Colton Metal Gas Pipe Lighter

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Item #BHQ-24463


  • Height:2.50"
  • Width:1.125"
  • Thickness:0.625"
  • Material:Pewter
  • Color:Gray
  • Weight:1.83 oz.
  • Brand:Colton
  • Model:Metal Gas Pipe
  • Model Number:14801
  • Country of Origin:Germany
  • Product Type:Lighter


Intriguing design and excellent function are combined in this Colton lighter. This lighter is one part art, one part tool. It operates on gas and has a Piezo electronic ignition and an adjustable flame.


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Very good
Alexander K.
I got this lighter out of curiosity: a full-metal butane lighter with piezo ignition for a very low price. The world is flooded with similar lighters, but they are all made in China. This one is from Germany, and for this low price I just had to try it out.

I really like this lighter. A lot. It feels solid in the hand and weighs about the same as a full-size zippo.

The lighter is designed to look like a classic Austrian IMCO, except it operates on butane (unlike the IMCO), and it does not "unfold", because there is no flint to replace. So, it looks very similar to the classic IMCO 6600, but it is way more modern, and it also feel much much better in the hand, because it feels solid and heavy.

The only drawback to this lighter is that occasionally (very rarely) I need to click it twice to get it going. A disposable Bic will generally light every single time until empty, for instance. There is a work-around though: if you click this Colter a bit slower, allowing a little butane to build up before the piezo spark flies, then the lighter will work perfectly every time.

For the price BladeHQ charges for these, I might just get a dozen of them to give away as presents. And I will be sure to keep a few for myself too. ;)

Just keep in mind that this lighter will not be as sophisticated and beautiful as your average IM Corona, Douglass, Dunhill, or ST Dupont, but then again, for the price of the cheapest Japanese Corona you can buy a lifetime supply of these Coltons. This may not be a collectible lighter, but it is a great user lighter. BTW, isn't that just what we used to say about those formerly ubiquitous IMCOs that were also great users until IMCOnwent out of business a few years ago. And now the old IMCO stock has suddenly become very collectible. So you never know.

Thank you, BladeHQ!