished trainer blade.

The Boker Plus Balisong Trainer offers a dull training blade for practicing the more difficult bali tricks. Stainless steel liners provide nice weight and the red G-10 improves grip while adding a dramatic style. Further your flipping skills while saving money on band-aids with the Boker Balisong Trainer.

  • Skeletonized steel liners provide a perfect weight and balance for practicing difficult bali tricks.
  • G-10 handle scales offer a smooth tactile grip without adding too much extra weight.
  • Item includes a stainless steel pocket clip and a spring-loaded latch.

Customer Reviews

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Blade rub and few issues
Tyler O.
Itís a great Bali the g10 is amazing and holds up better than my bbbarfly, however it has a lot of blade rub and it scratches up the blade bad as well as the latch not working well and one of my zen pin screws isnít exactly falling or but itís piping out and back in. Loctite is recommended.
best bali under 100 dollars
Nate L.
This balisong has really impressed me. I have used and abused this trainer. I have dropped it on super hard surfaces and it is still holding up. I am so far really impressed. Nothing and i mean NOTHING beats it for the price. If you are looking to get into flipping this is the only way to go. Don't waste your time and money on cheap balis or balisongs from bear and son or bear ops. they fall apart within days of use!!! I highly recommend this flipper
It perfect!
Jaycob V.
At first when I got it. It was small but then a couple of weeks flipping it and doing all these cool moves with it I started getting use to it and it's so smooth when you flip it I recommend people buying this. It's the best balisong I have and I love it and it's so perfect for me. And if you haven't bought it yet buy it right now because I give th8s thing a 100%.
Good for beginners
Seamus K.
This is my first brand butterfly trainer and I really loves it. Works smooth and handy and also strong.

Hope Boker Plus could make a knife version for this style, I will pay for it.
Great trainer
Christopher d.
This one is made vary well most of the other balisong I get break fast most of the time with in a month .vary smooth action . I have dropped it 1000 times still works flawlessly. Great buy
Good value
jake a.
Really nice trainer for the money. Good weight and balance.
5 stars for value because you can get much better trainers, but they are no where near this price point.

I used a little loctite on the everything, it has been taking a beating, and still feels solid.
Fantastic Trainer
Dorian M.
Having been flipping for only 3 or 4 months, I'm not an expert when it comes to trainers or live blades for that matter. However, for only 50 dollars, the quality of the Boker Plus is outstanding in comparison to the other 3 trainers I've owned, all of which fell apart in a day. I've been flipping this non-stop for two days now, and it hasn't developed any play whatsoever, and the latch works great.

Great product for the price
Works as advertised
Pocket clip doesn't hinder flipping
No tang pins = no looseness or odd spacing
Flips like BUTTER

If I could change one thing about this knife, it would be the hard 90 degree edges on the blade. It's not a particular hamartia, but I think the knife would be more or less perfected if the edges were more rounded so that they'd be less abrasive to the hands.
Pretty DARN good for the price
Martin L.
I probably have 5 balisong trainers. This one by far would be my top 3. It comes with a key wrench to tighten or loosen screws if you need to. It flips smooth and it feels sturdy. 4 stars because It's a little on the light side, but not an issue. the pocket clip is awesome! For this price, its a steal. I highly recommend this trainer!
Tyler J.
When I bought it I had a minor issue with the screws falling out but I think it was a lemon out of the factory this is a awesome trainer and a great buy for 50 bucks
Extremely good product for the money
Derrick C.
I have flipped this knife for about two weeks now and it held up really well. First, my only real complaint is how soft the g-10 handle scales are, otherwise, there really are no downsides for the $50 price tag. There are also some reviews saying how sharp the edges on the holes were one the g-10, but I don't really find that a downside, it actually makes it easier for me to choker fan with it. Finally, the last downside is that the handles may be a little short for some people, but I personally think the length is fine for flipping. Now, for the good things, first of all the zen pins on it are very sturdy and clicky which is reassuring because I was afraid the materials were low quality. Also, the fit and finish on it is very good, there is no rattling in it, but there is some blade rub on it very minimal though, most likely because of how little space there is between the blade and the liners. Overall this knife is very smooth and is a great deal for what it is.

I removed the latch once i first got it, but it was a pretty good tension latch like the one on the BM-51.
Boker Plus
Feliz D.
Amazing flipper great box! Really satisfying click sound, for every throw of the wrist. I definitely would recommend this for anyone just starting out with the hobby.
Amazing for what I've paid.
Edward T.
I was looking for a good entry level trainer, but I didn't want to spend $200. This is definitely it. The other cheap trainers I've gotten wouldn't last more than a few days, or hours. I feel like this one will last quite a while.

Another reviewer reported a bad spring latch, but mine works flawlessly.

I really hope Boker Plus expands on this line, and adds live blades, color options, and maybe even replaceable blades.
Great value
Andrew F.
Zen pins. g10 handles. All maintainable screws; no metal pins. Pocket clip. Only 50 bucks.

I really needed a legit trainer to appease my obsession at the work place. All the Walmart trainers are terrible. I needed something better that was not ridiculously priced.
The color is a great addition, it gives it more of a "toy" appearance, less threatening to bystanders.

The holes in the blade are not buffed at all, they are extremely abrasive to the knuckles.
The latch busted the first time I dropped it, which didnt matter because it was absolutely completely useless anyway and did not even come close to actually holding it shut. I planned to replace it with paracord before it even broke.
Also, the blade is definitely "brushed metal" nothing close to "Satin"