Zero Tolerance Rexford 0804CF Flipper Knife Carbon Fiber (3.875" Black) ZT

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  • Overall Length:8.875"
  • Blade Length:3.875"
  • Blade Thickness:0.16"
  • Blade Material:CPM 20CV
  • Blade Style:Drop Point
  • Blade Grind:Hollow
  • Finish:Black
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.875"
  • Handle Thickness:0.51"
  • Handle Material:Carbon Fiber, Titanium
  • Color:Black
  • Frame/Liner:Titanium
  • Weight:5.12 oz.
  • User:Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
  • Knife Type:Manual
  • Opener:Flipper
  • Lock Type:Frame Lock
  • Brand:Zero Tolerance
  • Model:0804CF
  • Designer:Todd Rexford
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


The Zero Tolerance 0804CF is a Todd Rexford collaboration knife based on his popular Gamma custom. It has a large 4" blade made of fine-grained premium stainless steel. The high-performance blade is tungsten DLC coated with a black finish. It is equipped with a titanium handle that features a black carbon fiber handle scale. The frame lock has a hardened steel lockbar insert that firmly secures the blade during use. A USA Made badge on the pivot proudly declares the knife's country of origin. ZT has also added a custom aluminum backspacer and machined titanium pocket clip to finish off the design. If you are looking for a larger high performance knife the ZT 0804CF will make the perfect fit.

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Customer Reviews

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Derek w.
I like this knife a lot I prefer bigger knives and the fit and finish is outstanding. There are a few things that if I had the choice I wouldíve changed. 1 being the black coating I think it looks good but Iím afraid to use this knife because Iím not sure how the coating will hold up.2 I wish the detente was a little stronger. The last and final thing is I really wish ZT hadnít put the pocket on the carbon fiber side for the pocket clip it disturbs the looks completely if they wouldíve put some type of a carbon fiber filler or something there with two screws to attach it it wouldíve been better but to save a few bucks they left it empty and it looks like something is missing
Brute in an Armani Suit
Nicholas F.
This knife is fantastic! Just Arrived quickly, as promised, in pristine condition. Blade HQ is 100% reliable and customer focused! The ďblackoutĒ treatment looks great. Blade is sharp and perfectly centered. CF and titanium are flawless. Action is typical ZT quick and consistent. Now the favorite knife in my extensive collection. Rivals knives that have cost me 2 to 3 times the price. Donít let the beautiful appearance fool you, this baby is STOUT! I suggest that you purchase this knife while it is still available.
jon l.
This knife is done just right! Light weight, built to work, and looks great at church or on the job site. Very comfortable with no hot spot. I have a large hand and this knife fits it very nicely.
Simply done right
Lionel J.
Itís a simple design executed well. Itís tough, functional, and great quality. Only issue for me is that the detent ball makes for a hiccup on the closing, otherwise itís great.
Nice Design but too large
Jason C.
This is a really nice design from Zero Tolerance but it's a bit large for my hands. The action is great like all ZT's. The only negative thing I can really say is the size.
Pocket sword
Richard Q.
This blade from zt is one hell of a beast fit and finish are
impeccable flips with Authority this blade is a must in anyoneís collection
Very Tactical Looking, Less Tactical Feeling
Kaylin T.
I like most people find the mix of carbon fiber and titanium handles attractive and tactical looking, however it creates such a slip platform. The ergonomics are comfortable however not aggressive enough combined with the slick handle. The blade on the other hand and action are perfect, its tactical blade style that is still suited for EDC task and the ball bearings and flipper work great.
Tyler G.
Flips extremely smooth. One of my favorite knives. If you can afford one, buy it!
Y'all are messed up for this
Parley f.
I have had my eye on this knife for a while now, but as soon as it went on sale I immediately bought two. Now I feel like a love struck teenage girl, I can't stop thinking about this knife every waking moment. It fills out my larger hands perfectly, the blade and handle material are noticeably head and shoulders above most knives, and it is SMOOTH to open and close over and over and over and over and over again. It is taking every bit of my resolve to stop myself from buying another one. But, they are being discontinued, so I might just indulge this one time....
Shawn K.
My 3rd zero tolerance and probably not my last. Each model I get seems better than the previous but I like them all. This knife however is on a higher level. Just a gorgeous blade for the money. In general I like ZT knife designs but this one strikes a near perfect balance between simplicity, beauty, and functionality.
Flippin sweet
Carl H.
Ergonomics are great. Rides well in the pocket and lighter than expected for its size. Flips like a boss and locks up solid. The liner lock is a little sketch for one hand closing... the blade is wicked sharp out of the box and the pivot is super smooth. It could easily bite you when closing one handed if you don't get your thumb out of the way. Perfectly constructed of high quality materials.
Zero Tolerance Fan
John M.
When I heard the 0804CF was on sale, I ordered immediately! After reading the reviews of people who spent $350, I absolutely had to be it at $199. I also own the ZT0300 and am hooked. These are well crafted juggernauts that I carry daily. When I got my 0804CF, I immediately put it through its paces. The speed to open this knife is fast, especially considering the blade size. The knife feels excellent in hand and conceals well in my pocket. Thank you ZT for another well crafted knife.
Awesome knife
Wyatt N.
Love this knife. Feels great in the hand. Opens very smoothly, and locks up like a bank vault. I was skeptical about the KVT opening system. But I am very happy. To be honest I would rather have bronze washers, oh well. You won't be disappointed. Oh and came razor sharp.
One Folder
Justin M.
The best possible thing I could say about this folder is: If I was limited to one folding knife that was of minimalist design, constructed with top quality materials, and state of the art fabrication, it is the ZT0804. My favorite knives in my collection are the ZT0452 and now the ZT0804.

