Benchmade 940-1 Osborne AXIS Lock Knife Carbon Fiber (3.4" Stonewash) S90V


  • Stonewashed reverse tanto blade made from CPM S90V.
  • Dual thumb stud openers.
  • Carbon fiber handle over stainless steel liners.
  • Secure AXIS lock.
  • Reversible tip-up pocket clip.


Warren Osborne designed the Benchmade 940 Osborne knife popular for good reason. It's a comfortable everyday carry knife with its slim design, great ergonomics and lightweight. The 940-1 has a premium CPM-S90V steel blade with a plain edge and a stonewash finish. The carbon fiber handle has stainless steel liners and blue anodized aluminum barrel spacers. The AXIS lock and reversible pocket clip make this Benchmade knife usable for right and left handers.

For a deep dive and cut test of the 940, check out our Benchmade 940 Review.

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MSRP: $350.00
Our Price: $315.00
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  • Overall Length: 7.87"
  • Blade Length: 3.40"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.12"
  • Blade Material: CPM S90V
  • Hardness: 59-61 RC
  • Blade Style: Reverse Tanto
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Stonewash
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.47"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.41"
  • Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Frame/Liner: Steel
  • Weight: 2.44 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Thumb Stud
  • Lock Type: Crossbar Lock
  • Brand: Benchmade
  • Model: 940
  • Model Number: 940-1
  • Designer: Osborne
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Camp/Hike, Everyday Carry
  • Color: Black
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Almost perfect
Maxwell M. on Jul 30, 2021

Absolutely love this knife, have been using it for 5 years and it hasn’t let me down in any cutting. Two things I don’t love, the pocket clip (easy fix), and the damn handle scale screws that are sticking out collecting all kinds of crud and just looking sloppy. Benchmade should remedy this by using shorter screws, especially at the price. But it’s still hot...

Chris C. on Jul 3, 2021

My favorite EDC so far. Blade has no play, is centered, and is very sharp out of the box. Carbon Fiber looks great and the action is smooth. S90V steel is amazing. This thing feels nice in the hand and is so light you won’t know it’s in your pocket. My only small gripes are the clip and the price. I’ll probably get another deeper carry clip and it will be perfect. As for the price, I paid it because I wanted the knife bad enough, and it is a terrific knife. Blade HQ’s fast shipping is also appreciated and overall I’m very happy with this purchase!

Great knife! My new EDC Favorite
JUSTIN S. on Oct 4, 2020

Love the look and feel of this knife. It came out of the box sharp and sturdy. I would and will recommend this knife to my friends. If you’re not into the fancy carbon fiber the 940-2 is an awesome blade as well.

mi marca favorita
HUGO A. on Aug 31, 2020

hace poco me la compre y de mis cuchillas favoritas excelente peso y calidad

Form and function
David K. on Aug 27, 2020

This knife is so discreet in the pocket you won't even know it's there till you need it. The design is tried an true and the materials are top notch. Great EDC.

best edc yet
William C. on Dec 27, 2019

ive had this knife a while i was able to change the screws and pocket clip to make it my own hold the edge very lite with the swap out parts it at 2oz

My favorite EDC
Denton L. on Oct 30, 2019

The best 940! This is the lightest 940 with the upgraded carbon fiber scales; which go so well with the stonewashed s90v steel. What else can I say, its super smooth, has an axis lock, looks great, feels great, and its a 940. If your on the fence about getting it, just get it, you won't regret it.

Upgrade of an already great knife
Kyle W. on Oct 18, 2019

Great improvement over the original 940. The carbon fiber feels great and is far lighter than the original aluminum. The S90v is also great....unless its time for sharpening. Only big cons is the big price increase over the original 940 that might not be worth it for most people. They also still use the same body screws from the original 940 which are too long for this model and cause them the protrude a little into the inside of the scales - something that shouldn't be acceptable for a $272 knife

Benchmades best
Kevin B. on Oct 1, 2019

This is in my opinion the best knife benchmade offers in their lineup. The steel is amazing, the carbon fiber scales are a thing of beauty and the blade shape is super sturdy.

Attention Getter
Matthew J. on Aug 19, 2019

This Benchmade knife will be the envy of all your friends. The sexy look of the carbon fiber and the quality of the Benchmade brand is second to none. This knife is sharp, fits comfortably into your hand and is light weight. I have dozens of pocket knives of all makes and this is by far the best quality knife in my collection. I highly recommend purchasing this knife for any type of use.

