Benchmade Bailout AXIS Lock Knife Green Aluminum (3.4" Gray M4) 537GY-1

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  • Overall Length: 8.07"
  • Blade Length: 3.38"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.125"
  • Blade Width: 1.00"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.09"
  • Blade Material: CPM M4
  • Blade Style: Tanto
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Gray
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.70"
  • Handle Width: 1.00"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.39"
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 2.70 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Thumb Stud
  • Lock Type: Bar Lock
  • Brand: Benchmade
  • Model: Bailout
  • Model Number: 537GY-1
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Knife

  • Gray finished tanto blade made of CPM-M4 steel.
  • Dual thumb stud openers with bronze washer pivot.
  • Textured green aluminum handle with a steel pommel.
  • Ambidextrous AXIS-Lock mechanism.
  • Reversible Mini Deep Carry pocket clip.


The Bailout from Benchmade Knives is both extremely lightweight and extremely tough. This nearly impossible balance makes the Bailout one of the best tactical folders on the market. Right or left handed, strong or weak side, the bailout will perform when called upon. The AXIS-Lock combined with a high-toughness carbon steel tanto blade make sure the knife can handle any use and abuse you can give it. And when the job is done, it practically vanishes into the pocket.

There is a large variety of Benchmade Tactical Folding Knives. Benchmades can be found in the pockets of soldiers all over the world. Put one in yours!

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Customer Reviews

Great Knife
kevin c. on Feb 23, 2020

This knife looks better in person, the green is a little darker than the picture(which is good).The gray Cerakote finish is great with the green. The lock up and release are awesome. This knife disappears in your pocket which is thin, but strong. The aluminum scales are have no flex, really awesome knife for EDC.

I like it a lot so far
noah c. on Jul 23, 2020

feedback after a week of daily carry, clip is a little small, will likely replace it. i carry my keys and knife in right front pocket, keys have already marred grip finish, but i walk ~10,000 steps a day. daily carried it for about a week now. using it to replace a doug ritter griptilian in s30v that has been my right hand carry for over a decade, as well as a hest i was carrying left handed (for glass breaker). so this doesn't have as good of steel as what i used to carry, but it is replaceable, and combines two knives with it's feature sets.overall happy with it. was nicely surprised with how grippy it is, even with metal scales.

Meet the Bugout's Big Bro
Garrett S. on Mar 9, 2020

My new favorite for every day. Love my Bugout, but had to upgrade the scales. This Bailout has a nice slim profile, perfect amount of heft, and just that little extra length to the handle that fits perfectly in my hand. Factory edge on the M4 steel is wicked sharp.

Upgrades all around
Daniel R. on Feb 26, 2020

The handle gave me some pause before it came. I did not hate the grivory handles on the previous model but I understood all the concerns about it. The handle on this version is fantastic. It has grip but not too much and it is good and solid. The odd construction of the pommel lanyard on the last model seemed to want to be a striker or something but it was too flat to be effective. This version has a solid glass breaker that makes it have some punch. The blade steel is certainly an upgrade. They really seemed to have addressed all the concerns from the last model. If you need a lightweight folding knife to carry and be ready if truly needed this should be on your list to look at.

Extremely sharp out of the box, well constructed
zachary g. on Apr 7, 2020

Awesome blade, very thin to add the slicey factor with the toughness of a tanto blade it blends very well. Gorgeous knife. Landyard retainer: would have preferred rounded edges, but functions well as a bottle opener. Scales: Huge upgrade, great texture, won't tear up your hands but will keep a grip if wet. Jimping is exeptional. OF NOTE: the glass breaker works reallllly well. I had this on my scrubs with my phone in the right jacket pocket, gave my iphone a sweet spiderweb background on my walk into work.

Benchmade Bailout AXIS Lock Knife Green Aluminum (3.4" Gray M4) 537GY-1
christopher g. on Feb 7, 2022

Awesome slicer, high quality build, top self materials get one you wont be disappointed! The fidget factor is a 10 makes this worth the purchase on that merit alone! ~Christopher G.

An unbelievable achievement in performance and weight
Blue K. on Aug 24, 2021

This knife was purpose bought as it was advertised; to be there when I needed it and do hard work and yet then vanish like a feather into my kit. It should be in the Metropolitan Museum. It stabs, it batons, it shaves, breaks car windows and it cuts far above its weight. I have the 940 and the Presidio, the Bailout is my backup or a trusted primary. Only cons I can think of is that it may not be for large hands, also is has a break in period on the scales, they are a bit chalky in texture at first but after a little use this goes away.

Loving this one!
Mark C. on Aug 29, 2020

Great EDC! Very light in the pocket. Looks and feels great!

Best knife I’ve ever owned!
Daniel I. on May 8, 2020

So light and slim but tough. Perfect for my EDC. If I was going to spend this much for a knife, I wanted it to feel good quality in hand so I went with this over the Bugout and the aluminum does not disappoint. The action is superb, opening with just a slight flick of the thumb stud or using the axis lock and a flick of the wrist. The drop close is excellent. So easy, I find myself fidgeting with it with my off (left) hand as easily as my right. I worry that playing with it is so addictive that I’ll wear out the lock springs. As for the glass breaker, some hate it but I’m glad to have it just in case because this knife will be with me always. Love the colors and quality. I now understand why benchmade is so expensive. Worth it!

