Lansky Deluxe Sharpening System LKCLX

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  • Brand: Lansky
  • Type: Stone
  • Product Type: Tool
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Weight: 1 lb. 6.40 oz.

This Lansky Deluxe Sharpening System includes: Extra-Coarse Hone, Coarse Hone, Medium Hone, Fine Hone, Ultra-Fine Hone, One Guide Rod For Each Hone, Honing Oil, Multi-Angle Knife Clamp.


  • Patented, precision-engineered, multi-angle, flip-over knife clamp
  • Sharpening hones on color-coated, finger-grooved safety holders
  • One guide rod for each honing stone
  • Specially formulated honing oil
  • Extra long knife clamp screws
  • Custom molded storage/carrying case to hold all system components
  • Complete easy-to-follow multi-lingual instructions
  • Customer Reviews

    I love this knife sharpener!
    Nicholas V. on Nov 6, 2017

    There is so much good about this sharpener. Pros: 1. It is simple to use with easy instructions to follow. 2. They really thought this out well and provided 4 popular angles that many use (more about this later in the bad section). 3. The stone progression is just about right so you dont have to start out on a “220 course” stone which will take a long time to remove metal. Going from 70-120-280-600-1,000 is really nice but I do wish there was a 440 stone in between the 280 and 600, but it works great without it. 4. Having a stand that comes separate from this set really makes it easier to keep the system stable. Cons: 1. Firstly the angle selections are great but they aren't actually what they say they are when you set up a knife in the system because of the thickness of the blade and how tall the blade is. I set my knives to the 20 degree slot and move my knives in about a quarter inch into the jaws and they come out fine but they aren't exactly the same. 2. The regular alumina oxide extra course stone is very nice and works well with low grade steels. It works amazing with 420 HC, 440C and 8Cr13MoV, but when I was sharpening my buddy’s Benchmade 940 in S30V it took me 3 hours to actually use the extra course to make a new bevel because he had other sharpeners sharpen it and they thrashed the edge badly. So if you want to sharpen someone’s knife make sure you know the type of steel it is made of. All in all this set is amazing for the price! If you want to sharpen better quality knives I recommend you add the extra course diamond hone to your set, then use the alumina oxide extra course and go up. If you really want a mirror edge grab the Sapphire Hone and use it after the yellow Ultra Fine Hone. Man does that hone shine! After sharpening your knives make sure to strop them for the best result possible! I completely recommend this sharpener because there is nothing better for the price. If you want to go up in quality after this system get the KME if you feel the need but this system will do just fine!

    Best I have ever used
    Christopher L. on Mar 3, 2019

    This system is perfect for someone who is a little ocd. If you use a little electric tape in the jaws to keep it from scratching the knife and use a strope it will work for any knife you have, if your knives have really hard steels you might also want to get a diamond stone to make it go a little faster.

    Great for the Price
    Ben W. on Jul 22, 2019

    I have used this system for a few years and although it has its quirks I have enjoyed using it. I highly recommend adding an extra course diamond stone, strop, and a metal base. With these additions, you will have yourself a serious sharpening system.

    Anita R. on May 6, 2020

    Very good sharpening system, must have!!!

    Nicest sharpener I've owned
    Cage F. on Nov 27, 2021

    This is the best sharpener in this price range by far and very easy to use. The mechanism works well but I do highly recommend getting the stand for it. I only just got it today but, I love how it allows you to use the full length of the stone to sharpen your knife, unlike the pull threw systems. Which inevitably wear down the same little crease spot quite fast after prolonged use. It also allows you to obviously change the sharpening angle. Which is another weakness on most pull threw systems, as they are almost always fixed in place. Requiring you to buy several more if you ever want to change the edge profile ultimately forcing you to spend more to use less stone, in turn wearing your stones down faster. If that wasn't enough it also comes with an oil so you can easily clean the stones. I almost forgot to mention because the stones aren't fixed in place they are abit easier to oil and clean than the pull threw systems as well. So if you want an easy sharpening system, that works well, can be used for along time, and is a more than fair price. This is the ultimate choice in my opinion.

    Good enough for me!
    Aaron u. on Jul 30, 2020

    It got my cheap Gerber Kettlebell razor sharp with close to a mirrors edge without my strop. I ended up buying a lansky extra course diamond hone to reprofile some of my higher end steel blades which I would recommend to get that first reprofiled edge faster. I don’t think it takes all that long to get the results you want, but then again I rather enjoy sharpening my blades. I would definitely recommend for non experts like myself that want to keep a near perfect edge on your blades. Love it!

    Great Value!
    Matthew G. on Feb 4, 2017

    This system is great. I put an edge on both my Kershaw Cryo and Benchmade Barrage. The Cryo was easy with its Chinese steel and is razor sharp. The Benchmade with its S-30V took a lot of work but its edge is very sharp and will hold for a long time.

    Very disappointed
    Anders S. on Feb 3, 2018

    The clamp scratches the heck out of your knives and never seems to actually secure the blade in place. If you care about the finish of your blade pass on this system...

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