CRKT CEO Liner Lock Knife Green Micarta (3.1" Smokewash D2) BHQ Exclusive

Item #BHQ-101007
MSRP: $89.99
Our Price: $64.95
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  • Overall Length: 7.54"
  • Blade Length: 3.10"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.125"
  • Blade Width: 0.50"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.08"
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Blade Style: Standard
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Black Stonewash
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.44"
  • Handle Width: 0.50"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.42"
  • Handle Material: Micarta
  • Color: Green
  • Frame/Liner: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 1.97 oz.
  • User: Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Down
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Thumb Stud
  • Lock Type: Liner Lock
  • Brand: CRKT
  • Model: CEO
  • Designer: Richard Rogers
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Knife

This Blade HQ Exclusive CRKT CEO features a green micarta handle with copper finished stainless steel liners and a smokewashed blade and pocket clip.

  • Standard blade with a smokewash finish made of D2 steel.
  • Thumb stud opener on Tri-Way pivot.
  • Green micarta over stainless steel liners.
  • Stainless steel liner lock..
  • Tip-down pocket clip.


The CRKT CEO is a sleek and sophisticated EDC folder designed by Richard Rogers for streamlined gentlemen's carry. This model is outfitted with a smokewashed blade and a lightweight micarta handle. Weighing in at just under 2 oz., the CEO was designed to be easily carried in a shirt or suit pocket. This was all accomplished while maintaining a functional an ergonomic design that will serve you well in your daily endeavors.

  • IKBS ball bearing pivot offers smooth deployment with the aid of a thumb stud.
  • D2 steel blade takes a sharp edge for high cutting performance.
  • Item includes a tip-down, deep-pocket clip for convenient pocket carry.

Customer Reviews

better then the OG
Brandon F. on Dec 11, 2019

I'm a big fan of the "Gentleman's carry" style. I bought the original CEO because of the fact that it has such great lines. I never was a fan of the polished frame however. The dark copper and smoke washed finishes on this version are great!

Beautiful Knife
Josh M. on Aug 3, 2020

I had been thinking about getting a CEO for a long time and then I found out this existed and was bummed I missed it. Then it showed up on the coming back soon list and I waited and checked the site everyday until it released. It finally arrived and it is absolutely stellar.

super smooth action
Robert P. on Aug 11, 2020

This is a great knife with decent steel.

Beautiful snappy little blade.
Tim R. on Aug 4, 2020

Love this knife. Green micarta with the copper finished liner looks beautiful. Initially I thought what many people have said that the blade was hard to open due to the smaller thumb stud. It didn't take long before I got the hang of it and the blade comes out with a satisfying snap. The liner lock is a little tricky to get the blade back in, but very doable after a small amount of practice. I would say I have pretty average sized hands and this knife feels good in them. I'm so happy they restocked this model. Been waiting for several months.

Cool Executive's Knife
Gary L. on Dec 25, 2019

This knife is comfortable in the hand, the opening action us quick and smooth. It rides in the coats interior breast pocket without notice. I am impressed with this insider's looks and canceling. I'd recommend it to any gentleman who wants to carry a classy knife as an "every day carry" instrument.

Amazing EDC!
Adam H. on Sep 10, 2020

This baby is Thin and snappy! Definitely takes a bit to learn how to open it, but once you do it flies open. This thing is amazing. I'm so glad I grabbed it when I did! Don't miss out the next time it comes in!

Get it!
Andrew L. on Aug 5, 2020

Ultra slim closed profile but the copper liners and butt give it the perfect weight. It almost could pass as a pen carrying it on the outside if you wanted Green micarta is very nice. The blade/action flies out once you get the hang of it. Great purchase for the price

So glad it came back
Colin W. on Apr 9, 2020

Wow was i disappointed to have missed this on the first time around. And was excited to see it come back. Yes it was worth the wait. Despite being over 3 inches it's a very small knife. It's shorter than a sharpie and just slightly bigger around (closed). Mine also had a wow stiff detent. learning to flip it has been interesting, i've got it going one handed using my index finger to push down and straight out firing out the blade, and it's slowly breaking in that with effort i can do it with my thumb, but like i said wow stiff detent, then so smooth due to the IKBS just love it

Finally a CEO for on the go..
Blade S. on Dec 15, 2019

Same great size and shape, only now instead of 8cr13mov blade steel. which is fine for average office use, cutting tape opening letters ect. but now with its upgraded D2 blade your office just got bigger and with the new micarta scales for those of us that have big hands definitely improved grip as well. great job CRKT and BHQ

The CEO in its B-Day Suit!
Jason B. on Dec 15, 2019

The look of it screams classy, materials (d2 steel, micarta, brass) a a solid upgrade for its performance. Understand it is more of an office carry type knife for light use as the blade is very very thin and the entire knife is a slim profile. It's perfect for what it is- a discrete carry light user that looks classy. BTW for lefty's you can spydie flick this thing!

