RUIKE P801 Frame Lock Knife Stainless Steel (3.5" Stonewash)

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  • Overall Length:8.25"
  • Blade Length:3.50"
  • Blade Material:14C28N
  • Blade Style:Drop Point
  • Finish:Stonewash
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.75"
  • Handle Material:Stainless Steel
  • Color:Gray
  • Weight:4.23 oz.
  • User:Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
  • Knife Type:Manual
  • Opener:Flipper
  • Lock Type:Frame Lock
  • Brand:Ruike
  • Model:P801
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


The P801 flipper knife from RUIKE features a solid stainless steel frame lock handle and a full-flat ground drop point blade made from 14C28N stainless steel. Its sleek stonewashed build is complimented with a blue anodized pocket clip, thumb studs, and pivot accents. Easy one-handed operation and a deep carry clip make the P801 a solid addition to your EDC loadout.


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Great Value
Houston B.
This knife has a lot going for it. Nice steel, very good slicer, slim and comfortable, deep pocket carry, solid build, and it flips out like an auto blade. Love the silver and blue. Definitely has the look of a sebenza but without the price. Keeping this knife in my weekly rotation.
Great Knife
Stephan I.
I love everything about this knife, except the one I got was assembled with RED loctite on what appeared to be all of the screws. Definitely had some on the pivot screws, and I had to bring the pivot up to 500 degrees in my oven to remove one pivot screw. The rest of the screws were able to move without heat, but my gosh, they were a bear to get out. Was using a brand new Wiha torx driver set for disassembly, so the tools were not the problem. If you don't plan on taking the knife apart, this will not be a problem for you. However RED loctite should never be used on knives, because it's really not necessary, and I have no idea why some manufacturers use the stuff. I'm just happy, I was able to get the knife apart without damaging any of the hardware. Besides that, I absolutely love this knife. Perfect blade centering, and high quality. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.
Best $30 knife, other statements invalid
Marc D.
Alright maybe that's hyperbolic but I've been carrying this for about five months and with the most basic maintenance (no offense two month review guy) this is absolutely the best knife you're going to get for fifty bucks.

Er, I mean forty.

... Thirty.

Or fifty.

Best knife for the $$
Gaige R.
I think you would be hard-pressed to find a better knife at this price point. Construction is solid and the ball bearings give it a smooth flipping action. Great EDC blade and if you lose it, your not going to cry yourself to sleep.
I'm an outlier.
Ed C.
Maybe I got a dud, but to me the lockup feels cheap, and blade is either off-center or unflippable. The P108 feels like a much higher quality knife than this model.
Thirty Dollars for Pure Bliss
Jordan W.
This knife is stunning for the price point. 14c28n steel, puts other knives at this price to shame, far better than 8cr13mov.

The thumb studs can be made usable, if you bend the liner lock a bit. But I wouldn't recommend this, as it might not lock up properly after (might not stay open). But, after doing this, I can use the thumb studs easily, and the knife falls shut, which is pretty cool.

It even comes in a nice secure box - no bubble wrap.

The edge has a slight cloudy mirror to it, polished, and amazing. The factory polished. I can't believe it. I am slicing "S" shapes through paper easily. I cannot say enough good things about the factory edge. The bevel is nice and even, just great.
Awesome Sauce
Timothy S.
Great EDC knife, holds a great edge, smooth to open and close, just get it!
2 Month Review - Some problems over time but buy it if youre even thinking of doing so
Alex A.
Over all review for you lazy people that dont like to read a lot (more in depth review with problems over the weeks further below)

Amazing centering on the blade out of the box but not for long (read below for more info), easy to sharpen, decently sharp out of the box. not hair shaving sharp but skin flaking sharp. FLIPPER is amazingggg! after around 50-100 flips it'll come out like its nothing.. just sit there at first and play around with the flipper before carrying it around i'd say. THUMB STUDS are basically useless to have because 1. flipper is great and 2. The preasure needed to use the thumb studs hurts my thumb, and i have yet to succesfully open it using the studs.

So I work at a tire shop and use knives daily to open up boxes and cut off tape holding orders to the tires and all that jazz.

1st/2nd Week:
Caught the beautiful blue pocket clip on the shop door frame and it snapped so bye bye easilly pulling it out of the pocket.. (the blue will grow on you so if you dont like it give it time)

3rd Week:
A LOT of blade play/movement from side to side. Up and down is completely fine.

