Benchmade Blue Lube Lubricant 1.25 oz Bottle


  • 1.25 ounces—enough for years of reasonable use.
  • Built-in precision nozzle.
  • Long-lasting lubrication.


Benchmade Blue Lube is formulated to help keep your knives tuned for smooth function. Start off with Blue Lube Cleaner to flush and prep the moving parts for a fresh application of BlueLube. Blue Lube not only lubricates, it prevents rust and corrosion, too. Both formulas work in tandem to enhance overall knife function and keep things moving like a well-oiled machine (without the build up). 1.25 fluid ounces

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  • Brand: Benchmade
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Product Type: Lubricant

Customer Reviews

Benchmade! What can I say?!
Patrick O. on Sep 22, 2022

I think EVERYTHING Benchmade produces is GREAT! And this lube is AWESOME! Use it on ALL MY KNIVES ETC. BUY IT!!

Much better than other oils
John B. on Nov 1, 2021

I early on I used regular gun oils on my knives. I bought some of this to try it out. The difference was immediately noticeable. It is slicker, doesn’t run and takes less. So much better than plain oils. I’ll never go back to any other. Try it out and you will see the difference.

Instant improvement to any action
Mason O. on Sep 23, 2021

Title says it all. This stuff works wonders in balis and flippers.

Like new
Margaret B. on Feb 2, 2021

This stuff is great! My old knives feel like new again.

Excellent Stuff
Bruce B. on Sep 21, 2020

I've used other lubricants in the past (some of them well-known names) and this one (in my opinion) is far superior. My knives are much smoother and you use far less than with some of the other products. This bottle should last me for quite a while and I have a lot of knives. I just don't care for the tapered applicator. I wish they would use a needlepoint (but I used one of their competitor's applicators).

good for expensive knives you care about
Paul W. on Sep 4, 2020

This lube will get you the most out of your knife with an expensive pivot/action. This is a good option assuming you don't buy quality lubricant for other mechanisms. I wouldn't use this for any work/beater knives that are going to get full of grease or dirt all the time.

Works as advertised
Andrew C. on Aug 29, 2020

Used this with the cleaner to try and make the action on my new 940 smoother. So far so good!

Stuff worked great
BRASON C. on Jul 26, 2020

This stuff is fantastic. It almost completely negates friction between blades, springs, washers, and scales.

Its description doesnt lie!
Alessio V. on Mar 12, 2020

Lubed up my bugout and I tightened it up quite a bit. Still drops with one flick!

Clayton D. on Mar 5, 2020

Its blue. Its lube. whats not to like? Improved the action on all of my knifes. Quality product and a affordable price. Highly recommend this blue lube.

Best Knife Lube!
Aleks M. on Feb 13, 2020

I put this on all of my knives, really smooths the action. I recommend this to everyone.

Getting a Bugout? Get some.
Bri L. on Dec 6, 2019

Smoothed out the Bugout to the point where theres no resitance once you start the action of opening. It made my Bugout the knife I wanted performance wise.

Get some!
Blake S. on Oct 14, 2019

It's super easy to use and really smooths out those phosphor bronze washers. Really nice.

Blue Lube
luke h. on Oct 1, 2019

benchmade blue lube. Never used it, but i just bought it. It looks great and can't be that bad if its from benchmade.

Best Knife Lube
Clarenz J. on Sep 5, 2019

Benchmade Blue Lube is the best lube available. Applies clear and no smell or scent to it. Makes my knives so buttery smooth. Not surprised it's always sold out!

Benchmade blue lube
Scott H. on Aug 22, 2019

This stuff is amazing !! I use it on all my knives!!

Jozef J. on Jul 23, 2019

This is my favorite Lube and it goes a loooooong way to lube things up to. A couple of very small drops worked in will make the blade fly out. Too much lube and you can collect a lot of dirt so use this stuff like you paid way more money for it!

Blue lube
Sam H. on Jul 22, 2019

Beside the snazzy name, this is perfect maintenance oil for all my knifes. I had a Benchmade old school from around 2000, had a little stick when deployed applied a little blue lube back to a nice snappy action

Why it is a best seller
Eric H. on Apr 12, 2019

I'm late to the game on owning a Benchmade knife but I *FINALLY* get why this oil is always a top seller for BladeHQ. It's that Axis lock. I find myself opening and closing the blade of my Griptillian for hours on end. Other owners have to be like me and are drying out the lube points too! :-) Awesome product, keeps all my pivots nice and smooth.