Perfect Daily Carry
Ryan R. on Jul 25, 2019

I’ve owned the Benchmade 940-1 for five years. I bought it the first day I went to BladeHQ. When I asked to see the 940-1, the BladeHQ employee who helped me brought out several of them so that we could ensure the centering and QC was perfect. I appreciated the care they brought to the process. Since that time, it has been my primary EDC. The knife is light, very light. It also has a very slim profile. The overall effect is that it is unnoticeable when carried in jeans and barely noticeable if carried in slacks or a suit (which I wear often at work). It gets out of your way until you need it and then when you need it, it deploys easily from one’s pocket without tearing anything up. The smooth carbon fiber treats pocket edges well. The clip is parkerized black and very nice, but is not deep carry. Benchmade will send out a deep carry clip if you call and ask, or at least they did for me five years ago. The replacement clip leaves no part of the knife sticking out of the pocket. However, it was not Parkerized; it was painted, which means the paint scratches. It doesn’t matter, though - the 940 is a popular knife, and there is no end to aftermarket clip options for a reasonable price. The blade shape is odd, but I find that the grind is thin enough for most kinds of cuts even if it is a slicing wonder, and the tip is strong. The blade shape and grind make for a good all-purpose EDC. S90V allows for a long-lasting edge, and I haven’t found it too hard to sharpen, although it’s not as easy as S30V or S35VN. Both scales are drilled for a clip, and the AXIS lock makes this knife perfect for left-handed people. The knife can be deployed by depressing the AXIS lock and swinging the blade out, or it can be flicked out (or carefully pushed out) using the thumbstuds. To unlock, merely depress the AXIS lock and the blade will drop shut. Mine began to slow after long use, oiling it smoothed it out again. Benchmade offers its Lifesharp service - if you send or bring the knife to its headquarters in the Portland area in Oregon, a Benchmade employee will take it apart, service it, sharpen the blade, and return it to you in top condition. Benchmade also sells blades for $30.00 if you mess something up. So there is continued customer service. I’ve used the Lifesharp service when I visit Portland, and they did a good job sharpening the knife and returning it to like new condition. I’ve been very pleased with my Benchmade 940-1, and I anticipate that it will remain a favorite EDC in years to come.

Best EDC, in my opinion
Dr. D. on Jul 19, 2019

This Benchmade 940-1 is my favorite overall knife, and I own a lot of knives. It has the great s90V steel that has great edge retention, it's very hard, very tough, but is very hard to sharpen. I love the ultralight carbonfiber handle. The blade design looks great, to me, and it slices very well.

Incredible lite weight
Arte L. on Jul 14, 2019

I have several EDC knives and this one is a mainstay. I carry the Chris Reeves Mnandi and this rivals it. Not much more to say other than ...get one.

All good
Ken E. on May 17, 2019

You know the specs, but this one needs to be felt in hand. The feeling inspires the confidence of strength and toughness without the heft of so many knives these days. It is very lightweight, but also very rigid. My blade is centered but the action was ever-so-slightly tight (nothing a tiny adjustment to the pivot didn't rectify in seconds flat. My only beef is that the blade stock is a little thick for the profile resulting in a geometry that isn't as good of a slicer as it could be. Considering that none of the steels this knife are offered in are optimized for toughness (over edge retention), I am left to wonder why Warren didn't just design it with a thinner stock and make a fantastic slicer (sure that would be at the cost of lateral strength, but if used sensibly, it would still have plenty). Still worth 5 stars though.

A perfect blade!
Patrick B. on Mar 17, 2019

I bought this knife so I could have something classy in my pocket at my buddy’s wedding. It totally delivers. The carbon fiber is smooth but grippy, the s90v blade holds an edge like no other, and combined with a deep carry clip (provided by benchmade) this knife totally disappears in your pocket.

Worth the upgrade over the 940
Joshua B. on Mar 16, 2019

I was recently gifted a brand new 940-1 and man this thing is smooth and sexy (if your into knives I guess). I've carried a 940 for years and the 940-1 is honestly worth the extra money. It's super light and disappears in the pocket. Plus it has an axis lock which lets be honest, is the most fun thing to play with on your daily commute to work!

Ultimate EDC
Daniel L. on Mar 15, 2019

This is my all time favorite EDC knife. I've carried it for several years and I've never found a folder that beats it. It can be hell to sharpen, luckily it almost never needs to be sharpened.

Matthew C. on Mar 14, 2019

This variant of the 940 is absolutely wonderful. The carbo fiber is not only pretty but it's light and the s90v is great at holding its edge.