4th week or so:
The blade now scrapes against the sides of knife where as out of the box was amazingly centered.
Another Great Knife From China!
Tim L.
I wasn't familiar with the Ruike brand, but after reading reviews on the P801, and having acquired knives from other China manufacturers such as Kizer and Real Steel, I decided to checkout Ruike by getting the P801. I was pleasantly surprised by how well made it was, and the smoothness of the flipper action. It's a frame lock with a nice, solid lock-up. The handles are all stainless steel so it's not a lightweight, but certainly not too heavy at a little over 4 ounces. I like the blue accents on the the thumb studs and the pocket clip, it adds a nice touch to a great inexpensive knife. I'm sure I'll be checking out other Ruike's in the future.
Excellent Gents Knife
Kevin M.
Clean simple design for dress up.
Easy open, nicely made knife at an excellent price.
Great budget knife!
Sweet budget beater! This knife is crazy smooth for 30 bucks. Like its pm2 smooth. The ergos are great. The blade comes hair popping sharp. The stonewash is pretty decent slightly inconsistent in spots but if you carry it and beat on it like a 30 dollar knife should be used it'll fade. Lockup is solid as a rock. The clip is deep but is kinda shiney. Only thing I'm not crazy about would be the flipper tab and maybe the weight. It's not bad but not great. Can be hard to get ahold of the flipper at times. The detent is good to go though.
My New Favorite EDC
Aaron G.
This knife is hands down the best budget knife you can buy. The fit and finish of this knife is very surprisingly good. Mine came with a shaving sharp edge on it. I would recommend this knife to anyone.
One of the Best Knives of 2017
Chase B.
Good steel, good action, good clip, nice aesthetics, good ergon omits and a $30 price tag = Home Freaking Run!!! This knife is great and it can do it all.
Quite possibly my favorite
Evan M.
I've been carrying/using this knife for the past 2 weeks and I think it's my favorite knife I've owned, regardless of price.
The Pros:
- The pocket clip is near perfection. Very deep carry, doesn't get hung up. Also, the blue color makes the knife almost invisible to others if you're wearing blue jeans.
- The action is great. Took a couple days to really break in, but the bearings are smooth and it's seriously fun to deploy.
- The blade centering is very nice. Not perfectly centered, but probably 95% there, which is more than I can say for any Benchmade I've owned.
- Fit and finish is great. I can't find a flaw. Stone wash looks fantastic.
- Detent is very strong. No chance of this deploying accidentally.
- The blade! Came very sharp, and it's full flat ground, which I love.
- The packaging is top notch. Nice box with laser cut foam. I received this knife and a $490 balisong in the same order, and the packaging for the Ruike blew the expensive one out of the water. Wasn't even in the same universe.
- I think it's a very handsome knife. That's an opinion though.

The cons:
- My biggest complaint would be the weight, but that's just because it's steel. If it ever gets released in titanium...oh boy, take my money.
- Mine had some pretty nasty lock stick for a day or two. Not when I first got it, but 2 days later it became extremely difficult to move the lock out of the way. I was prepared to give up on the knife it was so bad, but after another day of opening and closing it, the lock stick is gone.
- The bearings make a slight "creaking" noise if you close the blade slowly. I'm going to disassemble mine to clean/lubricate the bearings to see if that helps. Nitpicking here.
- The thumb studs are useless. Try as hard as I can, I can't get the blade to deploy with the thumb studs. The detent is just too strong for that. I've handed the knife to some friends (not really knife people) and they instinctively try to deploy the blade with the studs. Then I tell them you have to use the flipper. Again, just nitpicking. The detent is great for flipping.

Just buy the thing. Would make a great gift item too. It easily feels like a 100 - 200 dollar knife, and you can actually feel good about using it because it's so inexpensive.
Russell S.
I am a collector and I modify knives myself... scales, blade etching, etc. I canít believe I got this knife for 30 bucks! I just bought a Kershaw RJ Martin Design for 40.00. The Ruike has a grade better steel. In fact all the parts are better and the build quality is as good or better for 10 dollars less!

This knife is as good as some 100.00 knives.
Don M.
It's hard to believe how low cost this knife is compared to what you get. Razor sharp out of the box. No flaws. Perfect EDC.
Great workhorse!
Robert K.
I've had this for a day now, and the fit and finish are superb. The lock has a slight Gayle Bradley feel to it, so closing it can wear your thumb out after flicking it a good amount. No blade play whatsoever, lockup is nice and solid. Knife came sharp, but a few strokes on the Sharpmaker made it hair whittling sharp. Ergonomics are fantastic, it feels really nice in the hand. For 30 bucks, this will the Christmas gift to give my loved ones. Will be definitely be checking out the other stuff by Ruike in the future.