Boker XXL Kalashnikov Bowie Automatic Knife (4.75" Stonewash D2)

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  • Overall Length: 10.625"
  • Blade Length: 4.75"
  • Cutting Edge: 4.50"
  • Blade Width: 1.25"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.12"
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Blade Style: Clip Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Stonewash
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 5.875"
  • Handle Width: 1.375"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.66"
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 6.42 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Automatic
  • Opener: Push Button
  • Lock Type: Button Lock
  • Brand: Boker
  • Model: XXL Kalashnikov
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry, Tactical
  • Product Type: Knife

This Blade HQ Exclusive Boker XXL Kalashnikov features a stonewash D2 bowie blade and a black aluminum handle.

  • Stonewashed Bowie blade made from D2 tool steel.
  • Recessed firing button for rapid auto action.
  • Textured black aluminum handle.
  • Solid plunge lock mechanism.
  • Deep-carry tip-up pocket clip and a lanyard loop.


The Boker XXL Kalashnikov is big. It's really big! It's so big it warranted a new box, a new handle shape, and a new aftermarket spring. This beastly Blade HQ Exclusive is a great option for a tactical knife, a self-defense knife, or a real statement of an EDC. The enormous Bowie blade is made of tough D2 tool steel, and the handle is made of aluminum. Add a huge automatic to your collection today.

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Customer Reviews

Solid knife
Gregory D. on Oct 8, 2020

I have large hands and this knife's handle has room to spare. This knife is the largest auto I've ever held. There is no play in the blade and it opens with an authoritative snap. The pushbutton is nicely recessed so no accidental openings. For $59 , this is a lot of knife.

Boker's Biggest Kalashnikov Yest
James R. on Aug 10, 2020

It's a knife that has absolutely wrong with it. Snaps open with plenty of authority. Came extremely sharp. It's perfect for my new EDC.

boker xxl
Marko M. on Aug 17, 2020

I owned over 30 boker kalashnikovs and this ones are by far the best boker ever with d2 steel is amazing , only downside for some people is really the SIZE they are huge , almost 5 inch blade it is a giant knife !

Buy it!
David B. on Aug 11, 2020

Crazy as it sounds, I think the lockup and fit and finish is better than the smaller ones. That not to say the smaller ones don't have great fit and finish because they do for the money.

Three words "Duel Fire Autos"!
albert r. on Aug 28, 2020

Previously bought the Boker XXL Kalashnikov Black and now the stonewashed version. Why you say, cuz firing one XXL auto is fun, but firing two XXL autos at the same time 10 times more fun. Would recommend everybody own a Boker XXL. For the price there is no excuse not to.

A VERY happy camper!!!
Jorge F. on May 4, 2022

A little lube on the moving parts and, a few passes on the strop and this is one BIG BAD PUPPY DOG!!! Swings open with "authority" accompanied by a nice loud CLACK! The Black XXL Clip Point is just as vicious too! Me a very happy camper...

Big Is Better!
Michael S. on Nov 11, 2020

When Dirty Harry pulled that automatic out of his sock and stabbed Scorpio in the leg it wasn't a small knife. That was in 1971 for all the younger viewers. Since then my minimum EDC knife for self defense and general tasks have to have at least a 3 1/2" - 4"+ blade. In a combat role little cute knives don't do you much good. I want and need something with strength and some size to it for this. This knife is no exception and is a great knife for a great value. It locks up rock solid and fires hard. I also like the D2 stainless steel blade vs cheaper varieties. I am very pleased with this one and will purchase more in the future. I will be ordering some of the other colors to be different and to make things more interesting. Thank you Blade HQ for the great price, great customer service and fast shipping as well. It's always nice to order something and get it in a week or less.

Run! Forest Run!
MICHAEL M. on Mar 23, 2022

The Big Kahuna! Makes me giggle every time I hit the button. This is a MASSIVE knife. A folding bowie knife! Hold on tight. Opens with a resounding WHACK!. Kicks like a mule! The handle profile is wide but thin enough that it carries easily. The blade grind was symmetrical and only required a couple of passes on the diamond hone to make it hair popping sharp. The blade was centered in the handle. Even though it is oversized, quality is in line with that found on other Kalashnikov models. It's a hoot! I would buy it again.