Best EDC Ever!
William H. on Feb 28, 2019

You can carry this one every day and not get tired of it. Light weight in the pocket, but great size. Carbon fiber scales, blue stand offs and great steel. Who could want more? This one will be a classic carry m

My edc
Justin E. on Feb 27, 2019

Premium materials, on a phenomenal design. Cannot be happier that I pulled the trigger and purchased this knife! Much appreciation for benchmade and their second-to-none customer service; if you are considering owning this, dont hesitate!

Best knife I carried
Jacky N. on Feb 24, 2019

This knife coast a lot but getting this knife it changed my views on knives instantly as I am normally using a big flipper. This knife was getting a lot of hype but all the hype was real. Best knife I got so far 👍👍

Anonymous on Jan 29, 2019

Great knife
Matthew S. on Jan 17, 2019

This is an excellent knife, very light weight and comfortable to carry. My edge came hair shaving sharp and had near perfect centering. This knife has some of the nicest carbon fiber I have ever seen

Great craftsmanship
Michael T. on Oct 19, 2018

This knife is a lot of money, but you get what you pay for! The details of the carbon fiber scales are amazing beautiful. The blade setting is spot on. And if you call Benchmade they will send you a deep carry pocket clip. The action is very nice and as long as you clean and re-lube your washers every once and a while it will stay very nice. The open back is great for blowing out the pocket lint out of the knife. And as others have mentioned if you take the time and care to put a razor edge on the blade it will hold it a long time. Over all I really love this mode and have carried it everyday since I bought it.

By far my favorite EDC
Dane I. on Oct 4, 2018

I’m a flipper kind of guy. That being said this is my go to knife due to how long and slender the handle is, it fits perfect in the pocket. Plus the axis lock delivers a quick action. I’m sorry bladehq but I went through REI to get my rebate. But Bladehq is the best!!

The perfect EDC
David M. on Sep 25, 2018

I been carrying this knife for only about 5 months as of the time im writing this and I already know its and will be my favorite knife for a while. I do carry it every day, no matter where I am because its so light it just becomes part of you, its just as easy as carrying my Iphone and I always double check to make sure I didnt accidentally drop it, which I wont because the clip is amazing and lets the knife sits very deep on my pocket. pros: S90V steel; this is a wonderful steel delivered to CPM by Archangel Gabriel from the forges of heaven.(light exaggeration) Extremely smooth action, its too easy to open and close it single handily as some people have admitted: i also cant help but play by closing it and opening from time to time, it just feels good. Easy to maintain: none requited (aside from sharpening) expensive but worth every penny cons: sharpening: its not easy, its by far the hardest knife I ever sharpen, extremely time consuming but it does keep its edge a good amount of time and you can get it extremely razor sharp if you have the patience...will make you want to buy an electric sharpener. Not a massive fan of reverse Tanto, but I have grown to love it.

Great Craftsmanship
Cameron C. on Jun 15, 2018

I was on the fence for awhile about chucking out the money for this knife and I glad that I did. This thing disappears in my pocket but I have the upmost confidence in the clip to keep it where it is. Not to mention I already have a constant OCD to check my pockets for my belongings but whatever. The blade came arm shaving, paper cutting sharp. The action is so smooth that I find myself fooling around with it. Also let me say this thing is LIGHT. I'm talking extremely light.. it takes a bit to get used to you especially with the feel of the carbon fiber (which feels great on the hands). I have no problem fitting all four of my fingers on the handle and I have large size hands. I'm extremely happy with this knife although the blade centering is just a tad off which I feel like when your playing 260+ for a knife everything should be nothing short of spectacular. If you want something that feels more solid in the hand I'd go with regular 940, if you prefer the lightweight without the lack of quality go with this. S90v is amazing.

Still in my pocket
Jay L. on Jun 12, 2018

This is the first high end knife I purchased.. followed by 12 other Benchmade knives, couple of ZTs, and even a Chris Reeve Sebenza at the moment. This is still the one that I DO NOT leave the house without. Perfection is the word to use for the 940-1. Get one and thank me later!

Disappears in the pocket
Clayton S. on Apr 20, 2018

Great knife. Get one.

Great knife
Nathan C. on Feb 20, 2018

The carbon fiber handles give the knife a very smooth feeling when you are holding it.The blade is very sharp and the axis lock is super easy to use. I have never had a problem with this knife.

