GiantMouse Vox/Anso ACE Biblio Flipper Knife Black G-10 (2.9" Satin M390)

  • Bohler M390 blade steel with a satin finish.
  • Flipper tab and thumb hole opener.
  • Black G-10 handle with satin finished hardware.
  • Stainless steel, satin finished liner lock.
  • Reversible, wire pocket clip for tip-up carry.


The Biblio is a stout EDC folder in the GiantMouse ACE Line. Building on the design of the popular GM1, this knife is a capable flipper that delivers solid cutting performance in outdoor and urban environments alike. Its handle is ergonomically contoured. The blade is made from quality steel with a thin flat grind and a fine cutting edge for easy slicing. The design with dual choils and a section of jimping mid-spine allow acute blade control and grip security.

Interested in seeing more of the GiantMouse Biblio Flipper knife? This folder has epic handle and blade finishes coupled with new and modern materials.

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Customer Reviews

Very Useful and Nice Knife!
Jirameth A. on Nov 24, 2019

I got this knife last year in 2018 and been using it quite a lot. Pros: - The M390 holds its edge really well and I use it to cook extensively throughout the year in the dorms. It even open cans like a boss. - The Ergonomics is really good due to the contour handles and a really nice design that allow you to grip the knife in different ways comfortably. - The pocket clip retains the knife really well and it's not hard to pocket it and pull it out. - The knife is pretty light weight. I didn't feel I had the knife in my pocket until I reach for it Cons: It's nit picky here, nothing major to the use and function of the knife. - The blade is not perfectly centered on mine, just a bit off, but I don't mind. - The flipping action is a bit hard to operate due to the smaller flipper tab. This is something that can be a Pros for carry, since small flipper tab doesn't easily get in the way of other stuff in the pocket. All in all, it's a great knife that I enjoy using!

First knife I bothered to review
Adam R. on Apr 13, 2019

I just got this in the mail from BHQ and it is stellar. Pros: sharp, perfect centering, smooth g10 milling, great ergos, great value for the materials and the forward jimping is perfect. Cons: some may find the detent strong( I can still middle finger flick this knife) Overall, this knife is a workhorse. If you like it do not hesitate.

I want (need) them all
Joshua B. on Mar 16, 2019

This is hands down my favorite knife. I was lucky enough to pick up one of their first runs of the natural micarta and fell in love with the ergos of this knife. Vox and Anso have got something special in the water they are drinking or something. I recently picked up this model in the G10 handles and its just as good as my other one. I'm anxiously awaiting the green micarta and carbon fiber handle ones to come back in stock so I can have a full set of mice in my collection!

The Best
Craig C. on Mar 5, 2019

If you want the best design, most ergonomic, and an extremely durable tool then get this knife! Vox designs are amazing and practical. I never leave the house without it. BUY ONE!

My dream knife!
John M. on Dec 5, 2021

I LOVE Voxnaes designs. The guy just gets it. This is such a well built knife. The ergonomics and balance are excellent. The contoured G10 scales make it disappear in your hand. The blade is stout and the contoured spine is very comfortable. The jimping is in just the right spot for the thumb. I only have two issues with it. One, is that the blade's choil is too small for choking up. I find that the point where the belly of the blade ends at the choil digs into my finger. The other is that in order to keep the action smooth I'm having to oil the pivot a lot more than I should, especially for a knife in this price range. That being said, it won't deter me from buying more GM knives... if they can keep them in stock.

This knife has a great porn name!
Cliff l. on Mar 28, 2020

I think I’m a year into ownership. It’s my 80% carry. I never thought anything would have me leave a Bugout at home. I dinked it one star because mine was not that sharp upon arrival. It was simply “okay” in that department. I sharpened it myself with a Lansky and I could cut out a bullet in a western movie with it. It is now very sharp. I pressed it into hard service. Camping , no glamping! near Silicon Valley, I apparently brought the only knife to camp. There was only one community campfire pit, and I got to it first. Once the marshmallows came out, I found myself whittling sharp sticks for every kid within earshot of the scream “s’mores!”.. building the fire, I cut kindling from the logs I brought along to start the fire. I would simply put my weight on the knife and press it down a natural grain of the log. As long as I didn’t get to ambitious; it was doable. ( I had a hatchet, but it felt unsafe with the kids running around) The edge was very robust. The grip very secure. I like it. I can flip it open a myriad of ways. Even spider-flick it with my middle finger.

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