Boker Kalashnikov Bowie D/A OTF Automatic Knife (3.5" Black SW D2)

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  • Overall Length: 8.625"
  • Blade Length: 3.50"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.375"
  • Blade Width: 0.77"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.11"
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Blade Style: Clip Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Black Stonewash
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 5.125"
  • Handle Width: 1.39"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.55"
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 4.75 oz.
  • User: Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Down
  • Knife Type: Double-Action OTF Automatic
  • Opener: Thumb Slide
  • Brand: Boker
  • Model: Kalashnikov OTF
  • Model Number: 06EX350
  • Best Use: Tactical
  • Product Type: Knife

  • Black stonewashed Bowie blade made from D2 tool steel.
  • Double-action thumb slide.
  • Textured black aluminum handle.
  • Deep-carry pocket clip.


The Boker Kalashnikov OTF is inspired by the Kalashnikov rifle and patterned after the now famous push-button folder of the same name. Its handle is contoured to feel perfect in hand, promising a sure grip. The Kalashnikov honors its namesake with a design you can count on, and powerful action that will impress!

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Customer Reviews

I want one, but...
William M. on Sep 9, 2020

but...I want a spear point blade!

Compared to a High-End auto---Boker's OTF is an AWESOME entry auto (Updated at bottom)
STEVEN G. on Dec 12, 2020

My journey back into knives kicked off with an auto side-folder, but I kept seeing people talk about OTF (out-the-front) everywhere I turned. Just getting into knives, I had sticker shock with some of the big brands, so when I learned about Boker...and then their OTF bowie...I had to experience one for myself. I was already impressed with Boker auto knives, so I felt confident taking a chance on their OTF. Winner, winner! Chicken dinner! I loved it right out of the box. Being my first OTF, however, it was odd seeing the off-center opening in the front. Since I wasn't sure if I would like the thumb switch fire button on the spine or the side, I figured I'd gamble with this one, considering my already positive experience with Boker's side-folding auto, the Strike. Nice firing action: strong, fast, and smooth. Very satisfying (sound and feel) for fidget folks. Good ergos, so fits well in hand, despite the dedicated finger grooves. Oh, and very SHARP!!! Like the Strike, be ready to see early wear on the paint. Any amount of usage or pocket time is gonna show signs of wear. While I mostly have a love affair with this knife--with more positives than negatives--the main oddity with this knife is the smaller sized blade compared to the much larger body. Overall, excellent knife. It's definitely one of my favorites in my collection. -------------------------------- (Update 12/26/2020) I received my Microtech Combat Troodon this week and comparing it to my Boker OTF, the Boker is lighter but feels equally solid when shaking it. Nothing rattles at all on either one. In fact, the Combat Troodon's firing switch rattles around just a bit with the lightest touch while the Boker OTF, not at all. However, when the blade is deployed, the Boker OTF has more blade play than the Combat Troodon. Hands down, the easiest to deploy is the Boker OTF. That's not to say one is better or worse. It's just an observation that the Boker OTF is WAY easier to fire and close, plus it's more comfortable than the Combat Troodon. I can definitely feel the quality of the Combat Troodon, but if you're considering an OTF and don't want to spend the big money, Boker's OTF is the way to go---if you don't mind that crazy weird blade-to-body ratio. Anyway, best of success with your EDC, and remember to enjoy the slice!

Boker Kalashnikov Bowie
Curtis S. on Sep 21, 2020

This oft knife is like my other Boker knifes high quality and design. The action on this knife is quick and reliable, I’m very pleased.

My First OTF
DONALD C. on Sep 11, 2020

This is my first OTF designed knife purchase; I picked this model because of the KALASHNIKOV & BOKER brand. I bought a couple model 74 knives over 20 years ago. I gave one as gift to my youngest brother recently. It was one I used but, was well cared for and still worked perfectly. This knife model is no light weight; it is over built just like other KALASHNIKOV models. It has a D2 steel blade and robust metal handle. It comes with a soft lockable case. It is sharp from out of the box however, with careful stropping it becomes scalpel sharp. It opens and retracts with a powerful stroke and it is not very likely to open by accident. I thought of buying the XXL folding model but, I am glad I bought this one. I tend not to abuse my knives and this one is built for abuse. It will last well past my lifetime for sure. It isn’t a cheap knife but not as pricey as many others; it is a good one. If you like big rugged knives this one is for you.

