Prometheus Brass Lambda Spinning Top w/ Stainless Steel Bearing

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Item #BHQ-28233


  • Height:1.19"
  • Width:0.99"
  • Material:Brass
  • Weight:1.24 oz.
  • Brand:Prometheus
  • Model:Lambda
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Novelty


Blade HQ is selling a spin top? You bet we are, because these Lambda spin tops are freaky cool. With its impressive build, this top is guaranteed to impress your buddies. The Lambda Spin Top features full brass with a stainless steel ball bearing, which gives this top an excellent contact surface for satisfying spins. The Lambda is a fun distraction and conversation piece that really turns back the clock, making you feel like a kid again.


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My favorite pocket top.
Chris C.
I own a few of these pocket tops now. If you are on the fence or just don't get what all the hype is over, try it and you will be hooked. This Lambda is a long distance spinner. On the right surface 8 to 10 minute spin times are very doable. I have gotten up to 5 minutes spinning on my iPhone. The ruby is super slick. I am very impressed with the lambda. Pocket tops are a great way to pass time and an a excellent way to start a conversation and meet new people. If you want a quality top, look now further than the Lambda. It is a sports car in comparison to most other tops.
all brass 1 piece version A+
Andrew D.
The latest release 2/26/16 is the all brass version 1 piece design. NOT the dual metal alum/brass ring version. This is a very nice top. I think the all brass version spins the best of all. A great gift for yourself or youth as young wondering eyes inspect and watch it spin for a very long time. Great quality.
Very cool
michael c.
I watched a lot of videos on this product and even emailed the man who makes them before purchasing one. I was trying to find out wether or not this version would spin as well as the more expensive ruby version. According to Jason, the man who makes them, I would not notice a difference in performance between the ball bearing and ruby version so I went with the ball bearing seeing as I wouldn't accidentally break the steel bearing.

Now, I haven't yet been able to achieve a 10 minute spin like I've seen done in videos, but I can regularly get over 7 minutes.

Now to the top. The top arrived in a very nice box, but the top itself had a tiny scratch on the bottom. The scratch is not on the contact point so did not have any impact on performance, and since of had the top its fallen off tables so many times from me spinning too hard that it has scratches any way and makes no difference. The only odd thing about it is some times, depending on the surface the top will just stop spinning but not tip over. It will just balance there not Spinning. I don't know if this is because the top is just so well balanced, or if there may be a small imperfection In the contact point or the surface it's being spinner on (a concave mirror).

In the end this top is awesome. I spin it every chance I get. It's a great way to pass the time sitting at a desk or just sitting around In front of the TV trying to wind down for the night
top spinner
Kurt F.
Have seen other variations of these on the web for so much more. Was hard to justify as present for small grandkids. But this price makes that all go away. Thank you. Gave it a test spin for 2 thumbs up. Thank you again i know my oldest grandson will love it cherish it!