This thing is GREAT!!!
Philip O. on Dec 15, 2019

D2 tool steel, OD green micarta, and copper accents on a blackwashed knife? This thing is amazing. The CRKT CEO itself has a blade length IDENTICAL to the length of the Microtech Ultratech knife... but no one flips out when you pull out the CEO! This thing is definitely going to be a regular part of my EDC, and will always make it with me to any office setting or professional event.

Great gentleman's knife made better
Jonathan S. on Dec 15, 2019

I had been admiring the CEO for a little while but never pulled the trigger until it the micarta/D2 version was announced and knew I had to pick it up. Been carrying it for the past week since it arrived. Good and slicey. If I had one nag, it's the tip down carry but I'm getting used to it. I love the slim design and elegant styling.

Great little knife.
Ray T. on Aug 20, 2020

Was a little stiff at first but loosened up nicely. Very sharp blade. Looks just like a pen in my shirt pocket.

Lots to Like
Ross K. on Aug 13, 2020

There’s a lot to like about this BHQ Exclusive: the materials (Micarta & D2); the color scheme, the deep-carry clip, its light weight...and it’s shaving sharp. It opens with a snap (I’ve not had the problem some have reported). The liner lock-up is very full, which leads to the only issue I can report: I need two hands to close the knife. I don’t consider this a big issue, though — this one is definitely in my gent’s-carry rotation.

Don’t miss this next time!
Robert L. on Aug 21, 2020

What a great knife! It’s a rare D2 CRKT in its natural habitat! That alone makes it more than worth it!

Great Knife!
Jeff B. on Feb 12, 2021

Nice action and love the look.

Secret pen knife
Mitchell W. on Aug 7, 2020

What a great color scheme, the green micarta and copper liners complement each other perfectly and with the deep carry clip, this could easily pass as a pen in your pocket. The blade action is super snappy and it flies out with decided authority. The smokewash finish on the blade looks great and it's super thin and slicey for opening even the toughest of letters.

Excellent design!
Cameron C. on Aug 14, 2020

I was looking at a CEO for sometime. When I seen this particular one I had to have it. My father had ordered it for me to my surprise. The design is crisp and with minimal effort it opens like an assist. The tri-colorIng blends well together and is eye catching to all that I have shared it with. Another greatly admired CRKT product added to my collection.

A great gentleman's EDC.
Earl E. on Dec 18, 2019

I love this knife! And if lost I would buy it again. Now go read all the negatve points others have made because most of them are valid. I follow the theory that form follows function. The thumbstud is right hand only unfortunately and is impossible for me to deploy with one mutant arthritic hand. This knife is more of a traditional folder which typically has a nail slit in the blade. But, if there were a nail slit, the blade would not be completely hidden. That hidden blade is an important part of the design so I accept the stud as a design choice. Just open with two hands. Easy and doing so makes the knife less scary for the overly paranoid. Still, this knife begs to be a flipper. Tip down carry only. I prefer tip up, but when this knife is carried in a shirt pocket it lands perfectly in your hand when withdrawn. This again seems to be a logical design choice. The corners on this knife are rather pointy and my only real complaint is that these corners should be softened somewhat, both for comfort and to soften potential wear on the shirt's fabric. This version has beautiful green micarta scales and bright copper colored accents with a traditional Japanese inspired tanto blade of D2 steel. Nice upgrades here and a knife I waited months to come into stock. I would buy this knife again! But an upgraded CEO2 flipper with softer corners would make me smile. EDIT: After opening and closing this knife hundreds of times, the detent has loosened up a bit and I can now flick it open about half the time. The knife does break in after a while. EDIT2: OK, More use with this knife and a few hundred more openings and guess what? The detent has loosened up and I can open this knife with the thumb stud almost every time. This blade comes very tight, but a drop of oil and a number of openings and the thing bocomes much better!

