Bear & Son 114B Large Butterfly Knife Black (4" Satin)

The Bear & Son 114B butterfly knife features a durable black epoxy coating over the tough alloy handles. Their skeletonized design reduces weight while adding additional tactile feedback while flipping. It has a stainless steel clip point blade with a plain edge and single tang pin. In the way of mid-range butterfly knives, this model is a great buy and it's made in the USA.

Item #BHQ-0364
MSRP: $65.95
Our Price: $42.95
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  • Overall Length: 9.00
  • Blade Length: 4.00
  • Cutting Edge: 3.75
  • Blade Material: 440
  • Blade Style: Clip Point
  • Blade Grind: Hollow
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 5.00
  • Handle Thickness: 0.44
  • Handle Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 5.60
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Knife Type: Butterfly
  • Brand: Bear & Son
  • Model: 114
  • Model Number: 114B
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Recreation
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

exactly what I wanted.
SCOTT A. on Mar 12, 2023

"no frills" in the best possible way. extremely prompt shipping at it to me faster than I thought possible. The knife is exactly as promised. it is sturdy, no nonsense, and extremely sharp. If you already know how to use one, and want one for use, this is a very good choice..

sawyer h. on Feb 6, 2023

I got this product today, and at first it was a bit stiff, but after a few flips it loosened up and flips very nicely. As for the latch if you want it is really east to remove.

Excellent Knife for the Price
John T. on Aug 25, 2022

I did not expect a great deal of quality from a balisong for this price, but I am pleasantly surprised with this knife. No, give in the blade, nice weight to it, fairly sharp right out of the box.

Excellent for cutting
Kevin L. on Dec 14, 2021

Very sharp blade, requires almost no effort to cut deep, and doesn't stain easily; fluids just puddle and dry on the blade and can be wiped clean without a mark 5 stars

Johnathan C. on Oct 14, 2021

I love this butterfly knife so much. It's a bit on the heavy end, but I actually like the extra weight and the inertia when flipping. The construction is much simpler and more durable than other butterfly knives giving this one a solid advantage. I used this knife for about 6 months every day for general enjoyment and other tasks such as breaking down boxes. It holds an edge decently well but sharpens easily when dull. The only wear on my knife is the latch powder coat. There is still 0 blade wobble even after months of abuse and drops on concrete. Pros: - Super durable design - Smooth and fun to flip (if you like slightly heavier knives) - Actually useful and well priced (You don't feel bad cutting up cardboard with this one, and it works great for that task) Cons: - The handles do not have an indention for the tang pin so the blade kinda creates one leading to a slightly canted blade when the handles are squeezed closed. - The shaping grind on the blade is not symmetrical. Overall a great bang for your buck knife and I would highly recommend it!

Good Intro Flipper
Alex Y. on Feb 9, 2020

The good: It has a very sleek design and is not too big or cumbersome. It is nice flipper and the price is good for a beginner or to display. The Cons: The blade was a little dull on arrival The blade came very oily on handle, blade, and latch The Latch is a little stiff at first I would still recommend this knife for any beginner enthusiast!

Value for money
Kiran K. on Apr 10, 2019

This is my first Balisong, the other trainer is from Boker. At first it was a little different from the trainer so was not really that comfortable. But after about a week's constant use, I find the trainer a little tough to use. The 114B is truly awesome to use and pretty sturdy. Of course for any new moves I first practice with my Boker and once I am sure that I wont cut myself, I move to the Bear and Son. Really good stuff for the price. Thanks BladeHQ!

Shop around and get this one cheap as possible
Darek I. on Sep 6, 2018

I got mine at alocal sportsmans warehouse for 40 dollars and I'm pleased. The quality control problems(from my personal experience)are this(after having two and needing to replace the first one):#1-the handle will break after some minor abuse if you get a lemon; & #2- the pin (on the bite handle) may be tight to where it won't allow for free flowing motion without a bit of force if you are flipping. The solutions(respectively) are :#1- bear and son have good people down south who will honor their company name and replace defective knives(therefore making it a breeze to get one replaced anywhere you buy it from, bhq(guessing)included)& #2-take it outside and get about 4 feet away from a tree and throw that sucker(no spin style by the handle) into a tree. After sticking it a couple times(if the pin still hasn't loosened), back up a foot further and throw again until it gets loosened enough to flip smoothly(checking after every throw so as to make sure you aren't damaging the bali & to check if the pin is loose yet or not) I don't recommend throwing a balisong like this anytime but for this occasion. It just so happens that(in my experience), this will loosen up the pin perfectly without damaging the bali as long as you aren't stupid about it. I'm impressed....its very sharp btw, enough to shave my arm hairs nearly as good as the factory edge on my leatherman. Tape the blade and the tip before you flip it, it will cut and stab....tip is very pointy.

Adrian G. on Aug 31, 2018

First Balisong that I bought and owned thanks blade hq. The knife is really good for beginners and is REALLY TOUGH I’ve dropped it over a thousand times and is still good just a lot of handle play. It’s sharp and big so it looks great. It flips pretty good but it’ll work your fingers! Scissor and ladder were so hard. It’s ok for EDC just gotta keep it sharp. Cheapest bali you should own. USA made! in Alabama!!

Great knife!
Andrew C. on Jul 27, 2018

This knife is built to last, and other than the free hanging latch, no complaints so far. Very easy to flip and the satin texture on the handle needs some getting used to, but makes the handle look very nice.

