Boker Black Widow Strike Drop Point Automatic Knife Black (3.25" Red D2)

This Blade HQ Exclusive Black Widow Strike model is an excellent tactical knife that features a red finished blade with red accents and a black aluminum handle.


  • Red finished drop point blade made of D2 steel.
  • Push button *automatic opening mechanism.
  • Black coated textured aluminum handle over steel liners.
  • Plunge lock mechanism with secondary safety lock.
  • Tip-up deep-carry pocket clip for right hand carry.


For a knife to be considered tactical, it must meet some high expectations. It must be strong, easy and fast to deploy, be nimble in combat, and be efficient in utility. The Boker Strike meets and exceeds those high expectations, and does so at a price that is near impossible to beat. Not only is the Strike a superb tactical knife, but it comes in several sizes, in a multitude of colors, and a selection of blade styles. There is a perfect Strike model to put in any pocket, from combat uniforms to blue jeans. No matter how you carry it, the Strike is ready for anything at the push of a button!

There are dozens of Boker Automatic Knives, and each one maximizes function and value. Check them out!

*Automatic conversion knives are retrofitted by a third party to accept a coil spring. The factory warranty on these knives is void, but we do warranty the conversion/spring of these knives for one (1) year from date of purchase.

Item #BHQ-97030
MSRP: $79.95
Our Price: $64.95
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  • Overall Length: 7.875"
  • Blade Length: 3.25"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.12"
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Red
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.625"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.50"
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Frame/Liner: Steel
  • Weight: 4.79 oz.
  • User: Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up, Tip-Down
  • Knife Type: Automatic
  • Opener: Push Button
  • Lock Type: Button Lock
  • Brand: Boker
  • Model: Strike
  • Model Number: 01BO434NSOI
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry, Tactical
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Happily Surprised!
Lyle P. on Apr 1, 2023

I received my Black Widow auto last week, and I must say that it is much more than I had hoped for. Although I have other, much more expensive, knives, this one really has impressed me. It's always been hit or miss with me and Boker, but Boker hit this one out of the park. It's snappy smooth deployment, solid lock-up, great ergonomics, super sharp blade, and awesome esthetics has me wanting another..

Absolutely Amazing
Logan R. on Jun 22, 2022

This is by far the best knife I have ever owned. Best bang for your buck. The blade and hilt are both high quality. The blade comes well sharpened. The Black Widow is absolutely stunning to both look at and uses on a daily basis. It is extremely easy to use with its push-button actuator and safety. When opening the blade comes out quickly and firmly with a loud audible Snap into place. It may look big in some pictures however when carrying it in your pocket it is easy to forget it's even there. The case it came in had special made foam to fit the knife so there was no wiggle room. Making a great little storage container. Shipping was much quicker than I ever anticipated. Such a great job by both Boker and Blade HQ. A great big thank you to the team from a first-time customer, who would HIGHLY recommend to anyone I can! Definitely buying more knives from Blade HQ!!!

With ease
Kelly P. on May 3, 2022

My fingers don't have the strength to flip a knife open, so I wanted an automatic. This is handy and sharp.

ADAM S. on Feb 15, 2022

Received my knife and I must say, this knife is an excellent knife. Perfect fit in hand, nice weight, and very sharp blade. I would highly recommend this knife!

I have fallen in love with knives
David M. on Apr 12, 2021

This is my first pocket knife and I have fallen in love! I use it all the time, open things, cut stuff, cut steak. Its so sharp and useful! I will have to buy more different kinds, I love knives!

How about a Mini Strike Black Widow?
Bill A. on Mar 21, 2021

Gambled on the Boker Strike Black Widow and came up spades! Snappy, good steel, GREAT price, feels good in the hand, carries well. I would love to get a Mini Strike in the same colors. I'm getting a Mini Strike in black for EDC.

Great Value and performance....
John D. on Sep 12, 2020

After seeing and handling my nephews, I had to have one. I was surprised how good a knife it is. I love it....will be buying more soon,

Ron H
Ron H. on Sep 3, 2020

Absolutely a great knife for a great price. Color contrast looks awesome. Razor sharp out of the box. Feels great in my hand. I will be back for more.

