Prometheus Brass Lambda Spinning Top w/ Ruby Bearing

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Item #BHQ-28232


  • Height:1.19"
  • Width:0.99"
  • Material:Aluminum, Brass
  • Color:Gold, Gray
  • Weight:0.87 oz.
  • Brand:Prometheus
  • Model:Lambda
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Novelty


Blade HQ is selling a spin top? You bet we are, because these Lambda spin tops are freaky cool. With its impressive build, this top is guaranteed to impress your buddies. This Lambda Spin Top features a full brass body. The instrument-grade ruby sphere makes this top an epic spinner; it's incredibly hard and impossibly precise, providing the best contact surface you'll find. The Lambda is a fun distraction and conversation piece that really turns back the clock, making you feel like a kid again.

Please Note: While the ruby tip is a very hard material, it will break if abused and is not covered by any warranty.


Customer Reviews

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all brass 1 piece version A+
Andrew D.
The latest release is the all brass 1 piece design 2/26/16 NOT the dual metal alum/brass ring version. Excellent quality to the finish. I think the all brass spins the best of all.
Great Conversation Piece.
Travis A.
I was a little apprehensive to purchase such a small "top" for $85, but thought the item was unique. I was pleased by its appearance when it arrived and impressed by the length of time it is capable of spinning. I use the surface of my phone, glass table, the bottom of a glass or ceramic cup/mug or any other similar surface for long spins. If I am waiting for something (meeting etc.) I pull this out instead of my phone and it has the effect of causing people to inquire and begins a conversation. We don't speak to each other anymore (because of our phones) but items like this are great at facilitating communication and personal interaction.
Breaking the spinning top record!
Daniel P.
Awesome top!...In my opinion, any glass surface would do. But I prefer to use a hand mirror for spins lasting over 10 minutes.
This is a fun top, well made, and well balanced.
Eric J.
I sprung for the ruby tip which is particularly good-looking when the top is spun upside down, on it's handle. My 9 year old son loves it, and we have had lots of fun on the wood floor. It will track the grooves between planks, and spins a long time either the up or down.

Caveat - make sure your significant other, wife in my case, doesn't open the box. The Lambda is packaged in a jewelry box, and my wife was expecting anything but a top when opened :) Enjoy.