Cold Steel True Flight Thrower 80TFTC

The Cold Steel True Flight Thrower is an extremely heavy duty throwing knife. For strength it is made from 1055 carbon steel and finished with a black coat. This makes for a hard, yet resilient blade that will "bounce-back" from any throw. For versatility, the True Flight Thrower has a utility edge that will stand-up to your toughest chores and the handle is paracord wrapped. The True Flight Thrower is capable of use beyond the throwing course. It includes tough cordura nylon sheath with belt loop.

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  • Length: 12.00"
  • Thickness: 0.20"
  • Material: 1055
  • Color: Black, OD Green
  • Weight: 11.2 oz.
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Brand: Cold Steel
  • Model: True Flight
  • Model Number: 80TFTC
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Product Type: Throwing

Customer Reviews

Stephen J. on Sep 19, 2023

I got mine a few years ago, hardly did anything to it. Could have maybe stropped it a few times but has really held up to my needs. Took this thing camping, Hacking at trees and anything else I could find and I've DEFINITELY thrown it at targets and the tip has held up wonderfully.

The Perfect throwing knife.
John M. on Aug 31, 2020

I gave it 5 stars because its the perfect throwing knife for the money. Well balanced, great weight and throws like a guided missle. I cut the paracord off so it slides out of my hand when I sink it into my target platform. I also dulled the edge of the blade with a file since I only use the knife for throwing.

Great for the money
Brock P. on Feb 16, 2020

I gave it 5 stars because when it’s all said and done, it’s a decent bushcraft knife And a decent thrower, that costs less than $20!!! There isn’t much you can buy these days for less than 20 bucks that will hold up to being thrown into wood targets. I’m new to throwing. I bought it because someone with a lot of throwing experience told me to try them. He was right they work good and if u decide not to be a thrower then u can keep them around for decent camp knives rhat your not afraid to dig/smash with.

Epic camping knife
jason l. on May 12, 2019

This was my first throwing knife and I've only had it for 2 weeks so I'm no pro or anything, but it seems pretty easy to throw. I've already messed up the tip because I keep throwing it in the ground and hitting little rocks. I'm really impressed with the paracord handle, it seems like it will last a long time and I've had more expensive knives with worse paracord handles. The sheath is nice and durable too, I will definitely be taking this thing with me every time I go camping!

Was my first thrower
Joshua G. on Jan 5, 2018

This was a perfect knife to start throwing very sharp out of the box for a thrower. It’s also a decent survival knife and super easy to sharpen. Very large but easy to handle. The tip is very brittle but easy to reshape

I would rather die than be killed by this knife
Otto D. on Jan 5, 2018

My favorite throwing knife of those ive used. Very heavy, but one you get the spin down, very accurate. This thing hits hard.

A true weapon
Jordan D. on Jun 11, 2015

I bought this knife 6 or 8 years ago, I'm not sure when exactly. Prior to, I thought throwing knives were a movie fantasy because they seemed unreliable and ineffective in theory. That changed when I got this knife. This knife's weight and strength allowed me to begin with and learn with it. A knife this size and weight proposes a legitimate threat, but mainly provides the stability needed to actually learn the art through consistency. I was quickly able to get 75% sticks at up to 10 yards with this. A great deal of fun. And the knife hasn't shown the least bit of damage, only cosmetic wear.

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