A Modern Classic
Tracy D. on Oct 21, 2020

My favorite knives have slender muskrat/california clip type blades. That type blade is very seldom found in a quality modern knife. Usually they come in traditionals only and while the CEO blade is more drop point its thickness/width/length all place this right alongside the traditional slenderinos. If you like the slender traditional blades this is a must have. This is definitely not what I consider a fidget knife as I have XL hands and it is near impossible for me to close one handed. Instead I adjust my grip and use my index finger/nail to move the lock. The bearings make it seem almost like an assisted knife. The D2 blade on this version came as sharp out of the box as my Hogue knives, not quite shaving sharp but it will be some time before I feel the need to put my edge on it. I believe that the CEO is a modern classic, simple and very useful blade shape, D2 steel version should last a lifetime with care and it's not trying to be the latest and greatest do everything knife. I hope it remains a part of the CRKT catalog and that different handle materials and maybe even 20cv steel will be offered in the future.

Sweet, very slender profile
Jason B. on Aug 15, 2020

Fell in love with this design when I first saw it. The green micarta and copper highlight make for a nice, unique appearance. The only issue I've had is it can be a bit fiddly to flick open. It works great, but it'll take a few practice tries to get a handle on where to place your fingers. There's not a lot of real estate on the handle so I found that I have to be purposeful when I want snap it.

Much better than I expected
Doug M. on Mar 28, 2020

I’ve been looking at this knife for some time and when the green micarta came out I wasn’t convinced it was the right choice but bought it anyway. When I received it I was very impressed. It is quickly becoming my favorite knife. It was little difficult to open but with a little time and breaking in its amazing. It’s an incredibly beautiful knife with the green and copper colors they’ve chosen. Ya, I made the right decision.

Don't blink or you might miss it!
STEVEN G. on Dec 26, 2020

The CEO by Richard Rogers is insanely fast-firing. CRKT truly mastered the detent on this one. The blade deployment is hardly noticeable even when looking right at the knife. It locks up nice and solid; no blade play. Its wonderful design allows it to be carried nearly unnoticed. If anything, it looks like a pen in your shirt pocket. The only give-away to us knife-nuts is the annoying CRKT on the pocket clip. Can't CRKT be more discreet than this, especially if they're pushing it as a Gentleman's carry? After all, high-end pens don't usually have their logo right on their pocket clips, do they? Moving on... The blade was dull-ish. It wasn't as slicey as I would've hoped right out of the box, but it sharpened up just fine. The firing action has always been amazing. What took some time to break in was the liner lock. I wouldn't say the lock would stick but it was definitely stiff enough to the point I had to use two hands to close it. Now that it's broken in, I can fidget one-handed all day with this beauty. It closes very easily now. Out of all the color offerings, this is my favorite. It truly feels like a classy office-style EDC. Another feather in CRKT's hat. Kudos. Best of success to your EDC. Enjoy the slice

So happy I waited!
Oliver L. on Dec 19, 2019

I have been waiting for this knife for months since it hit the website on "coming out" and for a moment, I debated on just buying the regular one but I am so happy I waited. Great feel and amazing blade!

Office Carry
Jozef J. on Dec 10, 2019

When I first saw the CEO i wanted it but the blade steel was throwing me off. With hopes of an upgraded blade steel I waited before this baby popped out. The design of the knife itself is awesome. Slim design, knife blade is completely covered by the handle. The action is ridiculous and the thumb stud is on the money. This knife speaks class for an office carry. With the upgraded blade steel this is a no brainer purchase.

Best gentleman's knife just got better
Mark A. on Dec 20, 2019

I have the CRKT CEO which is really great as a dress knife or office knife and the best for $40 range. Now, with this CRKT CEO BHQ exclusive with upgraded blade steel and handle for just $60 (20 dollars difference) is a steal! And wait, there's more, the black stonewash blade really looks great in person. It's like you have a gentleman's knife / dress knife that can goes anywhere even when you are wearing jeans and/or other kind of attire. This is very versatile and the micarta really feels good in the hand. The black stonewash blade color really complements the green micarta handle and can also be a tactical cool-looking blade that can be easily concealed.

Awesome office/edc choice if you have small to medium hands
Blake P. on Mar 30, 2020

Just got mine today from the second run, and i am VERY impressed with the fit and finish and action. I don't usually buy many CRKT unless its something that truly stands out to me, and this one does! I think that the design, materials, and exclusivity definitely make this a great knife for the price. Im a sucker for micarta, and the texture of it on this knife is quite nice because of the smaller dimensions of the knife. Pair that with a D2 blade that showed up razor sharp, and it really is a no brainer for the price if this style of knife is your thing. Just buy one when the restock comes through.

