CIVIVI Bob Terzuola Tac-N-Tweeze Black/Brass (2" Black) WE-19062B

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  • Type: Tweezers
  • Brand: CIVIVI
  • Designer: Bob Terzuola
  • Color: Black, Brass
  • Overall Length: 4.50"
  • Product Type: Tool

This innovative tweezers tool was designed by Bob Terzuola. They are convenient and compact for easy carrying. The tweezers are made of black stonewashed steel. The handle is black and brass stonewashed steel. To open and lock this tool in place, simply twist the sliding screw and push the tweezers up and screw it back in place. It has a keychain hole to attach to your keys. You never know when you'll have to put out a sliver!

Customer Reviews

Eh. It's okay
jason f. on Mar 1, 2022

They seem to be good quality overall, I just wish that they would have designed it to have more of the angled flat tip. It could have still come to a point but would have been a bit more practical IMO. I could see a use for pulling out a splinter or picking up tiny screws or bits of hardware, but definitely not for plucking random hairs. I'd even prefer the flat blade style for extracting a splinter. Overall, it seems to be constructed well. Maybe one day they'll offer a variety of styles/options. I bought two, one for myself because I thought they were cool, and one for my GF. She was a bit bummed that she couldn't pluck her eyebrows, but I should have known the specific tip on these wasn't meant for that. Anyways, I'm sure they'll come in handy for something one day. Still pretty cool.

Tweezers that doesn't grab
TK K. on Feb 5, 2022

Bought it thinking, hey this is cool...Once I receive the item, I tried it out on different things. Small micro cords, hair, etc. It doesn't grab and when it does, it's after a couple of attempts.

Good for about 2 weeks
Michael J. on Apr 14, 2022

I loved them when I first got them, the tweezers were and still are excellent. The problem is after a few days the screw started getting loose on its own, and eventually fell out and promptly vanished. Now I have a useless square tube with a good set of tweezers trapped inside it.

Beautiful but Worthless
Ru B. on Jun 12, 2022

These things are very cool and a great idea but they are absolutely worthless. I don't think I've ever successfully grabbed anything with them. Cool to look at tho.

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