CRKT Pilar Frame Lock Knife Carbon Fiber (2.4" S35VN Satin) 5311CF2

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CRKT Pilar Frame Lock Knife Carbon Fiber (2.4" S35VN Satin) 5311CF2
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  • Overall Length:5.90"
  • Blade Length:2.40"
  • Blade Thickness:0.15"
  • Blade Material:CPM-S35VN
  • Blade Style:Sheepsfoot
  • Blade Grind:Flat
  • Finish:Satin
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:3.50"
  • Handle Thickness:0.44"
  • Handle Material:Carbon Fiber
  • Color:Black
  • Frame/Liner:Stainless Steel
  • Weight:3.05 oz.
  • User:Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Down, Tip-Up
  • Knife Type:Manual
  • Opener:Thumb Hole
  • Lock Type:Frame Lock
  • Brand:CRKT
  • Model:Pilar
  • Model Number:5311CF2
  • Designer:Jesper Voxnaes
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


This Blade HQ exclusive CRKT Pilar has been upgraded with a premium CPM-S35VN stainless steel blade and a sleek carbon fiber scale. The Jesper Voxnaes CRKT Pilar, named after Ernest Hemingway's beloved sailboat, is a compact folding knife for the minimalist looking to maximize their EDC utility. It features a 2.4" flat ground blade with a fine tip for detailed tasks. A durable stainless steel frame lock provides secure blade lockup, and sports a reversible right side pocket clip for tip-up or tip-down carry.

  • Blade profile designed for everyday utility and fine detailed tasks.
  • Classy carbon fiber handle with solid ergos for a comfortable grip.
  • Right side tip-up or tip-down carry accommodated with a two-way reversible pocket clip.

Customer Reviews

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Adnan G.
The feeling of this knife in your hand is like no other. It is perfect. The frame lock is a bit tight and the finish isn't perfect but it doesn't matter because it feels so nice. (Plus I've fixed every issue I had with it.)
Love this design.
michael L.
Aside from the cf/steel combo this knife feels great in hand! Will continue to collect variations of the Pilar
It's... a knife, I guess.
Bryce R.
I am an ameture knife collector and EDC community member.

The good: The carbon fiber looks great! The ergonomics are surprisingly good, especially for my glove size XL hands. The blade steel is S35VN. And that's it. The rest of the knife is a flop.

The bad: Sharp edges in the stainless steel frame, especially in the jimping to disengage the framelock. The backspacer feels awful and looks absolutely horrendous. The front finger choil gets extremely sharp as you get closer to the cutting edge, impossible to put more than a few pounds of force down before it starts to bother, and eventually cut you. Centering is a miss, favors the presentation side of the knife. Finally, the blade's out of box sharpness left much to be desired. I wish I spent my money on a different knife. I still love Blade HQ. Great design, Voxnaes! Pedestrian effort, CRKT.
I nice little knife.
Erin R.
I missed out on the original drop, but when I saw one in the ďBargain BinĒ because of a small scuff I had to get it. I love the Voxnaes designs so I knew I would like the knife. It feels great when you hold it and it is nice and light, and since it has the nice little upgrade of s35vn I have no doubt that this will continue to be a great knife.

Only issue is that it has a small amount of lock rock. Iím not complaining about it though because I didnít plan on this being a hard use knife, and I got a good deal on it.
Very nice little knife...
David R.
Long winded. Sorry about that.

The more time you get with this knife the more you appreciate the design. Jesper Voxnaes did a really nice job. This knife is not perfect. It's not an Olamic Busker. It's also not $500. For this price this is a great knife.

I have the original Pilar. Too heavy and the steel is too poor for me to give it regular use or to carry. Nice novelty knife.

This one is getting serious pocket time. I'd like to see another version with the following changes:

1. Improved backspacer. The one on there now is fine. What about CF or micarta for the backspacer? That would take this to the next level and get rid of some weight. Maybe slightly thinner blade stock grind to keep the balance would be needed?

2. Deep carry clip, please. I ordered a 3rd party clip. Will see how it works out.

3. Agree on the screws. Charge us $2 more and use better screws please. Or sell me an upgraded replacement set for $10 on the CRKT site.

4. Sharpening on mine was not good. Very minor issue but it's clear somebody ran it across a belt quickly. It one side as 22 degrees at one end of the grind and 16 degrees at the other. Took a while to even that out.

5. Would LOVE to see CRKT start making some knives outside of China. U.S. would be preferred. I get that this likely turns into a $200+ knife at that point. Maybe Japan? Italy? Other places with a good labor force but don't have China's polices and tolerance for theft of intellectual property.

I get that all these would make this knife more expensive. That's fine - I'd gladly pay a little more.

This are all improvements I'd like to see and are not at all necessary. Great little knife. Thanks to BHQ and CRKT for getting this out there.