James H. on Apr 30, 2018

The cheapest butterfly knife that you should buy. Built like a tank. Needs some working in and blade comes sharp. The box that it comes in does not protect the knife so just beware. I had a big smoosh in the side of my box. Thankfully the knife was in damaged.

Awesome beginner balisong
Max S. on Mar 18, 2018

Great experience shopping with BladeHq for my first balisong. Was very impressed to purchase and receive the knife within 4 days. The knife is a great beginners Balisong to see if there’s an interest in the hobby. The only minor issue I encountered was that the handles have a little play to them but I think it’s normal. Within the first hour I got many cuts, so be careful it’s sharp! Not razor sharp but enough to make a cut.

Very, Very, Sharp.....
Adam G. on Feb 7, 2018

I just received this knife yesterday, I have used trainers in the past and good really good at them. If your coming from a trainer to this knife, be careful it's very sharp. I got 4 cuts in the span of 30 mins. The knife itself is awesome, well made, sounds cool too. If your a ballsy 14 year old like me, you should get this knife!!

great beginners butterfly knife
John H. on Jan 23, 2018

In the perfect price range for a real usable and durable knife to pick up as your first or only of it's kind, really no reason to go with anything else. It's the best in its corner of the market. I feel no need to spend more for another one, I've beaten mine up bad over the years and it's still perfectly functional.

First Actual Order
Caden B. on Jan 21, 2018

Ok, so as I am sure many who scroll through this site are skeptical, as I was, I can assure you after purchasing this, I am extremely satisfied. One problem with this website is the lack of reviews, which understandably sparks uncertainty, as I was, yet my knife came within 5 days, it was in amazing condition, pre oiled, pre sharpened, overall, I will order again from here.

Mike B. on Jan 8, 2018

Great and well constructed. Flips very easy and is solid

Worth the price by far...
Joseph C. on Oct 11, 2015

You can't beat this thing for the price. Came sharp, oiled, and perfect. Sturdy as hell, and a good flipper right out the box.

First Balisong
Miles W. on Feb 26, 2020

This knife was the first balisong I purchased. There were several problems with the fit and finish (bent tang pin, small 'crack' in the handle) but overall a good knife for a decent price. The blade came very sharp and this is a great knife to start your balisong collection.

Great while it lasted
Elijah M. on May 3, 2019

Although this knife broke today, I've had it for 2 years and it is smooth, durable, and all steel. The handle broke in half but I've used it for countless hours. I have learned so much with this knife.

Great first butterfly knife
Tristan F. on Sep 19, 2018

instead of getting a trainer i got this great knife for the price, moves very fast and is great to help me get a handle on how to use balisongs and i cant wait to upgrade when i have the money

My first knife
michael b. on Jul 27, 2018

This is my first balisong, which I got about an hour ago. Was doing some really clean y2k's after about 10 minutes (only dropping it maybe five times on soft carpet), and I noticed the tang pin is loose and can be pushed in and out entirely by lightly tapping on it with my finger. One side of the pin slightly swells so the pin won't move on that side, but the other side has no swell. I'm fairly disappointed. It is a beautiful knife, and it flips smoothly. (Though came covered in grease around the hinges and the blade is very sharp) I just really hope $40 didn't get me less than a day of flipping. I've heard good things about this model. Maybe there's a quick fix or something I can do to prolong the pin staying put that I'm not aware of. 7/10 Thanks.

Great knife
Canyon D. on Jan 5, 2018

my only complaints are that after a while it gets some side to side play, and the latch is hanging free. Other than that it's great!

Great starting Knife
Henry T. on Sep 5, 2016

This is the perfect knife for beginners. Mine lasted about 10 months before it started to break, but that was after extremely vigorous flipping. I mean dropping a lot. But it is an amazing knife nonetheless. I love bear and son. Its an amazing company. The only complaint I have is that the tang pin came a bit squashed and loose, but other than that, I was satisfied.

Great for beginners
Chase C. on Jul 14, 2016

If you are thinking about entering the balisong community this is a great place to start. The price is just fantastic for dabbling. Also might be nice to mention the service free pins that hold it together. For more traveled flippers the story is a quite bit different. I spent 6 months with this knife and it really shows. The only problem, which cascades into many others, is the latch. There is nothing in place to stop it from blocking the blade when closing the knife. As of now, the latch is shredded and the blade is chipped in many places on the last 3/4". However, I would like to reinforce that this has been a fantastic first knife.

Stiff latch
Deanna H. on Apr 9, 2019

Sharp knife, great weight to it, and it feels very high quality for the price. However, the latch on the bite handle is very stiff, it catches on the safe handle while you are flipping, resulting in some cuts, as well as not being able to do the tricks I want without fumbling. Darek I explained the same thing in his review as well.

Good while it lasted...
Max G. on Feb 20, 2020

I had it for less than 2 months and the pivot pin broke in half, causing the handle to break and rendering it useless. Which is a shame, because it flipped nicely.

Avoid at all costs!!!
Zachary J. on Apr 22, 2022

I got this knife a while back and within a week the bite handle started cracking and then eventually fell off. I had it repaired and customer service was garbage. When it got back it was to stiff to flip, then a week later it was super loose and the safe handle had already started cracking again. Avoid at all costs!!! I can't say from experience but I think a böker plus Bali is a better option for this price range. I hope this was helpful.

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