More of this please, CRKT!
James D. on Mar 31, 2020

I had years ago decided I had bought my last CRKT... just way too many disappointments with quality control, odd design misses, etc. And with Kershaw and Civivi doing such good work around the same price points, CRKT just didn't rise above the crowd. But this knife really shows what they are capable of. This is a brilliant knife, and a must-have at this price point. It looks just as good in person as in pictures, but also delivers in every functional respect. The action, once you find the sweet spot on the thumb stud, is so reliable and snappy that it really seems like this is an assisted knife. The micarta feels great in hand, grippy without being rough. And the overall QC is dialed in. It shouldn't be noteworthy that the blade centering is perfect, but it's the first CRKT I've owned that was. This knife has won me back to the brand, and I hope it's a sign of what we can expect in the future. Put this one on your wish list and jump on it if/when they restock.

Great EDC
Jesse B. on Aug 25, 2020

I've been carrying the CEO for a couple weeks now, and can now say I am impressed. Overall, its a great EDC knife. I really like the overall design. I have large hands and I don't struggle with the thumb stud. It is getting daily use and shows to be a promising main stay in my collection and rotation. At this price point, I highly recommend this knife. Enough so, that I bought a second one and one of the OG black handled CEOs (CRKT CEO Liner Lock Knife Black GRN (3.1" Satin) 7096)

Great Knife
Wesley P. on Mar 31, 2020

I don't know where to start. It's like if Michael Myers got a corporate job but still kept up with his hobbies. The only problem I have is I'm what science calls a big, fat white dude and my hands are rather large. I can't flick it open and look cool. I've tried. I do love it, though. The blade it great for any daily cutting needs. From heavy duty tape to letters to annoying co-workers, this thing is almost art.

The Hipster Gentleman Blade
David A. on Mar 7, 2020

Where do I begin for my fourth review back to back here on The base CEO is a no brainer purchase for classy carry. This is the same too. There is a opening learning curve I have noticed when I show this knife off. Only point that I must deduct off but I can't do it. The opening action is amazing cause it feels like a loaded opener/assisted and it is not. If this is ever back in stock, GET IT!

Classy office carry
Deven P. on Jan 2, 2020

So happy i was able to snag one of these! Was looking at the black G10, but decided to wait for the Micarta and glad I did. Knife carries very deep in the pocket, and works well in suits/dress pants. Love the colors of the liners/scales together. Blade is quite sharp and should hold up very well. Love this knife.

A More Rugged Gentleman's Carry
JASON H. on May 18, 2020

I bought this knife mostly based on pure aesthetics and the upgraded steel from the original. I love the green micarta against the blackwash D2 blade and copper liners. It’s very attractive. That said, this knife sat on my knife table uncarried for quite some time due to the learning curve it took to get the deployment down. It takes a specific movement to open this blade one-handed and then another specific movement to unlock the blade to close it one-handed. I have relatively small hands and I’m not sure how people with large hands can jam their thumb into the liner to close it because there is very little room to do so. However, with a bit of fiddling with it on the weekends around the house, deploying and closing are as smooth and easy as with any of my liner lock knives. For such a thin and dare I say “dainty” blade, it pops out with authority and drops shut smoothly on bearings. I’m not sure how CRKT accomplished such a strong detent on a knife this small. Great for fidget flicking, bad for a slow and discreet opening. I work about half of my days in an office environment and half in a warehouse, so this knife has been a great second carry option that I keep in the breast pocket of my denim jacket for use at my desk or in the lunchroom. The tip down only clip lends itself to a front shirt pocket carry perfectly. However, the white “CRKT” logo printed on the black clip certainly does not lend at an attempt to be discreet. Poorly executed, CRKT. I like the D2 blade as it will retain an edge much better than an 8Cr13MoV blade with a bevel this thin. Speaking of the bevel, my example’s blade was sharpened more on the lock side leaving a noticeably taller bevel than on the show side of the blade. I saw a YouTube review where it was the same on his example as well. But the blade cuts well and I find myself reaching for this knife for smaller tasks more than any other knife. It’s scary sharp out of the box and the uneven bevel can be fixed when it’s time to sharpen it. By the way, the thumbstud is removable which makes sharpening with guided systems much more doable. The blade did not arrive centered out of the box, but I was able to get it centered perfectly once I disassembled and reassembled it. The liner is almost as thick as the blade tang itself, so lockup is a solid 90 – 95%. No play, no rock, perfect. It feels much sturdier in hand than its delicate form let’s on. The ergonomics are as good as any blocky little knife can be, which isn’t saying much. However, this knife is made for light duty tasks that do not require any length of time in the hand. It’s like if a gentleman’s knife had a more casual and rugged brother, this would be it; styled well for a jobsite foreman and less so for a high rise office executive, but totally capable. Small issues aside, I think it’s a great and unique little knife worth it at its current price point. I may grab another once they drop again.

newbie struggles w/ CEO
Sean S. on Aug 27, 2020

cool, slender, light knife, love the color combo and it is perfect for a shirt pocket which is the reason I got it. being new to the EDC knife world and these types of one handed openers, this one is particularly difficult for me to open consistently with one hand and will take some practice. I literally caused my thumb to bleed within 5 minutes! I still like it and it actually doesn't matter that much to me if I become very proficient with this style of knife and fast opening, more for the style and classy looks, overally happy with the purchase and will keep working at it.