Can't get enough of the 0804cf
Trevor M.
Zt and Todd Rexford did amazing job in designing this knife, it's top quality carpenter steel and KVT ballbearing system are amazing. The CTS 204P holds a razor edge and is easy the keep sharp with a strop. The fit and finish are perfect.
Excellent knife
Tim L.
Great size, steel and shape. Fits great in (large glove sized) hand. Large enough to handle tough tasks, nimble enough to handle smaller tasks.
Came razor sharp. Steel is strong and holds and edge well for a long time.
Action is silky smooth.
Full carbon fiber on one side of the handle feels great in hand.
This knife has kept me from rotating other knives into my pocket as an EDC. I only want to carry this one.
I had Spyderco, Benchmade, Kershaw and Cold Steel prior to ever owning a ZT. I am extremely impressed with this knife and the 770CF. I carry the 770CF when I want a smaller lighter knife.
The 0804CF is my favorite folder. If I were to lose it I would buy another again in a heartbeat.
Worth Every Penny
William K.
I handled this before I bought it as I usually do but for some reason wasn't attracted to it. Maybe because not having thumb studs distracted me from the full performance of this knife.

Once I bought it, I carried it for more than a month (very rare for myself) by itself for several weeks and then added on my Small Sebenza or my Bradford Guardian 3. It has and is still growing to be one of my favorite knives ever.

It's a simple design as are most of Todd Rexford's but the CTS204P steel has exceed my expectations. The ZT DLC blade coating is amazing and hardly any scratches stay on for very long. I wasn't too sure about the Ball Bearings as this was only my second knife with them and the first one was terrible.

The smoothness of the flipping action only gets better the more I use it. The design of how the lock bar acts also as a lock bar stabilizer/stop is just awesome and simply genius.

For the size of this knife compared to the weight is another reason to love it. It fits perfectly in the pocket and doesn't feel that big because it's decently thin.

My only concern which isn't a terrible one because ZT/KAI will take care of it anyway is the carbon fiber has a thin clear coat or something and some of the fibers on the inside of the CF side has frayed and is exposed. If it gets any worse or I just get around to it I'll send it back to ZT. It's not the first CF ZT I've seen it on either.
Best of the best....
tom p.
I will start off with this, I have always been a Bentchmade guy, I saw a friends Zero Tolerance and decided to get one the 0804cf. This knife is a work of art. I still like Bentchmade but I now love Zero Tolerance. The lock up on this knife is like having a fixed blade. I'm not kidding, and it will cut to the bone with Zero effort. My 10 or so Benchmade knives are now going to sit in the back seat. It won't be my last order from Blade HQ either. Great fast service.
Rich C.
A new level for ZT's production knives has been reached with this knife. Fantastically light weight, lightning quick flip. Absolutely beautiful materials and execution. Love the pocket clip, glad to see a deviation from the standard ZT clips.

The only negative I've run into, is the cut out for the lock bar to flex interferes with clipping to the pocket and removal from the pocket. I do agree with ZT's decision to build this with the cut out facing outward. If they had hid the cut out on the inside of the handle, the lock side may have looked too plain.

All in all, I have no regrets on this purchase.
Not too imposing but massively BA
Scott A.
I just got this today and am very excited. The first thing I cut was a 20lb bag of cat food. It went through it like nothing was there. You would think the four inch blade would be imposing but it's really not... Although I prefer big blades so there might be something to that. Deployment is damn near perfect with maybe just a hair of adjustment needed. Closing action is dramatically smooth and it closes under it's own weight. I think two of the coolest parts about mine is the low s/n and that it's made out of CTS-204P. I am a fan of this steel as it holds an edge forever. If you're considering getting this for your collection or as a working knife, don't hesitate. It will fulfill both roles flawlessly.