ESEE Candiru Scales Orange G10 Handle Kit

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  • Brand: ESEE Knives
  • Length: 3.10"
  • Material: Molded Plastic
  • Color: Orange
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Product Type: Scale/Handle

These orange G10 scales are made for the Candiru knife. These scales provide you with all the advantages of a G-10 handle, including a solid grip and a great look that is hard to miss. The scales are simple to attach and remove via Allen screws on either side. Includes hardware.

Customer Reviews

Blessed relief
Nathan W. on Jan 10, 2020

I carried a Candiru for quite some time as a neck knife with a paracord wrap. However, my fingers are really long, and if I wanted to do anything substantial with the knife, I needed it to fill more of my hand. These orange G10 scales give me a 3-finger grip, though just barely. Still, they are very comfortable to hold, in part because they’re fairly thick, and the orange color makes it much easier to find my knife when I drop it. Ask me how I know. Recommended.

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