Opinel Knives No. 8 Carbon Steel Knife Beech Wood (3.25" Satin)

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  • Overall Length:7.625"
  • Blade Length:3.25"
  • Blade Material:High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Grind:Convex
  • Blade Style:Standard
  • Finish:Satin
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.375"
  • Handle Material:Beech
  • Color:Wood
  • Weight:1 lb. 9.60 oz.
  • Knife Type:Manual
  • Opener:Nail Nick
  • Lock Type:Virobloc
  • Brand:Opinel
  • Model:No. 8
  • Country of Origin:France
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


This traditional Opinel #8 folder has a carbon steel blade and Beech wood handle. Includes the Virobloc safety ring that locks the blade in the open and closed positions. This traditional Opinel pocket knife is lightweight and inexpensive while displaying simple sophistication.


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Classic simplicity.
Chadwick C.
Did not purchase my Opinel No.9 here on Blade HQ since I opted to have my handle and blade engraved. So expect to pay a bit extra on the Opinel site. But I got mine yesterday and I couldn't be more happier with it. I like the size of this knife, a tad more comfortable with my rather large hand compared to my stainless steel No.8. Mine came in this plastic packaging and the blade wasn't oiled and it was pretty tight, but from the smell of the wood and the look of the blade, I knew this had to be fresh from the factory. So I ended up oiling my blade and loosen the folding action and it was read for action. For a simple folding knife, you are getting quality and what it's worth. They make great gifts as well. We may live in the 21st century where knives such as Benchmade and Spyderco rule, but there's a reason this knife is still around since it's founding in 1890. It works!
Timothy S.
Great all around knife use it for EDC if you want I use it as a steak knife slices right through and has a very nice patina developing, also my first carbon blade.
Not worth it.
Lyle K.
This knife may have been good in WW1, but we live in the 21st century now, and vastly better manufacturing techniques, design, and materials have far superseded whatever it takes to make this Opinel.
Let me tell you why this is a bad knife. I used to own 3 opinels and 'liked' them, before I really started to like knives.
These Opinels use pretty terrible metal, and are definitely not *that* sharp out of factory, despite what marketing would want you to believe. They slice well simply by virtue of how thin the blade is, and the convex grind, not because of how sharp they are.
A consistent flaw is about 1/3" of tip of blade not sharp from being dulled by hitting the wooden handle (from closing, or just from forces on the spine while knife is closed). You can't get around this, no, you can't 'mod' this out.
The steel is not good, and rusts like crazy if you don't baby it, which makes kitchen/outdoor use annoying unless you get stainless, but then edge retention goes out the window (ok maybe not that much but still). Another flaw is if you get the knife wet by washing it or in the rain, good luck opening or closing the blade. The wooden handle swells and sticks the opening pivot. Enthusiasts have tried using oil to 'seal' the wood and make it water resistant, ok sure, but it only works like 30%, you're still gonna have swelling problems.
For the 12$-15$ (depending on size) I'm gonna spend on a knife, there's no way I'll spend it on these antiquated knives if not for 'nostalgia'. I'll probably buy one of those Chinese-made knives that are ridiculously good in value for that price range.
Traditional and Functional
Tyler R.
This was my first carbon steel pocket knife and I am a fan! I love the patina it has developed after using it quite a bit. I love this knife as a food prep knife, it is razor sharp and a superb slicer which makes it perfect in the kitchen or the camp site preparing food. My daughter loves apples and this knife peels apples like no ones business. It also weighs hardly anything so I never notice it in jean, basketball shorts, or sweatpants pockets. Such a fantastic knife.
Ryan r.
It is a really nice friction folder
Traditional French knife.
Matthew B.
For the price, why would you not want to own one of the iconic and traditional knives of France. I bought one for historical value, but what a cost effective knife to press into service if need be.