Sneaky eager little bugger
johnathon m. on May 13, 2020

So I placed the order for this beaut on 05/08/2020 and it showed up today. When the doorbell rang, I knew my newest precious has arrived. I jumped up with glee, went to the door and ripped it open with excitement. Only to find the postal driver standing there with an open box, and a puzzled look on his face. I was devastated. I thought..... " Dang it! Some schlub seen bladehq on the box, and wanted to ruin my day". Nope.... I closed the door, empty box in hand, and stumbled over to my desk. Fully ready to contact the postal customer service. But alas, there it was. In all of its grey Cerakote M4, with a smooth (yet grippy) Forest Green robe on, showing me the perfectly centered and sharpened M4 goodness it has to offer. It worked its way out of the box and into my home. Eager to show me what all it had going on. The cherry on the top, was when it showed me that spiffy little glass breaker on its bottom, letting me know it was ready and willing to help me out of a tight spot if I was to ever need it. All joking aside, this knife is superbly constructed, perfectly centered, and sharp as can be. Benchmade made a knife that I didn't even know I wanted, and after seeing it, I needed it. Now that I've got it, it's all that I could have asked for. Thank you BladeHQ for finally having it in stock when I looked. And thank you also for the artwork applied to the shipping box. Excellent service as usual. Keep it up, and stay safe.

Blade HQ response:
Thanks for the detail on your review. -Blade HQ
A Better Bailout
William W. on Apr 27, 2021

Superior Bailout. It's slim, still light weight, fidgety (if that matters), smooths out after a couple days of flipping open and closed, and of course is made with great steel and the aluminum scales have no flex. Mine came with an inch long burr on the blade that was obvious with a flashlight and fingernail, at least .002", but a couple passes on a fine spyderco plate and it disappeared. The blade is thin, this isn't a "hard use" knife, but it's perfect for an everyday pocket knife and very slicey.

Favorite Knife
. on Mar 25, 2021

This is by far my favorite knife I have ever owned. It is extremely light weight, and is easy to sharpen.

Almost too nice to carry & use everyday.
EDWIN J. on Feb 9, 2021

I bought one of these and had an issue that required returning the knife. It comes with a tag attached that states the pocket clip is installed for right handed carry/use and must be removed and installed on the other side if you are left handed. I am left handed. I tried to install the pocket clip on the other side but one of the holes that is drilled and threaded into the handle on that side was chewed up right out of the box. The screws would not go all the way in so I could not properly install the pocket clip for left handed use. The screws are T6 Torx, by the way. None of the documentation that comes with the knife will tell you that. Blade HQ wanted photos of the issue, but finally authorized a return. Blade HQ does not do exchanges, only refund or store credit and I had to pay return shipping. I returned the knife and ordered another one. It did not have the same issue with the holes for the pocket clip. Having had a chance to hold 2 of these, I noticed a big difference in the tightness of the blades as they open. The first one was noticeably tighter than the one I have now. This difference is not necessarily a problem, but I was expecting more consistency from a manufacturer that is supposed to produce higher quality products. The pocket clip itself makes the knife disappear in the pocket but its short and doesn't give you much to grab when you need the knife to reappear. I attached a lanyard and longer deep carry pocket clips are available so no big deal. The clip is very tight and the knife doesn't move or try to fall out when carried all day. The finish on the blade and handle is beautiful. There's enough grip on the handles but not enough to rip up the pocket on your pants. The blade on both knives were EXTREMELY sharp. I'm talking surgical instrument sharp. It was shocking how sharp these were. Overall its a very good knife.

Awesome knife, but with stuff to consider
Matthew L. on Jun 20, 2021

I got my Bailout on Black Friday in 2020, so I've been able to put it through it's paces. The good: Slim, lightweight, great scale texture, stays sharp for a long time, and the Axis lock and mini deep-carry clip are wonderful The bad: M4 is a pain to sharpen, even with good whetstones (I have Shapton Glass). Get some Atoma diamond stones (better quality than DMT) or just get a Worksharp. The glassbreaker/pommel digs into my hand when engaging the axis lock and defeats the purpose of the deep-carry clip, in my opinion. Stuff to consider: I replaced the pommel with a Rockscale Design Titanium backspacer, and it looks cleaner and functions better for me. Also, if your knife won't drop-shut without blade-play, polish both sides of your washers just a smidge on a high-grit strop; it worked for me! I've taken apart my knife numerous times, but if you value your warranty, I'd advice against it. Until you get a couple scratches on it and start using it harder (within reason), you will not be able to see its full potential.

Could be the last knife you need
Nicholas J. on Dec 3, 2021

Going on about a year of every day carry and use.To the point, the knife works well, action is decent. Not drop shut, but just in the right spot for me. The aluminum does scratch pretty easy so if you want something that's gonna stay looking new, this might not be for you. Folks hate on the lanyard hole/ glass breaker spacer but I don't mind it as I have short lanyards on all my EDC pieces. The heat treat seems good as the edge holds well. The only 2 things I can say I don't care for is that the blade grinds aren't symmetrical at the cutting edge, at least on mine, I noticed that during sharpening on my edge pro. Also I really wish Benchmade (and everyone else) would stop using T6 torx screws. They didn't strip out, but only because I really made sure I was careful. I could feel them wanting to roll during disassembly. Other than that this will probably be the last knife of this price range I buy for a while, it does everything I need it to do at home and at work.

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