CRKT CEO D2-Micarta version
Alan L. on Dec 16, 2019

Great looks and awesome form factor. Came really sharp and the copper trim is very distinctive. Very light weight. Easy to put in a shirt pocket. Now the bad. Its very hard to open. The thumb stud is very small, and the cutout notch is at the wrong angle. For now it needs two hands. I may loosen the pivot so I can snap it out. Did the designer try to open this? Probably looks over function.

nice knife BUT!
Sergio G. on Aug 21, 2020

i really like this knife is slim and sharp is a lil hard to closed one handed an is not problem the big BUT is because the handle lose the green color after one day in my pocket the was my only disappointment

Best CEO
John M. on Aug 9, 2020

The original CEO was my first BHQ inspired purchase from the gentleman knives video and I've been waiting for this version to come back again! The micarta feels amazing, not too polished so it gives some grip and it looks amazing with the copper accents. The action on mine wasn't as snappy as the original and I had to take it apart and clean it to make it lockup properly every time. After that is has improved dramatically and broken in beautifully.

Decent Letter Opener
Mauro D. on Aug 10, 2020

I love the ultra slim profile and nice, long blade shape. The copper liners and green scales go great with the stonewashed blade. The look, shape and weight make for a fine desk ornament that can double as a letter-opener. As a knife, the CEO is "okay" at best. Expect to spend some time sharpening after arrival as it ships dull. The placement of the lock is pretty deep so it's not great for folks with larger fingers. Overall I think the knife quality makes it better suited at a $30-$40 dollar value.

One piece makes me not want to carry.
SHAWN P. on Oct 31, 2020

I really like the knife in its form. The slim and sleek build, plus the smooth micarta. D2 steel on it is nice but extremely thin, which I'm sure everybody is expecting. But straight out of the box in came in, the bronze bottom piece was loose enough to stick a pair of tweezers between that piece and the bottom of the handle. I don't know if it's supposed to be like that though, if you look at the picture displayed for the knife, it looks like it is loose too. I don't know if that is intentional but it is annoying regardless and makes a great knife impossible to carry.

CRKT CEO improvement
natasha s. on Dec 6, 2019

As delivered the end cap is sharp edged and quickly irritates the palm... The pocket clip being near the pivot makes handling difficult... by filing the edges of the end cap to a more rounded smoothness and removing the pocket clip the knife becomes much more easy to handle... The thumb stud is sharp edged also and a drop of epoxy makes it much more easy on the thumb... I was raised on a farm and have carried pocket knives since a child...

Takes some time
William K. on Dec 16, 2019

Though i do love this knife now, it does take a certain finesse to get the hang of how to open. I spent hours as soon as it came in to try to get this thing to spring open like i saw in all of the videos, but i could not get it to open. Turns out there is a trick to this knife, if you do not hold your hand a certain way (the handle is very small so its hard to grip if your not used to it) it just will be a big pain to open. BUT once you figure it out its super simple and flys open with ease! If you are having trouble with this knife like i did, my recommendation would be to put it in your pocket and take it out then try to open it, your hand will most likely be in the correct position right out of pocket. all said and done i do like this knife, is it the perfect knife for me meh probably not. It does look nice, takes up little pocket room and does its job well so im happy with it, but i wouldnt buy it again.

Dubious Quality
Aric C. on Dec 10, 2020

Judging from other review some examples of these are better than others. First, the lock on mine is WAY too tight while others found the lock barely engaged. Second, I tried adjusting the pivot screw only to find its a binding screw type with no retention, so it just spins. Lastly, running on Teflon bushings as opposed to phosphor-bronz is unacceptable for this price. This knifes quality is very disappointing, especially considering CRKT contemporaries (like Civivi) are putting out far better quality for a similar price.

Lock Issues
Shane O. on Aug 14, 2020

First knife I ordered failed to lock up properly. If you flick it out with full strength the corner of the lock bar would engage barely, but looked pretty unsafe. Just pulling out the blade was impossible to get it to lock up. I ordered a second knife to see if it was a defective item, but the second knife I just received is even worse, it won't lock up no matter what force is applied.

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