Boker Plus Rocket Pen (Brass) 09BO062

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  • Length: 5.125"
  • Diameter: 0.44"
  • Material: Brass
  • Color: Brass
  • Weight: 1.96 oz.
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Mechanism: Bolt-Action
  • Brand: Boker
  • Model: Rocket Pen
  • Model Number: 09BO062
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product Type: Pen

  • Brass casing.
  • Bolt action mechanism.
  • Convenient pocket clip.

This Rocket Pen model is made from brass with a polished finish.

The Boker Plus Rocket Pen offers a tactical design from Darriel Caston. It offers unique appeal with a sleek oval pen shape that provides extreme comfort in the pocket or hand. It's outfitted with a black ink cartridge and a stainless steel pocket clip. Add some class to your tactical gear with the Boker Plus Rocket Pen. Boker Defense Pens are known for their killer style and practical function.

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Customer Reviews

Left it outside for a month, still going strong.
Geoffrey G. on Aug 8, 2018

I received this pen early in 2018 as a birthday present and have been carrying it nearly constantly. I recently purchased a backup in case I actually (not temporarily) lose this one. I have two Karas Kustoms Bolt pens, and the action on the brass Bolt is way smoother. It's hefty in hand but not cumbersome, and the bolt action is easy to use. The Fisher refill writes well, but I'm going to change to a different cartridge when it runs out as it's kind of "sticky" when I first start writing for the day. The oval shape of the barrel took some getting used to, but I really really liked it after a few months, and I'm carrying this pen more than my other fountain or ballpoint pens. I always get compliments when I use it. I carry the pen in my back right pocket, and in May or June the clip got caught on a duffle bag strap and snapped. That would be my only complaint of the pen, is that the clip isn't super robust around the screw hole. However, I contacted Boker's customer service and they replied within two hours and sent me a replacement clip (with a torx allen wrench in case I didn't have one) which I received within 48 hours. I'm pretty satisfied with that customer service. In case my tale didn't have enough ups and downs, I was at a friend's cabin at the end of June, and took all of my EDC items out of my pockets while I napped in my hammock. When I reloaded my pants, I somehow missed the pen and it laid there for a solid month before I was able to go back up and look for it. It was out in the rain, sun, and (presumably) was run over by a riding mower a few times. When I found it under the trees, it looked practically identical to when I'd lost it a month before. There was a little dirt in the mechanism and the pen refill had a little bit of surface rust, but after a quick wipe down inside and out it's back to new. I've seen other reviewers saying that the top has come lose, but I haven't had that happen in a solid half year of use. I will agree that there's a little bit of wiggle room where the pen protrudes through the brass, but that hasn't really bothered me. The only other note I have is that the brass has been coated with something, so it hasn't taken any patina except for where my phone has rubbed a bit off on one corner. All in all for me, a favorite of my pen collection and I highly recommend it.

Love it
sam v. on Dec 28, 2018

Great bargain for such a cool pen. It’s a heavy, solid piece of brass that writes and handles like a dream. The clip is deep-carry with perfect tension, the barrel is oval-shaped rather than round, which I really like. The “bolt” is really a jimped protrusion that sits almost flush with the barrel so it doesn’t catch on anything, yet it is very easy to work with the thumb. It uses Parker refills, so will also take Fisher Space pen refills with the plastic end cap they all come with.

Needs a little qc
Tyler M. on Jul 31, 2021

I must start off with the mechanism and pen is great quality. I find this to be my favorite bolt action pen due to the no snag design.. But I have found after getting one brass and two black you HAVE to replace the ink cartridges from the go or they leak every where and you need blue lock tight for the top bolt to keep it from backing out from regular use ...10/10 would recommend but be prepared to spend the extra on the needed tweaks.

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