Tanto blade (serrated), please!
Ronald A. on Sep 12, 2020

I want one as well but, I prefer a serrated tanto.

Can’t go wrong
David W. on Sep 13, 2020

I was pleasantly surprised with this OTF. I really like the shape of the blade. The handle is very comfortable with my medium sized hands. Fits nice in the pocket with a deep carry clip. It’s nice not to have a large glass beaker like most OTF knifes. It even has d2 steel. All for a very reasonable price.

Alec B. on Oct 16, 2020

Great knife, especially if you have to use a knife one hand during the course of the day. The only thing that would make it better would be a glass breaker.

Great purchase!
Matthew D. on Sep 14, 2020

Amazing price for a great knife!! I hope they make more like this in different handle colors and blade styles.

Bud L. on Sep 14, 2020

The OTF action is quick, as is the return mode. Seems like a large body for a small blade, but I guess that's the nature of OTF's. Real sharp right out of the box. Deep carry pocket clip is nice. It's a quality, well thought out knife for a reasonable price. As always, BHQ got it to me in short order. Good folks to deal with.

Not half bad.
Daniel q. on Sep 14, 2020

At first, I was a bit skeptical of a $120 OTF, however, I was quite impressed with it, the action is smooth and sounds pretty good, it feels a little bigger and a little more blocky than a regular Kalashnikov but it's still pretty comfortable, more so if you have larger hands, it also came with a pretty nice case/pouch witch was a nice addition, overall I would definitely recommend it at its price point.

Best OTF for the money
Riley P. on Jun 18, 2021

This OTF is hands down the best for your money. Looks mean and the action is EXCELLENT

Very nice OTF
Brian C. on Sep 14, 2020

Just wanted a simple OTF for my collection. Very nice knife with really nice action and very little blade play. Love the finger groves for a really secure grip.

Bernie F. on Sep 15, 2020

I enjoy the knife alot. Alittle stiff to fire but I understand the reasoning behind that.

My first OTF! You should get one too!
timothy c. on Sep 15, 2020

I've been on the fence about wanting an OTF. Mostly wanting one for the cool factor, and as a collector not having one. I didn't want to take the cheapest route and couldn't justify the more expensive. The D2 blade came sharp enough to shave arm hairs. Wouldn't use it on the face! The action was pretty stiff at first. But, that smoothed out. It fires and retracts fast and hard. I can't personally say how blade wobble compares to other OTF. I would say it seems minimal and totally acceptable to me.

Good knife. REALLY strong spring.
Steven S. on Sep 18, 2020

I've wanted an OTF knife, but didn't want to spend $400 or so for a top of the line model. Also I got burned buying a cheapo model that didn't work at all. The Boker Plus Kalashnikov D/A automatic OTF for $119 and change was a fair price for a quality brand. The knife came with a cool zippered carrying case which I didn't expect. The handle was solid and a good fit with the finger grooves. The spring was REALLY STRONG. With a push of my thumb from either hand the blade snapped out with purpose. My only problem is that the spring is so strong that using my thumb to pull the blade back in was tough. I could do it with the thumb on my left hand but not on my right hand. I had to use both thumbs to pull the slide back with the knife in my right hand. If not for this I would have given the knife 5 stars.

Great, But Screws Will Back Out
Josiah J. on Nov 10, 2020

I saw a couple other reviews about this and wanted to affirm them - the screws in this knife will back themselves out and fall completely out over time with use. They did not use any loctite on them during assembly and I almost lost one of them. If you buy, loctite all 6 screws immediately. Other than that one issue, this is an incredible OTF for the price!