Man I love this knife.
Brian M. on Jan 20, 2018

Super slim, super light, and super useful. The blade is a great shape, I have always been a fan of drop point blades, but this reverse tanto is very useful for everyday tasks. The carbon on mine is very nice looking with just the right amount of grip, ( not too slippery, not too matte.). I also have a zt0562cf, and I recommend this knife for someone that doesn't want to scare someone when they pull it out. Both knives are equally awesome IMHO.

Amazing knife
Donnie O. on Jan 19, 2018

I bought my bench made 940 cf thinking it was just a great looking knife, I had no idea how functional it was,it assisted me in actually helping A person with a car problem late one night a year ago she was a mom stuck on the road with a bad radiator hose and when I stopped to help and saw what it was the 940 with s90v was large and in charge lol,I cut the hose like butter and got her car back on the road .... thank you Blade Hq for a great store and company and Benchmade for great products.

light weight
Darryl S. on Jan 14, 2018

This knife is cool, but i think it is kinda over hyped. If i were to choose between this and the [Brand X folding knife], the 940-1 would sit on the shelf. that being said it is a great design. The knife being so light it kinda feels fragile. Maybe I should have gotten the G10 version...

love it
Jake A. on Jan 9, 2018

It is so light it just disappears in the pocket. The blade holds its edge for so long it's not even funny. I have loved the axis lock action and I am very happy with the knife overall.

never thought i would but i did
Dylan B. on Jan 7, 2018

I used to go to bladehq and look at this knife thinking to myself "one day" the price tag intimidated me for a long time but i finally purchased one and i will never regret it. the blade is a headache to sharpen but thankfully benchmades lifesharp does a great job. It holds an edge unlike any other steel i have used and the carbon fiber is absolutely stunning. I would highly recommend everyone add a carbon fiber knife to their collection, especially this one.

Love this Knife
Ryan W. on Jan 7, 2018

This knife oozes quality. Centering, steel, carbon fiber, action, etc. Just too many good things to list.

One of my favorite knives
tom b. on Jan 5, 2018

I love this knife! I carry this knife most days out of the week and it stands up to everything I have put before it. Fit and finish are perfect. Only downside I have is the price, but you get what you pay for.

Love it
Matt W. on Jan 5, 2018

Love the S90v and as always it is a 940 so you can’t go wrong.

Ricardo A. on Jan 5, 2018

You forget you carrying a beautiful masterpiece with you.

O baby
Steve M. on Jan 5, 2018

You can not go wrong with this knife!

Great lightweight edc knife
Daniel S. on Jan 5, 2018

Just buy it. You will love this knife!

Perfect EDC
Elliott H. on Jan 5, 2018

Ultra lightweight, slim profile (perfect for pocket carry), blade isn’t too long or short, very high wear resistance blade. Don’t be discouraged by the hollow grind, it actually slices (cardboard) pretty well. Pocket clip isn’t paint, it’s parkerized which will wear beautifully.

940-1 I love it
Scott r. on Dec 7, 2016

If you are reading this, pull the trigger already. This knife is my favorite weekend carry, light sexy and holds a killer edge. As someone already mentioned use caution with one hand closing, I cut myself in the palm and didn't even feel it. I showed a friend my knife and tried warning him, but I was to late and he took a chunk off his pinkie. This knife is scary sharp, just the way it should be. The axis lock puts some surprising spring force just before it completely closes, and will get ya. However this same omaga spring action is what makes it so fun to open and close, very entertaining and satisfying tool for the restless hands. Trust us and get this amazing knife.

Best Gentleman EDC
Eric J. on Jul 16, 2016

The super light weight and superb, spot-on reliable easy opening makes this Benchmade worth the investment. Shirt pocket carry, next to pen is doable and inconspicuous . Super sharp. Take care on closing with one hand till you're used to the axis lock system. The blue accents and slim design in CF makes this one as good as it gets. If you like light weight American tactical EDCs. Enjoy!

