Coghlan's Emergency Folding Camp Stove w/ 24 Fuel Tablets 9560

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  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 1.76 oz.
  • Brand: Coghlan's
  • Model: Emergency Stove
  • Product Type: Camp Stove

  • Dimensions: 5.88"L x 1.25"W x 3.75"H.
  • Includes 24 fuel tablets.
  • Compact design easily fits in your backpack.


There are lots of options out there for a portable stove when you're heading to the great outdoors. You can easily drop a couple of hundred dollars on the newest, swankiest version. Trouble is, even if you have the cash, you usually need to drag a propane tank with you for the new, swanky versions and when you're going camping, sometimes you want to travel light. Hiking into your campsite? Definitely travel light. Coghlan'sStove might just be the answer your looking for. Inexpensive, no liquids or priming required, and this little puppy folds up for the ultimate in compact gear. It comes with 24 easily replaceable fuel tablets, but you can also use other solid fuels such as fire discs or sterno. Another bonus? If you get stuck in an emergency and find yourself trying to cook on your basement cement floor while a tornado rages overhead, the fuel tablets are smokeless!

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