Roy T. on Nov 5, 2021

Man this is one sweet knife. When that big beefy blade pops out YOU will love it. This is my new EDC. Great price on a great knife. Get one you won’t be sorry.

richard c. on Aug 23, 2020

I was very impressed with the BOKER XXL a 5 inch blade stone wash finish that just glows and appears to be ready for any task. Evan with that huge blade the action on the XXL has no problem getting that beast out and into play, the resounding snap lets you know the XXL is ready for action.I am very pleased with my puchase. THANKS BLADE HQ

Boker XXL Kalashnikov
Joseph C. on Aug 23, 2020

I went with the stonewash blade, which has an interesting shine/grain finish, which I really like. The knife is big! If I go to the end of the handle with my XL+ hands, there is still ~1.5 inches of handle between my hand and the blade. Pretty sharp out of the box, and unlike some others, my grind is even and uniform. Handle feels good, although if you choke up, the tip of the clip gets you at the end of the palm. Like all autos, there is a fine line between no back and forth blade play and good action. I won't fuss with that too much until I believe the knife is well broken in. This is a ton of fun for the money!

Impressive knife
Donald B. on Oct 22, 2020

I am a career paramedic and have ordered over 20 boker automatics for myself and other paramedics. This is my favorite, it is huge but well made. The handles are easy to hold even with gloves. Very good spring and smooth action. This knife will hold its own with much more expensive benchmade autos I have purchased.

Boker XXL Kalashnikov
Joe H. on Aug 8, 2020

Ordered the knife and received it super fast. It is one BIG knife! Perfect for all the hunting and fishing tasks I do here in Texas. Feels good in hand and is snappy and well built yet light. If you are looking for a big handful of a knife in an automatic I highly recommend!!

rBoker XXL Kalisnikov
Brett F. on Aug 15, 2020

Biggest and best Boker Kalashnikov yet,,,great for cutting garden produce,,,but it!!!!

GDPR G. on Aug 15, 2020

This is the Big Boy Oh Yeah
Anthony A. on Aug 14, 2021

Boker quality and when you hit that button hold on brother that 4+ blade comes to life. Use some discretion if someone asks, “ anybody got a knife.” First time I got some wide eyes and a few WTF’s? I have to say I enjoyed the reactions. Hey I’m a guy we like this kinda stuff. Just a Good Ol Boy never meanin no harm.

Nathan S. on Dec 3, 2021

For the price you aren't going to find a bigger auto. I am very pleased with the quality delivered. Came razor sharp and hold on when you push that button. Has a little recoil LOL.

Adam B. on Aug 17, 2020

Its a really large knife for a folder. I love the original ak47 line. its the perfect size for an every day use knife. I wear xl nitrile gloves for reference. This one is cool, could be a kind of novelty. but it wont see much use for me.The heavier blade I'm assuming leads to a less satisfying opening its not as snappy when you open it.

Great Big Ol' Auto
Dyami M. on Sep 22, 2020

This is a great knife.....for the price. I mean really, 5" D2 blade for $60....hard to beat. The action is good, the blade is sharp. my one complaint would be there is some wiggle room up and down, but not left to right. It is not a lot, but it is there. Also the movement comes from the plunge lock.....There must be a little more space around it than needed......On a more expensive knife, I would take issue.....but for the price.....I think what you get is a good deal.

Don't procrastinate on this one.
michael w. on Aug 15, 2020

Great big auto! The fit, finish, and performance (good) were consistent with my mini and regular Kalashnikovs. The price is pretty impressive for such a big knife. My hands are small-medium. I can't get a great hold on the knife when deploying. It feels like it is going to slip when the blade flies out. It has more than adequate traction once the knife is open though.

Size matters
Darin M. on Nov 4, 2021

So, this is pretty well reviewed, and I don't disagree in terms of quality, it's all good on that end. It is pretty impressive to have a full size Bowie come jumping out of your pocket, it's a lot of blade. It will fit most pockets to be sure, deploy and lockup are solid. The fault for me, something I overlooked, was in the length of the handle. As it's a deep carry, it tends to draw at the heel of my palm, at the base of my thumb. With my previous blade at 4.25 in the handle, that put the release button right where it needed to be. With the extra length in this handle, it puts the button an inch and a quarter out of reach, forcing me to readjust my grip. It's awkward and takes an extra second or two to deploy for me. My previous blade could be out and ready in 1-2 seconds, so it feels like a fumble to me. The Boker Plus Strike has the same dimensions as the Kershaw Launch that I had, so I'll give it a try. Anyway, thought I would save someone the trouble if they were unsure and wanted to try this big bad boy out. If you have Big Hands, go for it, shouldn't be a problem. A full-size pistol fits my grip but just at capacity, and I wear large gloves for reference. If you have a little more reach with your XL hands, the extra length in the handle shouldn't be a problem for you.

Not good.
DUSTIN L. on May 30, 2022

So I ordered this as a bday gift for myself. To start off when it arrived the spring was broken. Not that big of a problem blade sent me 4 more. Well every one of them is broke now after 2 or 3 times opening.

Blade HQ response:
We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you contacted our customer service department yet ([email protected])? We'd like to help you get this resolved. Thanks -BHQ
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