Bought as EDC for the wife
Richard H. on Aug 25, 2020

I took a chance with this one. I wanted an EDC knife for the wife and knew I would only get one chance to make a good impression and she would carry or a horrible impression and she wouldn't have anything to do with blades. My wife is not a "girly girl" but she is very feminine. She does carry a handgun but a knife was a different story. I watched BladeHQ's video on "Best Women's Pocket Knives" on Youtube and used that advice to help me pick. I wanted to get her an OTF knife but after the video realized that might just be "too aggressive". Also women in the video said they did like automatics because it was easy with nails. I took that info and saw the Boker could be engraved so I put a message on it for her and boom she loved it! She wears it everywhere she goes and showed it to her coworkers! So Thanks, BladeHQ for the knife but also for the videos that taught me the right pick for my wife!

Great knife
Bill L. on Aug 7, 2020

I'm a Boker fan and this knife didn't disappoint. There's a real heft to it and it just feels solid. And talk about sexy, that red blade is the Sh#t! Highly recommend!

Boker Plus Black Widow
Todd M. on Jul 26, 2020

Really like the size and fit in my hand. The color is awesome. Opens and closes easily. My only disappointment is the blade is not sharp and so now have to find a way to sharpen it.

Mark K. on Feb 27, 2020

Love color contrast. Solid, snappy, D2, sharp. Deep carry. Matches knives 2-3x the cost.

Really impressed
Aaron s. on Feb 18, 2020

I've only had mine about 2 weeks but so far it's perfect. I've owned a few autos and most all of them had some side to side or more frequently up and down blade play and this one at a quarter the cost is seriously rock solid! I've had a bit of fun handing it to people and watching it almost jump out of their hand. It fires HARD everytime. The alluminum feels premium and really enjoy the added sturdiness of an extra lock. So impressed by the lock up and love the color combo. I'm not sure if I just got lucky on this or lemons on my others but this feels better than my pro tech or beloved kershaw launches.

Best than expected
Carlos K. on Feb 4, 2020

if you like your Kalashnikov, imagine it with a better steel and a bit larger. This big mama has the same kick as the must have auto in the below 50 bucks. The red in this black widow version just amazing. go ahead and get it. no questions ask

Boker Plus Black Widow
Clayton A. on Dec 25, 2019

I really like this knife, it has a strong spring and looks great. kind of startles you when you press the open button as it seems like it's going to jump out of your hand. Would buy again if i needed another.

Charles L. on Dec 23, 2019

The spring action is so strong on the knife. There is no blade wiggle. The blade is very sharp, no need to sharpen. Perfect fit in hand. Great length. Will buy more!

Beauty and a Beast
Charles E. on Nov 16, 2019

I love it! The red blade and studs with the black scales really are a nice color contrast. It snaps open like a hungry animal and it is very sharp, with D2 steel, which is an improvement over the usual. Excellent buy.

Great hand feel and very visually appealing, but very dull blade out of the box
Michael S. on Apr 11, 2023

Just got my black widow and I have to say that it is beautiful. It feels great in my hands and it looks super nice. The biggest letdown is how dull the blade came. I'm no stranger to sharpening a knife, but I'm not used to having to sharpen a knife right after you get it. So only a little disappointed but very satisfied overall

Dull out of the box
Todd B. on Aug 6, 2020

Took a little elbow grease to get a good edge on it. Fit, finish, action, and overall "feel" are acceptable.,

Boker Plus Black Widow Strike Drop Point
MIKAL M. on Jan 5, 2020

Really like the looks of the knife in person. As noted the action is very quick and solid. However, the knife arrived with box already open. One screw was nearly out and the head of another screw fastening the belt clip was stripped. Also, the knife was not very sharp at all. I like the knife so just replaced the screw and I can sharpen it too.

Great action on this blade
Jeff E. on Dec 26, 2019

This is my second Boker in less than a month. The action on this blade is quick with solid lock up. I really dig the red on black and it really looks great in person. The blade is very sharp and the finish holds up to lots of use. The only downside is the black finish (anodizing?) on the handle has worn very quickly. In and out of my pocket maybe 20 times and the leading edge finish is coming off exposing the bare metal underneath.

good beater knife
Jacob T. on Feb 15, 2021

Super snappy knife, fun to mess around with, great blade and design. The pocket clip bent a little and the paint on the handle wears away a little bit but its nothing terrible. Looks cool

Joshua I. on Oct 9, 2020

Great action just like you would expect from boker. Not a fan of the "plain" grind. If this had a nice hollow or flat grind it would be nearly perfect. Not bad for $50 though.

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