CRKT clearly demonstrated they can up their game with this knife. Applaud you for that. Hope we seen more upgraded knives from them. Just an excellent job here.
The upgrade is worth the price.
Joseph S.
I think this is a great little knife if you're willing to do a little hand-finishing. I actually bought three, and all were very similar - centered nicely, strong detent, solid lock-up, with a good grind and sharpening. Fit and finish left a little something to be desired. Assembly was fine, and the backspacers all lined up well. But there were burrs and sharp edges on all three, particularly around the face of the lock bar. One even had a very obvious sliver of metal still attached that I had to remove myself. Action was a little gritty feeling, and there was a little grime inside when one was disassembled. Some quick work on the edges with a honing stone, a good cleaning and lubrication, and a little break-in has it running as well as anything. Finger-flicks smoothly, locks up solid at 50%. At this price point, this is my ideal knife. Sure, I would like something to be perfect out of the box, but I enjoyed getting a great steel and excellent design at a lower price, with the trade-off being that I had to tune it a little. If a second run is releases, I will be buying more.
part of the obsession
Guy S.
This is how the Pilar should have first came out. good steel, carbon fiber and lighter weight. The DESIGN is what you are paying for. It cost too much , no S35vn scribed on the steel, why teflon washers etc. etc. so on and so on. I like this knife very much. When you are obsessed with knives, like me, you buy what you want and sometimes what you can't afford. If the company contracted to build the knife is not up and up, its on them. Modifications to your knife is part of the obsession. Its a great knife, enjoy.
Great Design w/ Fit & Finish Flaws
James K.
I love the design and the overall shape of the Pilar, and the upgraded blade steel is a wonderful thing. However, the overall fit and finish of the piece is very unsatisfactory.
- Awesome design by Jesper Voxnaes
- Compact and ergonomic blade
- S35VN
- The carbon fiber is decent and feels nice
- Ugly backspacer that seems to be made from the cheapest metal.
- Gritty lockup that is tough to disengage.
- Soft screws that have already stripped out on me and have been replaced.
- Slight side to side play.

Overall, these issues could have been just with the one I received, but the great design mixed with the poor fit and finish has left me feeling a bit let down.
Awesome and customizable gem!
Mike B.
CRKT and BHQ really delivered on this. Everyone was asking for it and they did it. So why the crying? There are upgradable scales, back spacers, and washers online. 70 bucks for a way better quality steel on an awesome design already? Thank you.
Not worth an extra $49...
Daniel V.
I have a standard Pilar and was never quite impressed with the quality, primarily the fit and finish. I was expecting that the inflated price for this model was for more than just the blade steel. The fit and finish on this one was even worse than the $29.99 standard Pilar. Sharp edges everywhere, thumb hole, lock bar, edges of the CF scale, etc... The backspacer also does not sit flush with either of the handle scales, it sits very low, and creates very bad hotspots on your palm when cutting.

I have still enjoyed carrying this knife because it's small and functional, but the quality is just far from great. It definitely gets peoples attention when they see it, and they are always asking what it is. I love letting people look at it, but am hesitant to let them handle it because it's just that bad...
Great design! Poor fit and finish
Gabe S.
The good- great design, s35vn
The bad- CRKT
The ugly- CRKT
I really feel like the only thing I'm getting for $70 is a great design and a premium steel. The carbon fiber (if it is carbon fiber) doesn't seem like very high quality carbon fiber, the action is very gritty, the blade is off center and the backspacer looks like it was cut with a hacksaw. The only reason I'm giving this three stars is because of the fast and efficient blade hq experience and a great design by Jesper voxnaes. Really wish Jesper had gone to a different company with this design. This will most likely be my last CRKT purchase but certainly not my last knife purchase from blade hq. Thanks Blade Hq
Great update
Joseph C.
Finally, the Pilar as it should have been. I am really happy to see bladeHQ make another special edition & hopefully the flippers are still sitting on the previous version. My only gripe is the backspacer is crap, the finish scratches off just looking at it. Always happy to add another vox to my collection
Nice little cutter
Jon D.
My expectations for a $70 knife arenít the same for a $200 or $500 knife. It needs to be an effective cutter, good ergonomics and materials that allow it to stay effective without constant maintenence. These are rare qualities today in a knife at this price-point. With the S35VN blade added to an already quality platform, CRKT pulled it off. The only thing keeping this little guy from handling harder use(and 5 stars) would be PB washers. Even with that concern, in my opinion, this is a must buy knife. Now where can I source those washers...........hmmmm.
These are just my first impressions upon opening
Ben b.
I've been looking for an upgrade to my 8cr13mov Pilar for a while now so I had to pick this one up.

Upon opening the box I was excited about the carbon fiber and s35vn and I still am but for $70 I expected the fit and finish to be a lot better than it is. Here are a couple of things I noticed right out of the box.
1-sharp corners on the thumb hole and on the liner lock bar.
2-ugly unfinished aluminum back spacer that had a lip over hanging into the lanyard hole.
3-i knew it had them but I wish it didn't have Teflon washers
4-not a big issue but I wish it was stamped S35VN on the blades.
5-really sharp.
6-carbon fiber looks nice but has sharp edges.

Overall I'm content with my purchase, but for the price CRKT could definitely of done better when compared to other knives in this $70 price range.

Great design, good materials but I give it an 6/10 in fit and finish.

I'll hopefully be able to make it what I was expecting it to be. Some dissassembly required.

Why everyone, why
Sean C.
I see this today and I check back later and it's sold out.
Y'all need to chill