Richard Kell Solid Brass Bevel Gauge

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Need to know the angle of your knife's or chisel's edge so that you can give it a more precise honing or sharpening? This solid brass, toolroom made Bevel Gauge is the perfect tool to find that precise angle. Quick and easy to use. There are 12 accurate angle cut outs with apex cut-away to prevent damage to prepared cutting edges. The angles between 15 and 35 are graduated every 2.5 degrees.

The original Richard Kell bevel Gauge, in continuous production for twenty years. Beware of an imitation going the rounds, it has not his name on it nor has it his quality.

Diameter: 1.8125" (46 mm)
Made in England


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Richard Kell Solid Brass Bevel Gauge
Jared P.
I had been looking to purchase this bevel gauge for quite a while but they were unavailable until recently. I watched Richard's video and a few reviews. It is designed more for wide cutting edges such as chisels and knives without secondary bevels (ie: scandinavian).

It works great with my scandi grind knives, and that is why I bought it. I would say you can get within 2 degrees of the true angle which is fine for me. With some imagination and guestimating, it can also be used for knives with smaller bevels.

I don't absolutely need to know the geometry of my knives, but I try to pay attention for reference of how certain steels perform at various angles. Between my Sharpmaker, Edge Pro, and this gauge, I can usually get a rough idea of the numbers.

I would suggest picking up one of these bevel gauges before they are unavailable again, especially if you have scandi grind knives.