Survival Metrics Hydro Kit - Survival Plant Water Extraction Solar Stills

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  • Brand: Survival Metrics
  • Product Type: Survival
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Weight: 0.40 oz.

The Survival Hydro kit from Survival Metrics enables the capture of potable from non-poisonous plants via solar action. The age-old practice of extracting the potable water from plants is maximized using this kit by incorporating optically clear, high density 25 gallon water extraction bags that allow up to 92% sunlight penetration. Plants release water to the atmosphere by transpiration. With proper use, these bags allow the water vapor to be captured, condensed, and collected for the survivor to drink.

If not need for water procurement, the bags con be used for emergency shelter construction and protection from the elements. Perfect for emergency and survival kits.

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