Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide Pen Applicator (0.25 oz.) 91062

Use the Sentry Solutions TUF-GLIDE Pen Applicator to lubricate and protect all your equipment and gear. This is a powerful dry-film lubricant and rust inhibitor for bonded protection. The pen applicator with precision tip makes this an ideal solution for your knives. 1/4 fluid ounce.

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  • Brand: Sentry Solutions
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Product Type: Lubricant

Customer Reviews

Love it
Jozef J. on Dec 10, 2019

I actually really like this stuff. The applicator is super concise and allows you to get into tight spots with just a little drip. I've been a benchmade blue guy for a while but this is a better application tool. The lube is good enough but the pen is amazing.

Joseph M. on Jan 6, 2018

Great to lube up any pivots but because it’s a light weight oil then you’ll have to constantly put more oil.

Sean b. on Jun 9, 2016

Goes right where you you need it and works great. A little pricier than some competitors, but well worth it.

James P. on Dec 19, 2018

Bought in the Bladehq knife care kit. I own over 50 modern pocket knives and I use it on all of them. Its also a rust protector. The only complaint is it smells like a petroleum base lubricant which it is. Its well worth 6 bucks and the applicator and be refilled and use over and over with any other lubricant.

Lube's fine, the cap on the applicator is not.
Benton L. on Jul 12, 2021

The lube seems to work great. Revived an old, somewhat stiff Spyderco Native enough that I can now flick it open. The red cap, if you push it too far, plugs up the applicator. So now I've got a nearly full tube of it with a clog tip. If this stuff fancies you, be real careful putting on the cap.

Not great
Scott H. on Apr 12, 2020

As far as lube goes, it works fairly well albeit not long lasting. My main issue is that I've now had two of these where the applicator gets clogged. Once that happens, nothing I've tried can clean it out. Forced to pour the rest into something else that actually works.

Terrible applicator
Jared M. on Dec 14, 2019

Low quality applicator. I have a free one and a paid for version of this stuff. I'm sure the solution works. But the applicator has been clogged with some red plastic on both instances I've received.

Mineral oil worked better
Jarvis l. on Oct 16, 2018

The action it provides is tolerable but honestly literally anything else works better. It might not attract gunk but it also doesnt lubricate too well either

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