Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener WSGPS (Ceramic/Diamond)

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  • Length: 6.125"
  • Width: 1.625"
  • Thickness: 0.50"
  • Material: Polymer
  • Type: Stone
  • Brand: Work Sharp
  • Model: Pocket Knife Sharpener
  • Model Number: WSGPS
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Product Type: Sharpener

The Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener is a play on words and works either way you say it. It is either a "pocket" knife sharpener, or a "pocket knife" sharpener. Its portable and lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry in a bag or pocket. The integrated guides allow for a consistent edge profiles for a long lasting, sharp edge.

  • Fine ceramic rod.
  • Coarse diamond plate.
  • 20° controlled angle guides for a consistent bevel angle.
  • Fully sharpen knives in the field with two different grit stages.
  • Portable size for easy carry and storage.

Customer Reviews

Best 15 bucks I spent in a long time.
Casey C. on Jul 3, 2019

I keep on my knives very sharp, when this showed up in the mail I was so excited to use it I had to sharpen all my kitchen knives really makes it easy to get a good Edge. Perfect for the truck, your back pack. I just bought another one for my son.

Great all around
John L. on Apr 30, 2021

I can’t sharpen on a stone (on a table) to save my life, but being able to comfortably hold this is hand thanks to the wide grip allows for better feedback and I keep my angle consistent. Having two grits in one low cost item is a great value too. I end up being able to shave hair. If you have your doubts it’s just $15.00 - just try one.

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