Deserves 6 stars...
Tom T. on Feb 25, 2016

I love this Benchmade 940-1! And I don't say that lightly. I seriously would have given it 6 stars if that was an option. I waited some time before I wrote this just to insure that my "love" was not merely infatuation. I am a knife aficionado. I guess the boy in me still likes shiny sharp things. I own and use many knives. Most of them Chris Reeve Sebenza's. I do not believe in having a knife that you don't carry and are afraid to use for fear of "messing it up". I regularly carry and use even my high dollar exotic knives. Firm believer that if it is too nice to use, it is too nice to own. Having said that there may be some knives that I "baby" a bit more than others. 😁 Not this one! I have used and abused it. What's crazy is that I have not yet felt the need to sharpen it!  Hooray for S90V steel! The carbon fiber scales are tough too! Keeps the weight down into minuscule territory. This knife keeps bumping others out of their turn in my rotation. That is saying a lot considering that some of them are many times over the cost of this knife. I am not a knife snob or a brand fanboy that would tell you that this knife, or that knife, is the "best ever made anywhere by anybody".  But I will tell you that this knife deserves a try in your pocket and your hands. Then you decide what it's best uses are. As for me, I use it on everything and everywhere. There is only one thing that I discovered about this knife that I slightly disliked: the pocket clip. It is fine and functionary but fails to live up to the design and feel of the rest of the knife. It feels cheaper than this knife deserves. But who cuts things with a pocket clip anyway! I did upgrade my knife with, IMHO, a better clip. One that I got from here on BladeHQ that is made of carbon fiber. Looks better and feels better to me. And as a bonus is a little bit lighter. Too each his own. Here is the link to the pocket clip I bought to replace the factory clip. Kudos to Benchmade on this knife!

Incredible EDC blade!
John F. on Jan 1, 2016

Although I'm not a huge fan of the standard aluminum scales on the 940/943 I believe these CF handles are a big improvement. Drops the weight to a featherlight 2.4oz, you can forgot you're carrying it pretty easily. Excellent blade steel that will hold and edge for a long time, solid Axis lock and very smooth action. Blade came perfectly centered. Couldn't be happy with it! Highly recommend.

My new EDC
Ronald M. on Nov 7, 2015

I have never written a review on this site before. But for this knife I had to write one because of it's sweet CPM-S90V reverse tanto blade and it's over all functionality and quality. I am a collector and have multiple knifes like my Protech knifes or Microtech knifes. This is definitely my new favorite knife that I own. Don't get me wrong I really like my other knifes. But if I had to pick a favorite it would be this knife.

The Best EDC!
Oscar B. on Oct 21, 2015

I'm a knife collector for years and use them daily.... This is my EDC for more than a year and I can't think of anything better for the job in the industry. Excellent in every detail... Blade, handle material, easy use..... If you can pay for one knife only, this is it.... Period.

My Favorite EDC
Vivian J. on May 28, 2015

The 940 is a knife that I have admired for some time, although I hadn't pulled the trigger on one until this model arrived. I always liked the reverse tanto blade and handle on this model, and I knew I would like the AXIS lock from my experience with my 960. BM came out with an all carbon fiber handled knife many years ago, and I've always kicked myself for missing that one. Low and behold, they produced this knife, in a model I admired more than that one, with the handle I always wanted, and they topped it off with a premium steel blade! I've owned it for about a year now, and I can honestly say that BM hit the nail on the head with this one! It is the smoothest, lightest, best all-around EDC knife that I own. It will be hard to surpass this one, unless I fork out some serious $ for a Sebenza or the like. But until then, and maybe even in that case, this knife is my favorite!

Caleb S. on Jan 30, 2015

The weight on this knife sets it apart from everything! Carbon fiber and s90v heck yeah! The only thing I don't care for is the clip so I ordered a custom one to replace it. It may feel cheap considering the weight but once you see the materials being used plus that butterfly logo you know what's up! This is in my opinion the best edc in the past 10 years! You cannot go wrong with this knife! - Caleb

Great knife
Kade E. on Oct 1, 2019

Perfect knife, only thing wrong with this is the axis lock broke about 3 months after I got it. Sent it into Benchmade and received my knife back with a fixed, sharpened, and cleaned knife. Great warranty!

This is an excellent, excellent knife
Erik W. on Jul 20, 2019

I love this blade and the axis lock. Truly a match made in heaven. Absolutely beautiful knife, very well put together. Very sharp out of the box. I could spend hours just flipping the blade. I just have one complaint. The carbon fiber is slippery as can be. The carbon fiber is beautifully done on this knife. But it is so smooth it can practically squirt out of your hand. Just a word to the wise, might want the G10 version with the s90v blade.

Ethan m. on Feb 23, 2019

This knife is gorgeous and a great edc it’s super smooth and fun to open and close my only problem is the steel, it stays sharp forever but the second you touch any ice or even staples it chips which I don’t think should happen with a $300 dollar knife but as far as design goes it’s awesome

Addictive Action, Cramped handle
Han L. on Jan 19, 2018

Good first. The axis lock is addictive. With the long blade, this knife is an awesome fidget toy. Blade is solid. Centering is good. Here are the bad. The handle is too shallow to get a full grip on for my hand. Grabbing this knife feels like pimping it with my thumb and index finger. It can be a little shorter for EDC. Without a flipper tab or finger guard, I have a fear of the blading shutting on my finger, though it's probably never gonna happen.

