Bear & Son 114TR Butterfly Knife Trainer Silver Vein (4" Dull Blade)

Bear butterfly knife trainer. This trainer knife feature a tough epoxy powder coating over zinc handles. The handles feature a skeletonized design to reduce weight. Stainless steel trainer blade with a satin finish. Single tang pin. A nice USA made mid-range butterfly knife.

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  • Overall Length: 9.00"
  • Blade Length: 4.00"
  • Blade Material: 440
  • Blade Style: Clip Point
  • Finish: Satin
  • Handle Length: 5.00"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.44"
  • Handle Material: Metal
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 5.60 oz.
  • Knife Type: Butterfly
  • Brand: Bear & Son
  • Model: 114
  • Model Number: 114TR
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Recreation
  • Product Type: Trainer

Customer Reviews

Best trainer for this price!
Anonymous on Feb 18, 2017

It flips way better than other trainers on the market its very smooth and for this price I have no cons.

Here are the cons.
Adam S. on Jun 10, 2021

The biggest thing to keep in mind with this knife is that the arms are made of epoxy-coated zinc. Although this makes it soft to grip, its also heavy. I think this makes it a little odd to flip given how it compares to other balisongs I have bought. But im still too new to collecting to have a decent opinion on this. The main issue with the arms is that the epoxy coating starts to wear away with any extended use. Mine started showing wear after two weeks. This mainly comes in the form of the tang pin digging into the handles, to the point where the knife starts to become very wobbly since it cant properly hold the arms away from each other. This is most noticeable when holding the knife open. I think the latch is made of aluminum. After about three to four weeks of extended use the epoxy wears away around it, causing it to swing very easily. The problem here is that the area it swings around most wears away first (obviously) which is a semicircle away from the arm. However, the farthest point it can swing to, since it isn't worn out as much, will hold on to the now free-floating light latch. This mostly means it often gets in the way when closing. Using the knife for another month or two I think wore this down enough to where it rarely happens now, but its still something to note. The pivot pins are simple but loose and don't lock up the knife, even if they are wobbly. If it wasn't obvious, stability isn't this knifes strong suit. So why did I give this knife 4 stars? Because for $40 its a good buy if you are looking to get into balisongs. It hasn't failed me yet when performing the basic function of a trainer, flipping. And I sit at my desk for 8-10 hours a day flipping. I would definitely recommend.

Good knife, but one problem
TREY S. on Mar 25, 2021

The knife flips pretty well and is good quality but the latch always gets in the way while flipping. So over all its a good knife but the latch could use some work.

Made in usa, but its so-so; read on
Nao Toua C. on Sep 1, 2015

I first purchased this trainer in 2012 and still have it to this day. Let's first start with the construction of the material. The blade; it is thick, dull, safe and smooth, overall solid. The handles; channel construction, beautifully coated and has a nice weight to them. The latch; T style, and awful, as it wobbles where it wants to go and there's nothing you can do. This trainer does come oiled out of the box and it flips very smooth. The only three downfall I can think of is; 1: T latch design too ancient, 2: pin construction just plain sucks, and 3: pricing of this trainer. However, you do support usa when you buy this trainer. Merica baby!

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