Kershaw Launch 4 CA Legal Automatic Knife (1.9" Damascus) BHQ Exclusive

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  • Overall Length: 5.10"
  • Blade Length: 1.90"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.12"
  • Blade Material: Damascus
  • Blade Style: Spear Point
  • Finish: Damascus
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 3.20"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.48"
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.98 oz.
  • User: Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Automatic
  • Opener: Push Button
  • Lock Type: Button Lock
  • Brand: Kershaw
  • Model: Launch 4
  • Model Number: 7500DAM
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Tactical
  • Product Type: Knife

This Blade HQ Exclusive Kershaw Launch 4 features a Damascus blade and a black anodized aluminum handle.

  • CA-legal single-edged dagger blade made from Damascus steel.
  • Red bullseye firing button and automatic action.
  • Black anodized aluminum handle.
  • Tip-up pocket clip.


The Kershaw Launch 4 knife is a California-legal automatic with a ridiculously fast action. Its symmetry in design, both handle and blade, adds distinction. Following the tradition of its predecessors, the Launch 4 has a bulls-eye pattern firing button and a tip-up carry pocket clip. This automatic knife is a pint-sized performer!

The Kershaw Launch Series high-performance, USA-made automatics that punch way above their price point! Shop the whole selection!

Customer Reviews

Kershaw Launch 4 FB Review
Frederick R. on Oct 12, 2019

Cute little flippin knife! (pun :)) Opens very quickly. Bought it for display purposes only so I can't speak to its durability. I had been hesitating getting a Kershaw Launch 4 until I saw the HQ exclusive Damascus blade and my hesitation ended. Happy with my purchase.

Awesome dainty knife
Nikolai L. on Jan 19, 2018

Love this little guy. Fit and finish is perfect. Super fast action and smooth

love it
Ariel F. on Oct 8, 2019

Loved the black launch 4 and I really love the Damascus version. Such a cool piece to add to the collection. This little knife makes a great unique gift as well. 5 STARS

Not too small....
Brian M. on Mar 28, 2020

This blade is fast and fun! Great little knife.

GDPR G. on Jan 5, 2018

Love the folder! Traded out the clip...
Brandon D. on Dec 8, 2017

Update 1/16/17. Sense trading out the clip for an aftermarket titanium deep carry loop over clip I found on Amazon. This auto has become a five star EDC for me. It's not as useful in hand as a Spyderco Dragonfly but it beautiful! Original review 12/8/2017 I have decided that henceforth I will refer to Kershaw as Kershaw Tolerances. By its very title Kershaw’s premium brand of knives implies that there is a Zero Tolerance for imperfection in materials, craftsmanship and Design. Unfortunately for Kershaw it seems that, even with their Flagship line of blades, there will always be compromises tolerance. I so badly want to give my Kershaw launch 4 five stars. I love it’s very simple yet striking aesthetics. The blade handle feels great and the blade fires out with impressive Authority. As a consequence of the automatic action design the blade stock has to be rather thick. This will lend itself towards durability but takes a bit away from fine slicing tasks, which is what a blade this size is meant for right? Unfortunately fine slicing was not assisted in any way with the edge out of box. On my example I could not push or slice cut on my standard paper tests without having hang ups so I did re-edge it with a consistent angle sharpener that it took very well. The Damascus is pretty but did not have the wild patterning like the examples shown on bhq website and the YouTube featurette. If that was where my criticism stopped my rating for this blade would be five stars even with the less than impressive Edge. I would round up sense the edge is somewhat of a quibble when it’s easily correctable. What is not easily correctable is the pocket clip which is “F you” bad! Shame on Kershaw… I mean shame on Kershaw Tolerances. I could tell from the pictures that this pocket clip would be an abortion and to my surprise it is actually worse than I expected it to be. It is too big, it is too heavy (actually throwing off the balance in hand), it has sharpish edges, it’s badly positioned and it’s not a deep carry clip which for this size folder it 100% should be and as a result the exposed screws cause a hotspot at the base of my pinky finger. I would most definitely be satisfied if this clip were on a $25 to $45 heavy duty utility folder but with an MSRP of $150 Kershaw is trying to pass this blade off as a high-end light weight EDC. It’s as if you ordered a brand new Corvette from Chevrolet and they brought it out to you on wheels off of a minivan! And then they were like “well it’s not a Cadillac what do you expect?” Or what if the Mona Lisa was painted the morning after a big frat party and she showed up to DaVinci’s Studio with a penis on her forehead that someone drew after she passed out from doing a keg stand. Do you think Leonardo would say “well I better leave that weiner on her forehead”!?!?!?!? I ordered a titanium deep carry clip off of Amazon for $25 and I expect/hope that it will resolve all of my issues with the shameful excuse of a clip that is included. I expect that with with the better clip it will go down as an all-time favorite EDC's but Kershaw you should do better with the details! As a side note I am a dumbass. After sharpening the knife I used bicycle chain lube thinking it would be a good protectant for the Damascus… Don’t ever do this! It immediately took off a good portion of the dark coating on the blade I’m sure that there must be some solvents in the oil that caused this. Thankfully it did come off rather evenly but still was no good. I have the temerity to ask Blade HQ if they will exchange it and if they are dumb enough to say sure I will be thrilled but I can’t say I think it’s a reasonable request.

Snappy little auto.
Adam L. on Aug 24, 2018

If you're looking for a snappy little auto, look no further. This is a fun little knife excellent for basic EDC tasks. The blade is actuated via a plunger style button. My only gripes are the button action can be a little sticky (lubrication doesn't resolve this) and the blade can be engaged accidentally in pocket with a good bump. Found the latter out the hard way when reaching into my pocket. As for the damascus it's meh in this blade. Overall a great little knife.

Nice launch 4
Dennis W. on Jan 20, 2018

Fun knife has a kick to it verry well built.

The ultimate tape cutter...
Jon K. on Aug 21, 2020

Good: Fun, snappy, looks cool, easy to carry. Bad: Not a great size for multiple uses, kind of pricey. (Glorified box opener)

Great addition to the launch line
Phillip J. on Jan 5, 2018

This little knife is great. Hang on to it it snaps open hard. The blade looks very nice in damascus.

Not what I was hoping for
William H. on Jan 5, 2018

It just doesn't feel right in the hand. It does what it is supposed to, but is a little to small to fit right, I have large hands so it slips a little when using it. I would assume it would work well for people with smaller hands. I use blades this size everyday as box cutters/utility blades. I did redo the angle on the blade which made it much better for the tasks i threw at it, but can't get past the handle sorry. As far as the clip goes I did not have issues with it.

Decent, attractive knife with a poorly designed opening mechanism
Travis S. on Mar 13, 2020

Really like the size and look of this knife. The steel seems to be of appropriate quality for the price range, but the opening mechanism is likely a deal breaker for some. The button either isn't big enough or the mechanism the button pushes isn't long enough. You end up feeling like you have to push the button but farther and harder than what would be intuitive in order to open and close the knife.

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