Philip G. on Aug 1, 2017

Awesome knife, but the finish on the clip rubbed off all over my 5.11s effectively making it look like I was a mechanic with khakis. Otherwise, a nice addition to the team.

Timothy E. on Oct 24, 2023

Like another user said, the edge was rough and unfinished. There were noticeable gouges in the bevel and it not only wouldn’t shave, it couldn’t even cut paper. The rest of the knife was great but I have no idea how anyone would’ve looked at this and thought it was good enough to box it up for sale. It’s very light which I thought I would like, but realized I prefer a more substantial knife. Thats subjective though and is not why I’m giving it three stars. That’s entirely due to the edge being so bad. I’m currently debating on returning it. I really don’t want to because the rest of the knife is great but if it doesn’t cut it’s merely a paper weight, and a light one at that.

For $300 its ok
TAYLOR D. on Sep 29, 2020

I purchased the 940-1 after eagerly saving and researching it for a year. For $270 the knife should function flawlessly and zero issue with fit or finish. I bought a para 3 LW a month prior and fell in love with that knife even if the blade centering was slightly off after a week, but at $98, an issue like that is more tolerable. There is significant horizontal blade play on the $270 BM 940-1 after a few weeks of use with none on the $98 para 3 LW. The action also sticks somewhat 1 out of approximately 7 openings where I have to attempt the opening 2 or 3 times. Meanwhile, on the para 3 LW, the blade flies out and locks up solid each time. I will be sending my knife to Benchmade and asking them to correct the bladeplay and lock sticking issue and then update the review. For now, I would say check out Spyderco or a different model of Benchmade if you have $270 available. At this price and brand name recognition, there should be zero fit and finish issues as well as perfect tolerances. I really really wanted to love this knife as it carries well in the pocket and looks beautiful, but I will be sticking with my para 3 LW as my daily EDC.

Not the Quality I expected
Ed D. on May 5, 2022

My 940-1 was not as sharp as I expected. The blade edge appears to have been rough ground but not finished. Very rough edge. The clip is also on the wrong side for right hand users. You would think for the price there would be a torx wrench or bit included to change the clip.

Blade HQ response:
We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you contacted our customer service department yet ([email protected])? We'd like to help you get this resolved. Thanks -BHQ
Just don't get it??
Gary G. on Sep 16, 2021

Blade HQ came in with flying colors on my order but the knife itself, I just don't understand the hype? It's totally my fault for not going somewhere close and putting one in my hands. I will take any form of Griptilian over this or a Bugout (another overhyped knife) any day of the week. Handle is small, blade is small, feels like a Piranha knife. Will be selling asap.

Looks Great...
Michael P. on Aug 6, 2020

Out of the box the knife looks great... And here is the 'but'. The blade had a very pronounced burr causing to not be anywhere near how sharp it should be. I am also accustom to Benchmade knives having great action, but this is not the case on this knife out of the box. I believe that the action can also be remedied with some adjusting. Overall I am not impressed with this knife based on the price tag.

Defective Design
Mark M. on Dec 21, 2019

I had this knife for two years and used as an EDC. PROS: Blade design is nice and quality steel that retains an edge for about 8 months of normal use. Very lightweight - under 3oz You will forget it is in your pocket, lightweight and slim profile Looks nice with carbon fiber The BAD: OK, I really wanted to like this knife and intended to keep it as my EDC, but finally had to sell it and purchase something else due to an important defect. The edge of the blade tip is close to the top of the body of the knife and this is a tip-up carry. The clip that it comes with has the tip of the body of the knife come up from your pocket. The combination of the two makes it easy for T-shirts and clothing to come in contact with the tip of the blade. I have had several shirts that have holes cut in them from this design.

Axis lock broke after just 30 days!
DUANE L. on Jun 19, 2021

I started a return on June 7 and received it today! I don’t understand some of the negative reviews I have seen about Blade HQ? Unfortunately I bought a Benchmade in May of this year and both axis springs must have broke. Very disappointed in Benchmade. When I contacted them they really didn’t seem to care, like this must happen all the time? I have to say your process was easy, fast and without problems! The only thing that separates knife makers and dealers is their customer service! For the price, I have to say it's not worth it! Funny, I bought a 945 and love it, so I thought what could be better than a bigger one. Learned my lesson. Duane

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