I used to think that oil was just oil...
Frank B. on Feb 14, 2019

I have no idea what's in this lubricant, but it does seem to do a better job, particularly with flipper knife mechanisms. I have used gun oils of various types--typically containing Teflon. But they have a strong odor, and often the lubricating action does not last. And these types of oils seem to work poorly for me on the ceramic bearings in the pivot joints. I bought the Blue Lube because I liked the bottle design/applicator, and the color of the lubricant. For all I know, it's nothing more than mineral oil with some blue dye. But it does a very nice job--mechanisms really smooth out, the lubricant lasts a long time, doesn't turn gummy, and it's odorless. I even used it to free up a sticky plastic pump mechanism for a lady-friend's face cream pump dispenser when nothing else worked. Who would have thought?

Can't say enough good things about this!
Cameron R. on Jun 30, 2018

So my para 3 had a really dry pivot and just wouldn't open and close well so I ended up getting this and now it has an amazing action. I would recommend this to anyone.

Best knife oil
Chris s. on Jun 12, 2018

Perfect for any Benchmade or any knife. Get cleaner too. Periodic cleaning and oiling goes along way.

even works on doors
Colton Y. on Jun 12, 2018

screw wd-40. just slather this on and it'll work, whatever it is.

Must Buy
Steven K. on Jun 7, 2018

I had a ball that was really squeaky, I bought some of this stuff and it hasn't made a sound. This is absolutely worth the money.

Greatest stuff
Dan p. on Jan 22, 2018

The best stuff

As good as it gets
Nick S. on Jan 21, 2018

clean, fast, easy to apply

Best Lube for knives
Austin P. on Jan 19, 2018

Great lube that does its job well. I have had some knives rust after using this so I can't say how much protection it prevents rust and corrosion but it's a great lube for making your knives smooth as butter.

Are You OCD?
Tae S. on Jan 8, 2018

Starting to think I am. I had gotten Blue Lube fairly recently, but it goes on very well and doesn’t leave behind a beaded trail or schmutz on the blade. Works great for lubing up the “innards” of the blade after cleaning. Highly recommend. SF

I like to take things apart and make them better
Dylan B. on Jan 7, 2018

I work as a mechanical engineer and love seeing how things works. Naturally taking apart my knives within the first few hours of getting them is just something that i do. I spend time meticulously cleaning them and polishing the washers making sure to eliminate any resistance. this is the only knife lubricant i have used that doesn't get sticky and that doesn't attract to much dust. I now use it for just about everything and love the bottle it comes in. it is also an incredible value as a little goes a long way.

Great stuff.
Donald M. on Jan 7, 2018

Heard a lot of great things about this lube. A little goes a long way.

Part of every ones knife kit
Kaylin T. on Jan 6, 2018

It is what it is, and you need it because smooth is never smooth enough. One of the things i like about it is that it prevents rust which helps on folders made of M4 or other rust prone steels.

Necessary for any knife enthusiast
Jacob M. on Jan 5, 2018

This helps me keep all my knives working smoothly. It's amazing.

Works Great!
James V. on Nov 13, 2015

Just received an older model Gerber Mini Covert spring assisted (Has liner lock, not a button to close blade) Out of the package very sluggish opening. Used a few drops of blue lube and now it opens fast as it should. I highly recommend Benchmade Blue Lube.

What every folding knife must need
Chris A. on Aug 13, 2015

This is what every folding knife must need. If you want your knives to last longer this is what you need. Easy to use and this is a bluelube all you have to do is oil all the moving parts, pivots, buttons, springs, ect. Odorless no smelly fumes, no icky stains, no build ups, this will work on all mechanisms. I'm glad to have this arrived on time and no complaints here, all you need is a few drops and you're good to go, this will last you over a life time depending on how much you use, a must have. I'm satisfied with my purchase and never had any problems what so ever. Great service and will buy from again.

Good lube, helpful color
Cory I. on Jan 12, 2020

Having a little color in your oil is useful. I feel like I can see better when I'm applying my lube when you're trying to be accurate in your application. Only issue is that after you put oil down, it tends to push oil out on its own. I think it's the spout design, but I always have to wipe oil off the bottle before putting everything away.

Works Well
Ben W. on Jul 22, 2019

I've used this for my pivots in my pocket knives for a few years now and haven't been disappointed. The lube doesn't attract much dirt and really makes a difference in the action.

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