Great OTF, Great price point!
Andrew N. on Sep 12, 2020

This OTF fires hard but lacks smoothness of the likes of micro tech & Guardian tactical, The Stonewashed finish is nice and smooth and hides scratches well. T9 Screws on the body, T6 for the pocket clip so be careful with stripping. Solid construction for the money and for its price it's a good start to get into OTF's. The Boker plus Packaging was luxurious as well coming in with a mid sized pouch with 2 pockets on the right side and a smaller velcro pocket on the left. :)

Some great and some Meh...
Mark L. on Sep 13, 2020

I have carried a Boker OTF from a number of years so I was excited to see a new model available. I haven't carried this new one a whole lot but here are my initial observations: 1. The slide lever to open and close the blade is very smooth. It operates with just the right amount of resistance in both directions. It isn't as great as a Recon-035 OTF but then again it is half the price so it's pretty great in that regard. 2. D2 isn't going to wow anyone but it will get the job done and seems OK. 3. The deep carry pocket clip is very nice. Perfect tension and no logo that gives away what's in your pocket. 4. The blade seems some one out of sync with the size of the handle. The handle is large with contoured finger grooves to fill your hand but the blade by comparison seems small (top to bottom, not blade length). It just seems odd to have a small blade firing from such a beefy handle. All in all it seems like a good value.

First otf knife
. on Jan 17, 2021

After seeing otf knives at a trade show,I was very interested. Christmas came and that was my excuse for my treat. I picked a good brand, Not made in China, at a mid price point. Very Satisfied! Knife is little larger than I would like but it feels solid in my hand, no chance of slipping. Blade shape is very good. Fairly sharp right out of the box and with a few strokes from the steel becomes “wow” sharp. Only reason for rating is the button slide. Deploys ok with one hand but takes two hands for me to retract (damn Arthritis). Little sad to see wear on the finish from daily carry but overall very pleased! I’m glad I picked it. BHQ rocks!

screw fell out. stripped.
Pamela l. on Feb 9, 2021

I had this knife for one week and a screw from the handle fell out when i was putting it in my pocket. I figured i would just loc-tite it and screw it back in but it just spins and spins. Threads were stripped out. I know i didn't strip them out because when i put the screw back in it never even felt like it grabbed a thread. Other than that i love this knife. I have removed and loc-tite all the rest of the screws now but its still missing one. I looked on Boker website to use warranty but apparently they don't warranty stripped No way to prove i didn't do it so i guess ill be more cautious about buying from this company again. Moral of the story is that you get what you pay for.

spear point
james w. on Sep 12, 2020

Make it a spear point and bring down the price to 70 bux and I'll definitely buy it!

Ok Knife
Brian M. on Sep 14, 2020

THe edge wasn't great but ok. However the action while stiff at first is almost impossible to operate one handed. Tried gun oil but not much better. Should come with a scabbard.

Nice knife but
JAMES B. on Oct 6, 2020

2 of the screws holding it together have already backed out and I ended up losing one of them which i didn't see coming as i've only had it for one week. Other than that, the action is crisp and the blade is sharp.

Pieces break after a few months of use.
Ian C. on Jul 29, 2021

I bought this about 3 or 4 months ago and I’m very happy with it for the price. It requires a comfortable amount of force to fire, but it will cause a callous on your thumb if you use it enough. The grind for the cutting edge is a bit to one side, but it still came sharp enough. I would still have given it 5 stars if it weren’t for the fact that about 3ish months into owning it the hook on the spring broke. This was after hundreds if not thousands of actuations, and I managed to fix it by bending out the end of the spring into another hook, but that’s still a serious negative. Overall, great knife but definitely not the quality of a higher end OTF. Edit: So, just about 1 month later the knife broke again, I thought it would be the spring again, but no, this time one of the pieces that attaches to the spring snapped. I was willing to let the broken spring go, but now another piece has broken, and that’s really disappointing.

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