Crawford Knives Survival Staff Hiking Staff, Lance, Sword Cane, Blow Gun

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The SURVIVAL STAFF is a versatile, multi-purpose survival and defense tool that includes two 6061-T6 aluminum tubes, a hand ground 440C stainless steel blade and six blow gun darts. Also includes foam handle, hardened steel spike, connector, mushroom cap and rubber boot. The Survival Staff can be configured for use as a hiking staff, lance, sword cane/walking stick, swagger stick and blow gun.

Hiking Staff: Connect the two tubes, short section on top. Add the head (handle), bottom tip and you're ready. Using soap water you can slip on the foam handle grip. Measures 57" overall and weighs roughly 1.75 lbs.

Lance: Exchange the blade with the mushroom cap and replace the head. It works the same for the walking stick and swagger stick. It is NOT made to be thrown!

Sword Cane/Walking Stick: Use the mushroom cap and handle on top of the longer tube. The steel tip can be replaced with the rubber tip.

Swagger Stick: Assemble the same as the sword cane except use the short tube and remove the connector and replace with the steel tip.

Blow Gun: Remove both ends from the long tube, includes 6 darts. After using the blowgun, dry the darts and the inside of the tube by pushing a little paper towel through it. This is so you won't trap moisture inside and rust the darts and knife blade. The Survival Staff can be owned and used as a staff in most places, but it may be against the law to take it some places with the knife blade inside or to be used as a blow gun. Know the laws of your area so you don't have any complications!

Long Tube Length: 33"
Short Tube Length: 22.75"
Tube Diameter: 7/8"
Blade Length: 10.5"
Cutting Edge: 5.5"
Total Weight: 1.75 lbs.

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