Knife Care Kit Bundle w/ Tuf-Glide Pen + Threadlocker + 2 Polishing Cloths

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  • Product Type: Knife Accessory

Maintain your knives with a Blade HQ Exclusive convenient Knife Care Bundle!

Bundle Contents:
  • Tuf-Glide Lubricant Pen Applicator
  • Blue Threadlocker
  • 2 x Blade HQ Polishing Cloths
  • Blade HQ Sticker

Customer Reviews

My hobby
Jim B. on Apr 24, 2019

Do you know a more hobbyist-orienred knife community? I need some advice in choosing a personal knife for myself, it will be used both as practical tool and a prop in a historical reconstruction. So I am looking for something a bit more traditional. I found the option of ordering custom knives here, they seem good:

Nice little kit
Alonzo M. on Nov 5, 2020

I like this kit a lot you get 2 very good microfiber cloths and more than enough thread locker and Tuf-Glide oil to last a long time. This is a great deal.

Awesome System
Ben W. on Jul 29, 2019

Covers all bases of basic knife care at an affordable price and in a convenient package. The only thing missing is a protectant substance to prevent blades from rusting. The Loctite works well and the lubricating oil keeps my knives running smoothly and lasts long because a little certainly goes a long way.

Awesome!! Great way to start caring for knives
ANTHONY M. on Apr 23, 2021

This kit has everything needed to start properly caring for your knives. The BladeHQ sticker makes it even better (it looks awesome on my laptop). The Tuff Glide is one of my favorite new things, smoothed out the action on my Kizer Yorkie and We Streak and they both open much smoother now. This is a great kit if you are looking to start maintaining your knives and keeping them in tip top shape

Just get it
Jet H. on Mar 14, 2019

It's everything you need for good knife maintenance, it's an easy buy you get quality items for a great price that last awhile.

All that is needed for general maintenance
Ricardo J. on Aug 31, 2020

With the packet, you can lube up your knife and keep screws locked in, the cloth to get fingerprints off a shiny blade and the sticker to add to any sticker collection one might have. The price is just right as one does't need much of the lube and lock tight, any other way just doubles or even triples the price for the same amount of product.

great for the price
philip r. on May 9, 2019

ordered this because it looked like a good deal. when I received it was leaking all over the polishing cloths and ruined the sticker. I had reached out to blade hq twice with no response about the issue and was about to put them on blast. but then today in the mail a whole new kits showed up. redemption. thanks for just sending a new one.

Excellent Knife Care Kit
Charles M. on Jul 18, 2019

Just used the last of my Sentry Tuf-Glide! The addition of Blue Threadlocker is a great bonus. Helps me keep all my knives in top shape.

Jade S. on Sep 5, 2019

Really handy kit to have around.

Good kit.
Scott W. on Feb 22, 2019

Great kit for anyone that values the care of there knife. Well priced and you get a sticker. Well done on this package blade hq.

Everything you need
Kenneth E. on Feb 1, 2018

Great value for all the items. I have used the tufglide multiple times and it works great. Also, the microfiber cloths are really high quality and one has the BladeHq logo pressed into it. I haven't had a use for the locktight yet but im sure i will in the future. The sticker was just a fun added bonus and is really good quality. Highly recommend it if your looking at a lubricant because it has the lubricant and much more!

Everything you need
Jozef J. on Dec 10, 2019

This is a good little kit that has everything you need to keep your knives in tip top shape. Nice lube, some locktite, towel and little sticker. Perfect kit with all you need. The stuff in here will last a long time.

Tyler N. on Jan 20, 2018

I received this as a promotional item with a large order. It's the thing I didn't know I needed, very happy with the kit and the sticker was a nice touch. I really like the lube and applicator, when I run out I'll buy another. Frankly, there's enough in there to last quite while.

All you need in a single package
francisco I. on Feb 23, 2020

Great Package, I love this bundle. It has everything you need to take care of your knifes. I don't buy any of this individually, I get the entire group at once.

Clogged lube pen
Robert B. on Oct 23, 2021

The polishing clothes are ok. I have not had a chance to try the Threadlocker but seems to be ok. The sticker is the best thing in the package, but the Fuf-Glide Pen was clogged to the point where nothing would come out. When squeezed hard the tube leaked at the screw on top. I was able to heat the applicator needle tube and clear the clog with extreme pressure being applied to the plastic tube. However, there is some sort of visible contaminate floating inside the Tuf-Glide liquid. These are black specks of some unknown substance that I imagine will re-clog the needle tube once they reach that point. I applied the lube to an old knife but I can detect no improvement over any other types of lube that I have used in the past. I will empty the Tuf-Gluid fluid from the applicator pen and fill it with a lube that I have confidence in and probably not buy Tuf-Glide again.

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